Thursday, April 08, 2010

Enough Said

Knocking Man Utd. out of Champions league is not only an accomplished mission but also a poke into all Anti-German football fans.

You see, I'm a diehard Bayern Munich fan and I admit lately they don't have consistent shows nor the team spirit like they used to still they showed the most typical aspect of German football... Constant resistance and fighting spirit to die for.

Now that we kicked some hooligan I can happily see my team getting knocked out by any other team because to me what matters the most is winning against Real Madrid and Manchester United on all occasions.


Touché said...

I loved Bastian comment that "they swore to play like real man in the second half", that's the real spirit

MacaholiQ8 said...

You support Bayern?

Touché said...

No, my heart goes for the other side of fascism "Milan" :)

I just have a great respect for them and German soccer mentality, no one can possibly deny their managing skills and shaping things things.

Also I share the same sentiment about not losing to both Man Utd and R. Madrid