Friday, November 10, 2006


Today I passed at Sportsman Center at Salmiya and this got my attention. They've recently brought a new collection of football/soccer boots but this one stands out and is by far the sexiest looking football boot I've ever seen.

Lotto called it ZHERO GRAVITY due to its light weight and amazing flexibility, like if you're wearing nothing but socks, hence it hasn't gotten any laces. That is pure perfection for a guy like me.

Anyhow, I was about to buy it but when I saw THIS I cautiously retreated and have written it down on my wish list. :P


Extinct-Dodo said...

baaaaaaaaaaal :| so not worth it :P

The Criticizer said...

Not worth it indeed but I still sooooooo want it. :/

Elijah said...

Look on the bright side..At least it's not as far off as a Porsche Carrera :P

Anonymous said...

I say Worth it o nus

The Criticizer said...

elijah: See now you're playing with my buttons. *thinks of taking a loan to buy Porsche*

fayoora: Don't push it.
I have the money to buy it but I don't want to spend the rest of the month with no money for gas and having falafil for dinner. I need junk food as much as you do, ya know. ;P

Anonymous said...

Junk food wont last in ur tummy..
neither will it go anywhere in ur body.

Unlike the Shoes .. =)
It's a keeper ..
its Amazingly amazing ..
and you know its worth its price =)

Chubby Femme said...

I am a shopaholic with a new fetish.. SHOES.. I like.. but I don't play soccer.. so I am sticking with the new puma's :)

Elijah said...

LOL! I'll test drive it for ya :P

More buttons being pushed ;P

The Criticizer said...

chubby femme: Hah, likewise!
Puma footwear is the coolest. I had a post about my recent pair of puma's (Future Cat Low) when I first started this blog about two months ago. [link]
Currently craving Puma Taper, will get one asap. :P

elijah: Here's some "undisclosed" info about me; my other username is PORSCHER, in fact it is my common username on the net, Macaholiq came later. I've been a porsche enthusiast since I opened my eyes on the auto market and makers. My best vectorized piece is a 997 GT3 [link], and last but not least, this is how my desk looks like. [link].

Therefore I'm excused when I tell you not to push my buttons. Because I'm like >|< this close to go for it.

You be the judge. :P

Elijah said...

WHOA!! OK now actually going for it is not what concerned me, what DID was looking at the tilted magazine on ur desk!!! ;P

Please don't track me down for saying this :P

Will check out ur other blog soon.

The Criticizer said...

LOL, bear with me cuz I'm a little bit slow minded and didn't get your last comment.

- What mag? You mean that "Web Designer"?!

- Track you down for saying what?

- And what other blog? :|

Sorry. ;P

Elijah said...

LOL! You're not slow, my message was vague and there was a mistake about the blog thingy.

The Porsche magazine, that's under the GT one is crooked, not in line with the GT one above it.

Track me down for implying that since the mag. is crooked this would be a problem for you as a perfectionist :P (Oh..I said u weren't one)

I meant the link to the 997 GT3 not blog.
Look I've been up since 5 a.m. I'm entitled to a few screw ups ;P

My God this clarification is even worse than the first one :| ... I need coffee!

AND After seeing ur desk I don't think I'll ever dare let u see mine :(

The Criticizer said...

LOL, ok... got it. ;P

Heh, so you think that mag is crooked and I didn't do anything about it? Well I know I said I'm not but that's just another evidence that I'm a perfectionist. Why? Simply because it's crooked intentionally to show you that there's another Porsche mag down there!

I guess I am a perfectionist after all. :(

Thanks for the explication.

Elijah said...

LOL! Actually looking at it crooked is really bugging me now!

Could u please adjust it ;P NOW!

The Criticizer said...

LOL! Ok ok. :P

Football Boot said...

The Zhero Gravity has not proved to be a quality football boot.

A number of players tried them at the World Cup, including the bRazilian Cafu, and they switched to other boots because of the poor performance.

Anonymous said...

Zhero Gravities are definately worth having, I have the limited edition Julio Cruz boots, and as long as you use the correct insoles and use the right socks that give you a snug fit (or use two pairs of socks) they are wonderful to have, but unfortunately, they are terrible on artificial turf because the lack of support throughout the shoes could cause rolled ankles and other injuries.

Anonymous said...

hey whats up ya'll☺ im a permer level soccer player n those cleats are amazing. even tho they are spendy they feel like ur running on air its amazing. these shoes are kick a**. iv already got 7 goals in the indoor session and you can send a lazer with them. this is why u should all get them. cya later n hope for all of u that get these u have to be good t wear there. there not for fags who think there good.

Anonymous said...

hey whats up ya'll☺ im a permer level soccer player n those cleats are amazing. even tho they are spendy they feel like ur running on air its amazing. these shoes are kick a**. iv already got 7 goals in the indoor session and you can send a lazer with them. this is why u should all get them. cya later n hope for all of u that get them that they work pretty good for u. u have to be good to wear them. there not for fags who think there good.

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