Monday, April 12, 2010

Hardee's & the beggar

Yesterday I went to buy dinner from Hardee's. I took my turn in the drive-thru, the booth was on my left, I saw shadow with the edge of my eye on the right side next to my passenger window. When I turned my head I saw an old woman begging, with the kindest words I might add, for money. Out of good will I gave her 1KD and closed my window. I turned my head left again to pay for my meal then I spotted the beggar getting inside Hardee's ordering a meal for herself. The funny part was not over yet, as soon as I received my order she came back to me seconds before driving away asking for a half KD to complete her meal! And was I that kind? Of course I was. I gave her the 1/2 KD and went on my way.

What's making me curious is that she could have asked me to buy her a meal and I would've been glad to do so but I guess she was too polite to ask. Oh wait, was she?

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Yours Truly said...

LOL Funny, lo ry7a badr el budoor chan e6libat dinner for 3 days ;p