Monday, December 20, 2010

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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Review | Saso Restolounge

I should have reviewed this restaurant long ago but I forgot about it and now after having yet another bad experience I am going to give my honest opinion about it.

They say "Don't judge a book by its cover". In Saso's case this should be literally converted to "Don't judge a restaurant by its decoration".

Saso Restolounge stands sheerly on its environment. Cosy lighting, comfy seats, fairly good service and best of all pretty much well priced. So what's the matter? Isn't that good enough to make the "book's cover" embellished? The answer is a big NO.

People go to restaurants to eat. Whether they're in for a large meal or a small plate of dessert, food is what really matters. Saso's food might be well presented but it's nowhere near tasty. The menu is full of vapid choices including cheap sushi made from Al-Wazan rice and Mazolla mayo. Tasteless pre-made soup with a pH value of 6. Chewing on their steak is like chomping on a cow's feet. Word of advice, sushi and mayo don't mix up, Maki's style is overrated.

Further more their bill was decently priced but I have no idea how they came up with "**.013 fils"! Imagine having to pay those 13 fils in cash.

Eating there is one thing and getting there is something else. I don't know what's up with that restaurant and smelly places. In all three places that you can find Saso you can smell rotten eggs. It's more like a vapor cloud flying over the restaurant wherever it opens.

You probably think I'm exaggerating. Well I'm not. On my scale from 10 Saso respectively comes second from bottom, right above Munch. Go there and try it yourself. Just don't forget to wear a gas mask before going in.