Monday, April 12, 2010


I received a wrong order from AMAZON UK today and it's not the first time.

I ordered Converse All Star Chuck Taylor slim leather low in WHITE [link] but I received it in BLACK! It says WHITE in the product page, it even says WHITE on the box too!

How convenient... B@stards.

Hardee's & the beggar

Yesterday I went to buy dinner from Hardee's. I took my turn in the drive-thru, the booth was on my left, I saw shadow with the edge of my eye on the right side next to my passenger window. When I turned my head I saw an old woman begging, with the kindest words I might add, for money. Out of good will I gave her 1KD and closed my window. I turned my head left again to pay for my meal then I spotted the beggar getting inside Hardee's ordering a meal for herself. The funny part was not over yet, as soon as I received my order she came back to me seconds before driving away asking for a half KD to complete her meal! And was I that kind? Of course I was. I gave her the 1/2 KD and went on my way.

What's making me curious is that she could have asked me to buy her a meal and I would've been glad to do so but I guess she was too polite to ask. Oh wait, was she?

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Enough Said

Knocking Man Utd. out of Champions league is not only an accomplished mission but also a poke into all Anti-German football fans.

You see, I'm a diehard Bayern Munich fan and I admit lately they don't have consistent shows nor the team spirit like they used to still they showed the most typical aspect of German football... Constant resistance and fighting spirit to die for.

Now that we kicked some hooligan I can happily see my team getting knocked out by any other team because to me what matters the most is winning against Real Madrid and Manchester United on all occasions.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Ferrari California Accident

I came across a weird accident yesterday. Around 3PM I was heading to Salmiya when I passed Salwa x Rumaithiya junction, on the U-turn there was a red Ferrari California with a broken rear wheel. There were no other cars involved, it also appears that the car did not hit a curb or anything, the rim was intact but detached from the vehicle.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to take photos so if anyone knows what happened please tell the story.