Saturday, June 16, 2007

Burger Boutique

I have no idea what has come up to this world. People fight to eat disgusting food for unreasonable prices. What's the point in ordering a 4KD burger while you can have a cheeseburger for 0.350 fils and still praise god for its taste? Junk food will remain as junky regardless of the quality and effort put into it.

Yesterday I got a call from a friend who I haven't seen for a long time. He picked me up and took off to Arraya at around 8:30. He asked if I ever tried Burger Boutique, I said no, so he started to describe how good the restaurant environment is and how tasty and juicy their burgers.. etc. where I have only started to drool and chose to give it a shot.

We went up to see the place crowded like if the U.N. were giving away supplies for the poor. We approached the ?indian? guy who has the waiting list and asked if there's a table for two. He instantly replied with a tone "You'll have to wait one hour... There's no way I can get a place for two at the moment.". I told my friend we should skip it but he insisted so we kept on waiting. After around 45 minutes we got a table inside the restaurant. Uncomfortable seats back to back with other tables, the lighting and decorations are very bad, and the service is too slow compared to Johnny Rockets.

I did not know what to order so I told my friend to order two of whatever he's having but make sure it comes without tomato. Minutes later the order arrived and there sits a giant hamburger swimming with sauce. I took a bite and guess what, it came with tomato. I told the waiter to take it back and bring me another one without tomato. He goes inside and comes back outside holding the exact sandwich without tomato. WTH? Are you playing me? I can take it off myself, go back and bring me another new/fresh burger without tomoato. He abruptly exhales and takes it back. After 15 minutes he comes with another one that complies with my specific taste.

I don't want to bore you all with more details but the burger tasted like chewing on cement. Not that I have actually tried eating cement before but I think if it tastes like anything it would definitely be raw concrete.

Once again, keep your overworked so-called cozy environment and pile of concrete that you call food to yourself. I'm going to Badr Elbdor.


ge0 said...

interesting post but consider that another goal of being in these places is to see 'n' to be seen!!

Purgatory said...

This time I agree with you, burgers are supposed to be cheap and good, not that expensive and taste worst than your normal burger.

I am aganist the idea of this place and all its affiliates and it should be closed down for good.

Me7sin said...

ge0 - see or be seen? have u seen the place? u can hardly see anyone ;P

u mustve ordered the wrong stuff P, and wrong timing as well ;P

but overall i like it and sliderstation (same thing?) give it another try and order the following

midnight sliders*
chili cheese fries or street pommes
oreo shake (thick or well blended)

and check out the menu cause they got a lot of stuff

PS: indian guy (villas) is always like that ;P he smiles from the inside LOL

EniGma said...

villas is back in burger boutique? i saw him in slider station when it first opened.

bs i like burger boutique. i disagree with you on the taste of the burgers, i think they're great. i just wish they'd have more lightning and turn down the volume of the music. Otherwise, I think they're doing a great job.

I've been to slider station once and the burgers were so awful i couldn't eat them (and so did my friend). Everyone's saying otherwise on their blogs, so maybe it was a one time thing? bs their tapas were amazing.

Kinan said...

How wrong can you go with burger?!?!?

Anyway, my theory: The higher-end is the restaurant, the worse the food is.

Ms Loala said...

lol @ raw concrete :P

I agree with you however,I've been to it alot since it's under my workplace and the prices or soooo overrated. I always order the 4 piece cheese slider and have only two because it makes me full to the gut! in other word, "etgeth"! and it's terribly expensive!

I've tried johney rockets the other day, it tastes good but still, 2,050 for a sole sandwich is too much! i could've ordered a whole combo meal from BK for only 1.250!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It's NOT Expensive!!
Loala il Slider's price is Fine!

Macaholic .. ana i agree with Me7sin.
u prolly 6elabt the wrong thing ..

elijah said...

I'm with u, same thing happened with me, why would you spend more than one KD ona burger? :P I'm not cheap but it's ridiculous, no matter what u do with it it remains a burger, and the ones at Mc Donald's taste alot better than boutique and Johnny Rockets.

And one more thing! What's with the stupid name? Boutique?! Idiots, I hated the place.

KJ said...

*agress with Kinan*

Johnny Rockets is the most awesomest (of chain restaurants). I prefer the good old, home made burger.

snookie said...

i guess this is another place i can add to my list of NOT TO GO before i even ever go myself.. i hate these nino-like places.. never been to both of these places :/

thanks for the heads-up Mac :)

Anonymous said...

Elijah .. Actually the name is creative.

oo Shfaydat Mcdonalds burgers if they'r not real burgers aslan ?
thinnest burgers Ever!

