Saturday, June 30, 2007

iPhone | SIM Card or GSM only?

Ok so everybody's hyped up by the iPhone, and soon we'll see it in every hand but that depends on whether it has a SIM card slot or not. A lot of forums agree that the iPhone has a removable SIM card slot, however, none of them have shown it yet while Apple still keeps this issue undisclosed for us to find out. If it doesn't have a removable SIM card slot then there's no point in getting one.

Looks like those who want to order it online, including me, have to wait around 4 weeks for it to get delivered + another week for it to arrive here in Kuwait. :/


UPDATE: Thanks to Mishaal, from iFixit iPhone disassembly guide it shows that it has a removable SIM card slot. [link]

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


"I still don't get how u can kill rats but ur afraid of roaches." -- elijah

This is how it started...

When I was at fifth grade I was lying on the ground playing Honoo no Toukyuuji Dojji Danpei on my SEGA Mega Drive, my little sister (was 6 years old back then) was sitting next to me watching me playing. She told me she saw something next to the TV table. I didn't pay any attention, my concentration was all in the game.

Time passes by, suddenly I felt like my foot is sweating but that sweat is going up my foot rather than dropping down my foot. I changed my position to find myself in a situation nobody would want to be in. That thing crawled up my boogie pants and reached all the way up to my knee!

*lots and lots of undisclosed drama*

And that's how the phobia started. For a whole year after that incident I wore nothing but shorts. Even at school I used to fold my pants up to my knees because whenever I feel sweaty feet my life goes dark!

Ever since that happened I have acquired an amazing ability to detect roaches... There's a certain smell, whenever I smell it I can tell there's a roach lying around somewhere in that room. (some people know exactly what I'm talking about)

Funny thing is, since the incident till this day (and maybe forever) I never sleep without precaution measures. I always have insecticides within reach and bring exterminators on annual basis.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dedicated to Intlxpatr

"Ahhhhh, Mac, I know you are just being kind because YOU have a hot new camera with all the bells and whistles. When are we going to see some photos?" --intlxpatr

Here are some pictures...

They're not perfect but I don't take my camera everywhere I go hence I don't get to take more pictures. The built-in vibration reduction system works great. However it has slight effect on long exposures and high zoom (i.e. Kuwait city picture). I need a tripod and a little more practice on the functions of the cam.

ps: Am I the only one who misses Moocherx?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tag :/

Tagged by Elijah. I'm compelled to do it. :/

A: Available or single - Tyyyyyppoooo. Single.

B: Best Friend — J.H. Aka Jax_Juice

C: Cake or pie — Strawberry cheesecake.

D: Dance or exercise — Indirect exercise (street soccer)

E: Essential Item — My Mac.

F: Favorite color — Blue.

G: Gummy bears or worms — Worms.

H: Home town — 3agad city.

I: Indulgence — Shesha.

J: January or February — February.

K: Kids — Fine between the age of 1-4 then they get irritating.

L: Life — Something not easy to understand.

M: Marriage — One day, but not too soon.

N: Number of siblings — 4

O: Oranges or apples — Apples

P: Phobias — Entomophobia (more as Roachophobia)

Q: Favourite Quote — "Turbo lag is meant to give V8s a chance."

R: Reasons to smile — My niece.

S: Season — Winter, I'd rather die frozen.

T: Tag 3 people — someone someone and someone.

U: Unknown fact about me — I'd rather keep it "Unknown"

V/W: Worst habit — Shesha.

X/Y: Your favorite Food — Chicken Machbous, home made.

Z: Zodiac — Cancer.

No more tags, please! :(

Good bye Jeleeb Sheyokh, you won't be missed.

Last week school's over and I'm out of Jeleeb Sheyokh for good starting next semester (fingers crossed) so here's the ultimate "I HATE JELEEB SHEYOKH" post.

I will show you the trash yard (a.k.a. school) I've been working in for over 6 months. The school has been under construction for the whole time I've been there so that is the actual work environment.

PE fields (soccer/basketball/handball)

Another view...

And another...

School hall/PE hall.

Another view...

And another...

PE section corridor.

Another veiw.

Classes corridor.


Teachers attendance book.
All PE teachers were late that day, including myself. :P

One of my classes name list. I have no idea how they can live with these names. Funny thing is, Mr. Crazy here is one of the most polite students in the school.
To those who can't read arabic: One of the names is pronounced "Turkey Crazy".

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Gone Illegal v.2 | DREAM

TV is not an essential part of my life; my mac and mobile are more sacred to me than TV. However, sometimes I find the necessity of having to watch TV generally for football and to break boredom until recently when my last receiver got busted (server closed). Hence I went on looking for an alternative and finally got my hands on the ultimate receiver. Some of you already know it, some don't... It's called DreamBox DM500S.

