Monday, November 27, 2006


Should we prepare for even colder than that?


Extinct-Dodo said...

ugh its only that cold early in the morning.. by 10 or 11 its boiling hot again and you start cursing yourself for bothering with the socks

LaiaLy_q8 said...

allah e3eenkom.
o egoloon america abrad, that's a lie its 13 degrees outside :)

moocherx said...

Great minds think alike! Just posted a similar thing on my blog. 5c is completely wrong, unless these weather stations get their input from a thermometer stuck in the middle of the desert or somewhere.

Elijah said...

Now this time it can't be true, it was only around 12c this morning. I know for sure cuz I didn't need all those layers of clothes inthe morn.

moocherx said... the way... are you feeling any better about life these days? the cold weather might help!?

The Criticizer said...

I don't think you'll be cruising around when bewteen 11am/2pm. Besides it's WAY BETTER than 60c, isn't it? ;P

I think this year we'll get snow, and you guys can have sandstorms out there. ;P

Yeah, I've been feeling better but in a kind of mess due to my "operation redecoration". I think I'll be relieved once I finish my room. Thanks for asking anyways! :)

There's only one way to tell if all those programs get one feed, I will check tomorrow's temp with my weather programs and I will check other sites that have international forecasts. That way, if I get a fixed temp, I can make sure it the same source. However, would that temp be true?

Your body doesn't have a thermostat! ;P
Maybe because there was no wind?!

Anonymous said...

Shahar thna3ash ur mac will tell you we are Minus Ten!

Anonymous said...

I mean Twwentyy ;P

The Criticizer said...

InshaAllah. Really, I'd love that to happen. ;P