Thursday, November 30, 2006

Operation Redecoration | Update

Almost there with this schedule.
- Fri., Sept. Dec. 1 | Paint the walls (161) | (29KD)
- Sun., Sept. Dec. 3 | Install parquet floor | (136KD)
- Wed., Sept. Dec. 6 | Receive the bed | (354KD)
- Sat., Sept. Dec. 9 | Receive the desk | (65KD)
All paid: [link]

EDIT: Sept. = Dec. | A common brain fart when you post at 1:30am! ;P

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

G&WD course | Update

Update on my Graphics & Web Design course

  • Language course:-
    - Introductory English for I.T. | 40 hours

  • Starting:-
  • ICDL course:-
    - Introduction to Information Technology | 10 hours
    - MS Windows XP | 10 hours
    - MS Word 2003 | 10 hours
    - MS Excel 2003 | 10 hours
    - MS PowerPoint 2003 | 10 hours
    - MS Access 2003 | 10 hours
    - MS Outlook 2003 & Internet | 10 hours
  • Welcome to Jeleeb Al-Sheyokh

    This is what happens when you teach in a school of juveniles.

    Yesterday morning I went to work to see that our P.E. section had been robbed. The robbers broke the lock, torn our papers, damaged one desk, and stole some stuff like an air-pump, water boiler, 2 desk drawers and our tea's saffron! Yes. Saffron. Imagine THAT!!

    Anyhow, our principal called 777 and one guy came to investigate the crime scene where he took pictures and finger prints.

    There were two funny parts in the story:-
    1. They've left a note. [link]
      For those who don't understand arabic, it says
      "No to studying; Yes to sneaking out"

    2. Looks like one of them couldn't help some kind of internal pressure so he had to leave his "territory mark" in our bathroom, skid marks where ALL OVER THE FREAKIN' PLACE! It's utterly disgusting otherwise I would've posted a picture for you peeps.

    Well, that's day 9 in my new school and it sure doesn't look promising. Dealing with junior scum of Kuwait has't been a real pleasure so far. I don't blame it on anything other than this outrageous year.

    Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    *shivers* x2

    - 6c on CNN
    - 6c on Yahoo

    Just like what moocherx said, seems like almost every weather site uses the same Kuwaiti thermometer.

    The question remains, is it Really that cold?

    Monday, November 27, 2006


    Should we prepare for even colder than that?

    Sunday, November 26, 2006

    A Friendly Web Browser | Flock

    Flock is a decent alternative for Safari, FireFox, Opera, and OmniWeb. It has some great features like built-in Flickr & Photobucket uploader, and best of all an integrated blog editor.

    Give it a try and hope you find it useful.

    - Screen shot: [link]

    Friday, November 24, 2006

    Operation "Redecoration"

    Some of you already know that I'm on the verge of redecorating my room and I had a couple of posts about it earlier on my blog.*

    Anyways, time has come to initiate "Operation Redecoration" and get it over with so I'll make a small to-do list to organize the flow of transformation.

    - Paint the walls. (est. 40KD)
    - Wengé parquet floor. (est. 120KD)
    - BoConcept bed w/o frame. (est. 460KD)
    - IKEA Lack Floating wall shelf. (est. 15KD x2)
    - IDdesign black glass desk. (est. 60KD)
    - IDdesign TV/Stereo unit. (est. 80KD)
    - SONY 40" BRAVIA KDL-40V2500. (est. 750KD)
    --+ Other stuff (100~200KD)

    Now let me clarify before you go on commenting about these prices; it'll take me around three months to scratch every single term in that list so I will start with my priorities and leave the rest for the next month and so on.

    * Older posts: [post 1] [post 2]

    Monday, November 20, 2006

    Price Update | Play Station 3


    We all know that the new Play Station is Universal which means it has support for all systems whether NTSC/US pr NTSC/J or PAL so if you get either US or Jap, they both will run the same games BUT...

    A 30GB (typo!*) 20GB Japanese PS3 is for 450KD ...
    While a 60GB US PS3 is for 700KD 750KD !!!!!!!!!

    That is F-ing Fagadelic $#@% !!!

    * Thanks to Yazeez

    This can't be happening!

    Apparently I don't think I've had enough of 2006, yet. Day by day I keep thinking that this is the worst year in my life, and now with a new incident I can make sure it is the worst year ever.

    Yesterday at around 10:30 pm I went out for dinner with my friends. I was distraught about my "transfer situation" at work so while I was backing my car, my friend shouted "hey... Hey!! ... HEYYY!!!!" *crashing sound*. Nervously, I got out of my car to see another car (old chevy blazer) parked behind me! Having no idea how I didn't notice a car that big; I checked the car and it didn't have any scratches or dents while my car had a thick scratch on the bumper and a broken rear-light holder. I've waited for 15 minutes to see the owner of that car but no one showed up so I placed a note just in case.

