Tuesday, January 04, 2011

iPhone Photo Library & Camera Not Working? | Fix

Your iPhone or iPod photo library and camera not working? Crashes? Stuck on Updating / Rebuilding Library? Even a restore or update can't fix this issue? Here's the solution. Unfortunately it involves deleting ALL your saved pictures/videos on your iPhone/iPod library.

Mac users: Connect iPhone to iTunes. Cancel sync. Go to mac application and open Preview. Click File > Import from (your iDevice name) > Select All Images and Delete.

Jailbroken iPhone/iPod users: Download iFile from Cydia. Browse Files > User > Library> Media > DCIM > Delete ALL Images.

Tested and proven to work %100 on SoCoMoCo's iPhone 3GS.

Aramex New Rates

Aramex have raised their rates again. This seems to be never ending. They know there's no alternative to some orders.

FAIL! | Wataniya Give Kuwait Campaign

Most of you are familiar with Wataniya Telecom."GiveKuwait" campaign and some of you, including myself, are participants. It saddens me to see this campaign failing because of unorganized planning.

It all started with the voting system. Most participants are well aware that the voting system in the website is a joke where anybody can cheat by giving thousands of fake votes to himself/herself by using proxies/VPNs. Lots of people complained to Wataniya asking them to find a solution. Wataniya came up with one solution... Reset ALL votes. How smart? What about the other people who earned their votes?

The second reason for this fail is their weekly winners announcements. It took them two weeks to announce first week winners which is probably caused by the flaw in the voting system yet there's no excuse for not announcing the other winners.

The third and final reason for this epic fail is the judges. I don't know about the other two but I know one thing, Mr. BahaAlden Al-Qazweni is very biased. I've seen him in so many events and know people who have close contact with him and they all agree. This is by no means pointed towards his personality rather than his actions. Let's just say if you have anything to do with Bayt Lothan then you get his vote blindfolded.

Submitting your files to that campaign means Wataniya has exclusive rights to use it whenever they want. It should be called "Give Wataniya". I'm not willing to share my photography knowing it's only a giveaway to Wataniya, no chance of winning. Now I know better not to contribute in a public event without knowing the consequences.