Burger boutique's burgers are made out of real meat and good quality too.

*Craves One*

Snookie.. I recommend u try it before u judge out of people's judgements ;)

jaz said...

One of the burgers is 7kd...

Fahmoony laish??

The Criticizer said...

Exactly. However, someone like me would be there for the food which isn't as good as people say.

For once we do agree on food basis. :D

Wrong timing, maybe, but wrong stuff? I don't think so. I mean how wrong can you go with burger? :/

I'll try that and review it when possible. Thanks for the tip.

It's a matter of taste and to me it was awful. :/

True true.

ms loala:
You and your BK addiction. LOL! xD

Not expensive? For a burger it IS expensive, trust me. And why are you being so protective? Do you get free meals for doing so? :P

Same thing said to me7sin, can't go wrong in ordering a plain burger.

The name my sound stupid though it went all the way up to being a famous restaurant, more of a fad actually. Not because of the name of course but the people who made a big deal out of the ordinary. It rhymes as well which is kind of creative to some extent.

However, the name is not the issue here. It sucks and I'm glad we both agree. :D

Original no tomoato not cut and cherry sprite please. :D

You're welcome. And don't listen to Fayoora. :P

No kidding?! 0_o
I blame those who order it. :/

ExhaleQ8 said...

If the place if filled 24/7 that is an indication it is good. Everyone seems to be having a blast except a few that for some reason turn off their taste buds whenever they spend above 1 kd. There is a market for everyone with every budget and taste. Stick to McDonalds if you can't afford or appreciate / sense quality.

Anonymous said...

Jaz ana afahmik laish ..
Actually if you go to Sliderstation ba3ad akoo a burger that costs 11 KD.

"That" i thought was too much.. so i asked the waiter as to why this very high price? ina akeed it has to be special in some way.

She said that everything used in it was expensive .. even the meat itself.. we buy it with kait kait .. nitseit cham galatly bas it was Too much .. and the bread too.

Now .. Maybe you would never think of ordering it.. and i might think twice ina i could buy a shirt, flipflop or whatever with the price of this burger .. bas hell I sometimes don't mind, now I'm really curious about the taste and about how many have been cooked so far ;P

MacaholiC: I Wish Lo I'm getting free meals lol

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Once .. I ordered a 4.500 KD burger.
oo insidamt ina awal marra they have something not so nice .. and i only had one bite of it.
Bas i took it as an experience.. never a regret ;P

The only thing i'd ever regret is , having to pay walaw 0.500 Kd at Burger Hub ;P

The Criticizer said...

I really don't appreciate your contemptuous comment but I'll tag along and take the time to reply to you.

If a place is filled 24/7 that makes it a good place? Errrr. Sorry, that only shows how naive you are. If that's so then that makes prostitution houses good, right?

My point is, people make places look good, that doesn't necessarily mean the place is actually good. Add to that people in Kuwait love fads. As "ge0" mentioned, people go there to see and be seen.

And let's be rational for a moment here... It's a matter of taste, right, but it is also a matter of money nevertheless. I'm not saying people shouldn't go there, all I'm saying is money-wise that place is worthless. Give me a decent budget and I will make a franchise out of Badr El Bdor. All I need is a nice location, people to make the place look crowded (preferably girls to attract the guys) and some overworked decorations and I'm done.

Anyways.. Thank you for your comment and I hope I've proven my point.

What would it matter if that burger is made from this or that? It's a damn sandwich that'll break your hunger, that's all.

Do you know how many Falafil/B6a6 sandwiches in 11KD? That's 110 sandwiches! Imagine how many people would eat!!

I'm not asking you to boycott them nor to go eat falafil... all I'm saying is, pay for what is worth it in a reasonable matter.

exhaleQ8 said...

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" This also applies to food as well. To some eating goat's head is a delicacy to others it is disgusting and worthless. Not only people have different tastes but different perceptions of value. Hashi by the way is the best place for a "see and be seen" setup, and it is hardly breaking even, its the overall product value for the general market. It might do better elsewhere. So as a rule of thumb yeah a crowded place has to be good for its intended market. I hate Fridays and would never go there, but that doesn't make it bad, it is just perfect for others that make it the highest grossing in kuwait.

I hope I have proven my point here. You are the criticizer, I hope you become the constructive criticizer :)

The Criticizer said...

You sure did prove your point, however, I don't think that will change my perspective.

Thank you for taking the time to comment. I will make sure to work on being more constructive with my criticism.

Anonymous said...

good so i will not regret anything coz i havent been yet to burger boutique!

The Criticizer said...

Well more or less it is a matter of taste so go ahead and try it out if you like BUT... don't say I didn't warn you! :P