    Just for the records, I have never had any car accidents before. I've been in a couple of accidents but none of them was my fault neither my car was part in action. 4 years of clean driving have come to an end.

    So there, you be the judge if the rest of this year could be any good for me. Honestly, the way I see it, I'm sure the worst is yet to come.

    I will just quarantine myself for the rest of the year.

    Play Station 3 Running Fedora Linux

    Looks like Frankom beat me to it but anyways, I was listening to 99.7 RKFM earlier today when they were talking about PS3 and its official release in Kuwait so they come to mention that someone installed Fedora on his PS3. Check it out at [link]

    * Thanks to Frankom for the link.

    Saturday, November 18, 2006

    Exotic spotted | Pagani Zonda

    Never thought I'd see the day.

    This can't be right

    I know it was cold earlier today but I don't think it was 7°c.!
    And check out the rest of the days! Definitely can't be right. :/

    Enough of 2006

    I've been very depressed the past weekend for many reasons; I've lost a friend, feeling my injury's getting back on my right hand, and been having troubles at work. This year just doesn't want to pass peacefully.

    My friend, Fawaz Al-Jarki, was the youngest among us. He graduated from high school last year and had been accepted in a military scholarship in UK's air force for pilot rank. Unfortunately he had to pass that scholarship due to medical issues to stay here in Kuwait and continue at KUNIV just to wait for his fate to come.

    The day my friend passed away I was playing football and the ball hit my hand and dislocated my thumb. Nothing serious except that I'm feeling the pain of my old injury getting back at me.

    Last Wednesday our school principal called for me to tell me that I have been transferred to one of the worst schools in Kuwait at Jeleeb Al-Sheyokh and there's nothing I can do about it. Jeleeb Al-Sheyokh as in the ultimate shYt hole in Kuwait where there's no trace of modern life or even Kuwaiti citizens. I've been trying to reach out to anyone possible to avoid this transfer but it looks like it will happen whether I like it or not.

    So there, enough of 2006 because this year is by far the worst year ever and it seems like it's lasting for ever.

    Friday, November 17, 2006

    Tagged, once again.

    Tagged by fayoora

    This cover is related to [link]

    I tag elijah. (That makes them 3!) :P
    Click HERE to make your own book cover.

    Tuesday, November 14, 2006

    Condolence | Fawaz Al-Jarki

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    يَا أَيَّتُهَا النَّفْسُ الْمُطْمَئِنَّةُ

    ارْجِعِي إِلَى رَبِّكِ رَاضِيَةً مَّرْضِيَّةً

    فَادْخُلِي فِي عِبَادِي

    وَادْخُلِي جَنَّتِي

    صدق الله العظيم

    Fawaz Ali Al-Jarki
    ( 1988 - November 2006 )
    A friend and a brother

    الله يرحمه ويرحم الجميع

    Monday, November 13, 2006

    Play Station 3 | KD 500!!

    My friend told me that the new SONY Play Station 3 has arrived and is for 500KD!! That's total BullScheiße because it doesn't cost more than 260KD in the US!!!

    Games (citation needed): Metal Gear | Marvell | Tony Hawk

    Now I know I won't be getting one any soon.

    * Image courtesy of Q817 @

    Promoting another Blogger | Elijah

    Ripped | fayoora's idea.

    Why you should read for elijah:-
    1. She's from Kuwait. She's Jordanian living in Kuwait.
    2. She's an English teacher. (they're all cool!)
    3. She makes sense when she posts.
    4. She contributes to others' blogs.
    5. Seems like I'm the only one commenting on her blog.
    6. She did the tags I tagged her with & she hates me for it. :P
    7. It wouldn't harm you to check her blog.

    Friday, November 10, 2006


    Today I passed at Sportsman Center at Salmiya and this got my attention. They've recently brought a new collection of football/soccer boots but this one stands out and is by far the sexiest looking football boot I've ever seen.

    Lotto called it ZHERO GRAVITY due to its light weight and amazing flexibility, like if you're wearing nothing but socks, hence it hasn't gotten any laces. That is pure perfection for a guy like me.

    Anyhow, I was about to buy it but when I saw THIS I cautiously retreated and have written it down on my wish list. :P

    Thursday, November 09, 2006

    For Sale | 1992 ('98) Honda NSX

    A friend of mine wants to sell his NSX so if you're interested just give him a call.