Showtime, Orbit, ART, Jazeera Sport +1 & +2...etc. all working fine. Even Home Cinema channel playing all movies without ordering them! 70 KD is all worth it.

Some of the key features of the receiver:-

  • 250 MHz PowerPC Processor (350 MIPS)
  • Linux Operating System, Open Source
  • MPEG2 Hardware decoding
  • 100Mbit full duplex Ethernet Interface
  • 32 MByte RAM
  • Channel change in less than 1 second
  • Fully automated channel scan
  • Unlimited channel list for TV/Radio

    "The Dreambox DM500S is a Linux and open-sourced powered FTA satellite receiver. With the latest firmware provided, you get extending functionality to receive all satellite channels wide open.

    This receiver has an incredible 32 MByte RAM which makes it the most powerful and upgradeable model on the market. An interactive CD-ROM in now included with all the latest software, utilities, and step-by-step instructions."
  • I had to edit the entry of the last receiver to sync it with this entry when KJ and Hamza commented on it, not knowing anything about this current breach. :P

    Anyways... here are some other pics:-

    Again and again and agian...
    Feeling guilty? No.
    Satisfied? HELL YES I AM.

    Saturday, June 16, 2007

    RedBull Flugtag - Kuwait

    Anyone signed up?

    Burger Boutique

    I have no idea what has come up to this world. People fight to eat disgusting food for unreasonable prices. What's the point in ordering a 4KD burger while you can have a cheeseburger for 0.350 fils and still praise god for its taste? Junk food will remain as junky regardless of the quality and effort put into it.

    Yesterday I got a call from a friend who I haven't seen for a long time. He picked me up and took off to Arraya at around 8:30. He asked if I ever tried Burger Boutique, I said no, so he started to describe how good the restaurant environment is and how tasty and juicy their burgers.. etc. where I have only started to drool and chose to give it a shot.

    We went up to see the place crowded like if the U.N. were giving away supplies for the poor. We approached the ?indian? guy who has the waiting list and asked if there's a table for two. He instantly replied with a tone "You'll have to wait one hour... There's no way I can get a place for two at the moment.". I told my friend we should skip it but he insisted so we kept on waiting. After around 45 minutes we got a table inside the restaurant. Uncomfortable seats back to back with other tables, the lighting and decorations are very bad, and the service is too slow compared to Johnny Rockets.

    I did not know what to order so I told my friend to order two of whatever he's having but make sure it comes without tomato. Minutes later the order arrived and there sits a giant hamburger swimming with sauce. I took a bite and guess what, it came with tomato. I told the waiter to take it back and bring me another one without tomato. He goes inside and comes back outside holding the exact sandwich without tomato. WTH? Are you playing me? I can take it off myself, go back and bring me another new/fresh burger without tomoato. He abruptly exhales and takes it back. After 15 minutes he comes with another one that complies with my specific taste.

    I don't want to bore you all with more details but the burger tasted like chewing on cement. Not that I have actually tried eating cement before but I think if it tastes like anything it would definitely be raw concrete.

    Once again, keep your overworked so-called cozy environment and pile of concrete that you call food to yourself. I'm going to Badr Elbdor.

    Friday, June 08, 2007

    To do or not to do

    I got an offer to work in the graphic design field but it's a full time job which means I will have to quit my current job. Honestly speaking I don't like my current job hence I went on taking graphics and web design diploma.*

    The offer is good, the salary's better (w/bonuses), but with 7 working hours and 45 days annually for vacation. And to compare it with my current job, my current salary's good but less than the offer, 6 hours a day with +70 days of vacation (summer break / spring break) and a sh!tty working environment. Bear in mind that both jobs are in the governmental sector and my 2 years experience will be counted if I switch so I won't be missing on much.

    The only thing that's holding me back is that I don't know anything about the new job's ladder. As in ten years from now I don't know if I would be sitting in the same place or not.

    So what do you think? Go for it or pass?
    I'm really confused and I want some opinions.

    Friday, June 01, 2007


    "Dear ******

    Thank you for your email regarding your Web Designer magazine subscription.

    I can confirm that your subscription has been cancelled, and that no further issues will be sent.

    A refund of £80.00 GBP has been raised by credit card and will be applied to your credit card account in the next 4 working days.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind regards

    Nadia Barnard
    Customer Service Advisor
    Imagine Magazines"

    Yep, that's the end of it. Most of my regular readers know the full story behind this and I'm glad to say it's over.

    Verdict: No more magazine subscriptions...
    Stick with the internet.


    UPDATE: ALL DONE. [link]