Saturday, March 29, 2008


Lately I've been hearing people quoting everything they're talking about from Wikipedia, or when they get stuck not knowing about something they rush to their computer browsing Wikipedia for info. Some people (one of them is a close friend of mine) won't even discuss anything with anybody unless they skim around Wikipedia. It's becoming more of a cult rather than just a source of information.

Imagine, what if it becomes a religion? Call it Wikipedism or Wikipediaism, whatever rhymes better. Wikipedism may not have the aspects of monotheistic Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) but it sure has a stronger base than Scientology.

And by breaking down Wikipedism we see:

  1. It has a source "", also known as "The Mighty Wiki".
  2. It has beliefs "Everything on Wikipedia is right, no arguments".
  3. It has practices "Browse for anything and everything and spread the word of The Mighty Wiki".
  4. It has leaders and pioneers "Wikipedetors", those who write the "Teachings" on "The Mighty Wiki".
  5. It has its own followers "Wikipedians".
  6. It comes in various languages and is open for all.

Wikipedism doesn't have a clear history but since 2001 until today it has grown with over 2,250,000+ articles "Teachings" and estimated to grow from 3 million up to 5 million "Teachings" within the next five years. And an average of 2.5 billion hits a month, we can be sure that there are more Wikipedians than any other religion in the world.

Now are you Wikipedian?

Disclaimer: This topic was made for fun, no intentions of degrading any religion whatsoever. Convert to Wikipedism at your own risk.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kuwait Teachers Society | 37th Education Conference

I was assigned to attend Kuwait Teachers Society conference held in Ramada Hotel the past few days. They were discussing the outcome of our educational system and how to improve it.

Nothing special in the meeting. They all agreed on the fact that our educational system fails to provide what's good for both teachers and students, our curriculum and teaching methods are outdated and inconvenient, and how to improve it instead of standing still or making it get worse than it already is.

The most interesting part was when they discussed and compared the outcome in private education versus public education. Private sector holds a firm average of grades where public sector averages just a bit above the edge.

I may not have a clear view on how to improve our educational system though I know one thing, no one can blame the teacher only for this matter. Education starts at home. When families send in their children as blank as toilet paper with absolutely no ambition then they should never expect them to succeed. If we want our educational system to stand out we have to teach and urge our children at home to respect their teachers and make the best out of their school life, not to come to school waiting to be save by the bell.

But who am I kidding? Leave them 3agad ruin their own lives, their teachers lives, their friends' lives, and after twenty years they become parliament members and ruin the country as well.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

ARAMEX Shop & Sh!t

"Dear Mac,

Thank you for using SHOP&SHIP, and hope that you always have an enjoyable experience with us.

Kindly note that you have received a shipment containing unacceptable material according to our Mailbox Service Agreement. Your shipment is placed On Hold for further instructions. You can either return the shipment to the supplier or advise us to destroy it. Please contact your S&S local office to advise your preference.

Thank you for shopping with SHOP&SHIP.



I know exactly what is written in the Service Agreement and I have read it over and over again yet I fail to notice how a scope could void the agreement and be part of illegal shipments.

The thing is, I have ordered a rifle scope for my air rifle and the next thing I know is Aramex blocking my shipment because it contains gun parts. Their prohibited materials list did not mention gun parts are against regulations, it only mentions ammunition, explosives, firearms, and fireworks.

I could have saved myself the hassle and bought one from here but it costs much less from the internet. The problem here is that we have exclusive firearm dealers who set their own prices as they like, they're charging 200% over the retail price!

The hell with it, 8KD can go to a waste. Now I'll look around for a better service than this stupid Shop & Crap.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Take Them All Down

All of us heard about the government action on removing public property violations (90% diwaniyas) and how most parliament members are trying to no avail to stop this from taking place. It is not your *F-word* property, get over it!

I am strictly with the government on this. It has gone way too far. You cannot imagine how happy I became the moment I knew how serious they are going to deal with this issue. Thousands of diwaniyas everywhere and more are being built every day. What's up with that? Do we really need diwaniya per person?

There's this 500 square meters house in our area which has about 2000 square meters all surrounded by big fence with two freakin' huge diwaniyas inside not to mention a big tent and a parking larger than Al-Fanar's! People rent a square foot apartment for 300KD and this b@stard plays on state-owned land as he pleases.

I know a lot of people are against this action but I don't care what those people think because these violations are going way off limit. God knows that I would DRIVE THIS for the government, front line, anytime any day.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Review | DIANA Panther 31 air-rifle

I've always been fascinated with firearms. I got sick of paying for a couple of sets at the shooting range so I decided to have my own firearm, and with the new law of legalizing airsoft firearms I found what I'm looking for in this specific model, the Diana RWS Panther 31 air-rifle.

This break barrel beauty comes in true rifle-size dimensions, relatively heavy compared to other air-rifles I've tried, and has an all new plastic/synthetic casing instead of old wooden stock designs.

German perfection at it's best, this air-rifle comes with two-stage fiber optic sights that help spotting without scope even when it's dark.

This .177 (4,5) caliber shoots pellets at 1000fps whether rounded or flat head, which means it can easily penetrate flesh in close shots. It even has a nice recoil when shooting.

The only downside is the safety clip which is not 100% safe. It failed to hold the trigger while I was aiming. I hope that never happens again.

Generally I'll be using it for pest control at the farm. With this powerful rifle I'm sure I'll be killing rats rather than just injuring them. All I need now is a scope.

+2 = 25

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Architectural Catwalk

Architectural Catwalk
Kuwait Architectural Students Association
5th KASA Annual Exhibition
AlRaya Complex
9-13 March 2008
7.00 - 9.00 PM

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Nicole's Challenge

Join Nicole's Challenge [link]

Salmiya | Gulf Road, Kuwait.

Kheiran Resort

Marina Crescent #1

Marina Crescent #2