    Car: Honda NSX

    - Black metallic Ext.
    - Cream leather Int.
    - Wengé wood decoration.

    Year Model: 1992 (refurbished 1998)

    Transmission: 6 Speed (Manual)

    Oddo: 150,***ish (fully serviced)

    - Car is still owed KD 4,000 in installment.
    - KD 85 per month over 3 years.
    ++ KD 1,500 over payment.

    Overall PRICE: KD 5,500

  • Front: Front 1, Front 2

  • Side: Side 1, Side 2, Side 3

  • Back: Back | Engine: Engine

  • Wheel: Wheel 1, Wheel 2

  • Interior: Interior 1, Interior 2,
    Interior 3, Interior 4

  • -- SOLD! --

    Wednesday, November 08, 2006

    New MacBook | Core 2 Duo

    The new MacBook with Intel Core 2 Duo processor is out.

    Slap your Mac | Skip Checker

    This is hilarious... Skip Checker is a funny application that lets you control your iTunes by stirring your Mac's S.M.S. (Sudden Motion Sensor). When activated, literally SLAP your (MacBook/Pro - PowerBook - iBook) or shake it and it will skip to the next song!

    Make sure you don't slap it hard & use it at your own risk. :P

    Things I would be...

    Tagged by Fayoora

    1.- If I were a fruit I'd be... Red Apple.
    2.- If I were a colour I'd be... Blue.
    3.- If I were an animal I'd be... Siberian Tiger.
    4.- If I were a domestic appliance I'd be... Mini Fridge.
    5.- If I were a book I'd be... Guinness World Record book.
    6.- If I were a clothing item I'd be... Bayern Munich Jersey.
    7.- If I were a jewel / stone I'd be... Silver.
    8.- If I were an object I'd be... Turbocharger.
    9.- If I were a car I'd be... Porsche Carrera.
    10.- If I were an element I'd be... Wind.
    11.- If I were a tree I'd be... Cedar.
    12.- If I were a drink I'd be... Mineral Water.
    13.- If I were an ice cream flavor I'd be... Chocolate Mousse.
    14.- If I were a person I'd be... Myself.
    15.- If I were a planet I'd be... Neptune.
    16.- If I were an insect I'd be... Hornet; Wasp.
    17.- If I were a form of public transport I'd be... Concord.
    18.- If I were a song I'd be... In Loving Memory - Alter Bridge.
    19.- If I were a movie I'd be... Signs.
    20.- If I were a season I'd be... Winter.
    21.- If I were a flower I'd be... Blue Orchid.
    22.- If I were a job I'd be... Pro football.
    23.- If I were a cartoon I'd be... Guyver.
    24.- If I were a place I'd be... A National Landmark.
    25.- If I were a gift I'd be... Cash Money.
    26.- If I were a memory I'd be... A Dream.
    27.- If I were a city I'd be... Bavaria, Munich.
    28.- If I were a sense I'd be... Sight.
    29.- If I were a game I'd be... Gran Turismo.
    30.- If I were a candy I'd be... Skittles.
    31.- If I were a time of the day I'd be... Dawn.
    32.- If I were an invention I'd be... Electricity.
    33.- If I were a body-part I'd be... Knee.
    34.- If I were a country I'd be... Kuwait, definitely.
    35.- If I were a flavor I'd be... Sour.
    36.- If I were a sport I'd be... Football (soccer).
    37.- If I were a smell I'd be... Gas scent.
    38.- If I were a subject I'd be... Graphic Design. (ditto)
    39.- If I were a flag I'd be... Germany's.
    40.- If I were a building I'd be... Liberation Tower.
    41.- If I were a month I'd be... July.
    42.- If I were a perfume I'd be... Estée Pleasure Cologne.
    43.- If I were a gummy candy I'd be... Bubbles.
    44.- No question? ---------------------
    45.- If I were a toy I'd be... Wrist Ball.
    46.- If I were a textile / fabric I'd be... Neoprene.
    47.- If I were a shape I'd be... Triangle.
    48.- If I were an answer I'd be... Something confusing.
    49.- If I were a store I'd be... Häagen-Dasz
    50.- If I were a word I'd be...
    Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (wtf! lol)
    51-If I were an actor I'd be... Kevin Spacey.
    52-If I were a singer I'd be... Myles Kennedy.

    Saturday, November 04, 2006

    This goes out to "anonyshYt"

    I'll summarize to those who don't know what this is all about:-

    I had a few posts on how to crack Menufela (small application that hides the menubar on Mac OS X) and it wasn't a big deal, anyone would've found out how to do it because it's damn easy. Then, out of nowhere, Mr. Anonymous comes with this reply telling me not to brag about it. I wasn't bragging.

