Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Friendly Web Browser | Flock

Flock is a decent alternative for Safari, FireFox, Opera, and OmniWeb. It has some great features like built-in Flickr & Photobucket uploader, and best of all an integrated blog editor.

Give it a try and hope you find it useful.

- Screen shot: [link]


Yazeed said...

i've been using it for a while now, i like it, but the rss reader that comes with it sucks big time, so I only use flock to post on my blog.

tara its based from firefox, thought u should mention that, so that people might be more open to the idea of trying it out.

Anonymous said...

i`ll try it and see if its worth it

3baid said...

Did it change since I reviewed it?

Anonymous said...

Malik ila Explorer ;P

The Criticizer said...

yaz & 3baid: It is great and very stable but it's not compatible with the new Blogger beta, yet.

bb: hope you like it.

fayoora: EWWWWWWWWW! ;P