Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to use Windows Live with Apple Mail

Apple Mail is a very nifty application that comes pre-installed with OS X. It checks for new emails and downloads all of them directly to your Mac.

You may already have better alternatives such as Mozilla Thunderbird and Windows Entourage but Apple Mail is much simpler. It even downloads attachments seamlessly and simultaneously which can save you a few minutes of downloading them manually. All you have to do at the end of the day is go through your emails and organize them.

Despite that, as most Apple gadgets and applications, it lacks the compatibility with Microsoft products and for this one the ability to check Hotmail / Windows Live accounts.

Now here's a solution that'll make checking Windows Live Mail possible using Apple Mail.

  1. Download and install "HTTPmail plugin" [link]

  2. Open Apple Mail and setup your account then choose HTTPmail instead of POP mail from the Account type drop down menu.

  3. Once it's logged in go to Mail > Preferences click Accounts and select your account.

  4. Where it says Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) click on the drop down menu. Then click Edit Server List...

  5. Create a new entry as shown in the picture below. Make sure to use the server name

  6. Switch to the Advanced tab and make sure it says Port 25, then click OK.

  7. Check the box that says Use only this server under the Outgoing Mail Server drop down Box

Now you're good to go.

Please note that this is more like a crack than a 100% solution. Meaning some features won't be fully functional.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Q8speed revamped...

For all of you Kuwaiti automotive fanatics...

UPDATE: "id like to clear things up before more rumors accumulate! we are not affiliated with q8speed nor are we the new q8speed. We are just trying to deliver the same idea with a primary focus on social networking, cars & entertainment!".

Thanks to Anonymous for referring that link
& street965 admin for clearing things up.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

More Than Satisfied!

1980 Germany Heritage Windbreaker

Not only one but TWO! :D
( 1 Cotton & 1 Polyester )

Special thanks goes to...

- My friend Abdulaziz for the cotton model.
- desertpalms for the Polyester model.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Inspector 3gaidi

Few days ago I had to go to our local police department to get repair permit to fix my mother's car. I went in to see a couple of policemen and a fat guy with grubby dishdasha and a typical tilted shmaq were having dinner in the reception office.

I asked where I can get the paper and they said I have to see the inspector first. I walked in the inspector's office and no one was there so I went back and asked where the inspector is. One of the policemen pointed to the grimy guy saying that's the inspector. I said ok I'll wait for you in the office and he nodded.

20 minutes later the stupid 3gaidi comes wobbling in burping like he's alone at home. He asked "What do you need?" in an impolite manner. I told him the story hoping to get the paper and get this over with but no, Mr. Bedouin Law suddenly decided to comply all his stupid procedures on me. He takes out a paper, writes down some info, folds the paper and stamp it, and then tells me to take it to another police department and bring back an inspection report of the accident.

What a typical 3gaidi. I mean isn't that his job? And why all this bother for repair paper? *starts cursing*

I took the paper and ripped it off as soon as I stepped out his office. Screw it.

Engaged :)