    However, somehow the owner of that application, Fjölnir Ásgeirsson (aka ninja kitten), found out and left a comment on that topic. Coincidence? Maybe. Snitched? Almost certainly. Anyways he didn't make a big deal out of it.

    Then Mr. Anonymous comes back in another post and literally boasts that he told me not to brag. Heh? Are you mentally ill?! I was NOT F-ing bragging!

    Anyways, after I have clarified to him that I was just sharing the method, not bragging, I got this reply:-

    " Anonymous said...

    Well, now that I got your attention, here is who we are: Business Software Alliance ( That was in response to "And what's in it for you even if I share it with Interpol?" And yes I am in Kuwait, and I am a Kuwaiti, and I know how fucked up things are here. But just because you don't hear about the daily busts of copyrights violators, it does not mean they are not happening, and it does not meant that the law here is not tough and getting tougher. There is still the problem of law enforcement, but this is also changing. This is because Kuwait is being pressured by the Big Boss (USA) to comply with its obligations under the WTO Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS Agreement). And in case you don't know (probably you don't), there is a special IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) unit in the customs department. Since I deal with these people on daily basis, I know for a fact that the "worst thing that can happen" to any one is not just removing their blogs! Now, you asked me to be "man enough and share your blog or post under a username." That's not going to happen! You think I am crazy?! I already told you I don't brag. Besides my job is to monitor and report, not to share my blog entries. As for being "man enough," I find this to be very childish and typical Kuwaiti teenage stuff as in: Let's see who has the biggest dick. Now we know who does! Finally, here is something about copyright laws in Kuwait:

    Just read the last paragraph

    PS. You misspelled anonyShyt. It should be anonyshit. Have fun. This will be my last visit to your blog.

    Now, Mr. Anonymous...

    I'm glad you're doing your homework but please don't take words out of context. I can go all day long taking what I like about your reply and counter it on you but that's not me.

    I am well aware of intellectual property rights. I know what I did was wrong and I did admit that by apologizing to Fjölnir Ásgeirsson (aka Ninja Kitten) but that's not the point. The point is, those laws don't work out here, and even if they do, you have sinfully contradicted yourself; you have already admitted that you crack programs all the time and you still say you work for that BSA organization? How is that?! From that I understand it's ok to do illegal stuff as long as you remain "anonymous", isn't that what you meant?

    Also you admit how F~ed up the situation is out here in Kuwait so why start to argue over this dull topic while there are "shYt" loads of copyrighted materials being sold around every corner? Or just because you think you can impress me with your legitimately-overworked reply??

    Anyways, I am sure you'll check back so I will not deny the fact that you're right but before you go on and judge me, start with what's out there!

    Oh and about that last part of your reply, that's just hilarious. First you're from BSA (Bull "ShYt" Association, so far) now you're an English teacher? You can go back and check some of my older posts and even some of my comments to others' posts; I never use the correct term when it comes to cursing so whether I write Shit, Sh!t, ShYt or even Scheiße (that's German for you), the point will get to you in the end so don't act smart.

    * For those who read the whole story and has nothing to do with it, sorry for making you read all this.

    Friday, November 03, 2006

    The Ultimate Browser | OmniWeb

    Forget about Safari, FireFox and Opera and head straight for OmniWeb; the ultimate web browser for your Mac. It's fast, stuffed with great options and has the perfect layout to get along with your OS X GUI.

    Danasoft thinks OmniWeb is Safari! [link]
    "Been there done that" my @$$.

    Wednesday, November 01, 2006

    BUSTED! xD

    I'm still laughing about this so here's what happened...

    A couple of days ago I had two posts on how to crack Ninja Kitten's Menufela and guess what, I got BUSTED! LOL!

    Fjölnir Ásgeirsson (aka Ninja Kitten), somehow, found about this and ?he? left me a comment under the name of aptiva.

    "aptiva said...

    Thanks, I'll make sure to fix this issue in the next version...

    - Fjölnir Ásgeirsson Aka Ninja Kitten

    Well, I never thought this would happen but since it has, first I would like to apologize to Fjölnir and I really do wish ?him? all the best with his applications. I know what I did was wrong but don't hate me for it. It's by far my first crack and it was nothing but "logic", anyone else would've gotten to it.

    And while we're at it, still hoping you see this request, can you work on something to expand/extend the menubar so it can hold more menu items?

    As I promised in my reply to your comment, I am willing to donate more than what you're asking for if you came up with that "menubar expantion" and I will also run Menufela clean.

    So there. Yet again sorry and I wish you all the best.