Friday, March 07, 2008

Review | DIANA Panther 31 air-rifle

I've always been fascinated with firearms. I got sick of paying for a couple of sets at the shooting range so I decided to have my own firearm, and with the new law of legalizing airsoft firearms I found what I'm looking for in this specific model, the Diana RWS Panther 31 air-rifle.

This break barrel beauty comes in true rifle-size dimensions, relatively heavy compared to other air-rifles I've tried, and has an all new plastic/synthetic casing instead of old wooden stock designs.

German perfection at it's best, this air-rifle comes with two-stage fiber optic sights that help spotting without scope even when it's dark.

This .177 (4,5) caliber shoots pellets at 1000fps whether rounded or flat head, which means it can easily penetrate flesh in close shots. It even has a nice recoil when shooting.

The only downside is the safety clip which is not 100% safe. It failed to hold the trigger while I was aiming. I hope that never happens again.

Generally I'll be using it for pest control at the farm. With this powerful rifle I'm sure I'll be killing rats rather than just injuring them. All I need now is a scope.

+2 = 25


Anonymous said...

Are they selling airguns in kuwait now?? if so, where did you buy yours from???

FourMe said...

Damn that's gorgeous.. I got couple of birdy's bothering me Can I borrow it :p

:::ShoSho::: said...

ناوي على شنو؟؟ لول

Four me.. poor birdies 7aram 3laich!!

Big Pearls said...

waay yumma!! I hate guns!

Linus said...

Lovely! I'd rather get my self a pistol :P

ge0 said...

Maaaaaan! thats awesome. I like these toys

iNoor said...

أي داد بيداد

تراك باطن جبدي

وفاقعن مرارتي


زين يلللاا


وراونا شطارتك

وروح قاتل ويا حزب الله والمقاومة في فلسطين << خير

مو بس فالح تذبح فيران وطيوور وقطااااوة


آخر زمن والله

iNoor said...

*gets shot by Mac*

il3ameed said...

ya salaam 3alaik :P
3al baraka..

The Criticizer said...

Yes they are. All you need is your civil ID. I got mine from the one opposite to Al-Seef palace right after Soug Sharg. There are three firearms resellers there and there's also one in Farwaniya and one in the shooting range.

Sure. Kill them bad burdies. ;P

Nawi 3ala shar!

big pearls:
I take it you haven't tried shooting before. Go tot he shooting complex/range and you'll love guns.

Pistols need clearance which is hard to get.

[link] First words. :P

*shoots iNoor right between her eyes*

Allah ebarik feek. ;)

Ms Loala said...

Hadn't you killed all the rats in the neighborhood!!

For me, i prefer a regular shoot gun, it's much hotter and modern comparing to a long heavy Diana :P

Beware of Doodi :P

Ms Loala said...
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Murqab said...

cost ?

Navy Girl said...


The Criticizer said...

ms loala:
Not quiet yet. You haven't seen anything, give me a few weeks and I will show you this beauty in action. Rats will be running for their lives! :D

Shotguns are much heavier and their recoil would throw you back a few meters. Take my advice and stick to airguns. :P

Internet/US: 52KD | Kuwait: 100KD
Rip-off, I know, but that's how things go when you have exclusive firearm dealers controlling the market the way they like.

navy g.:
Sure, you can have mine. 1 KD per shot. :P

Bashar said...

From now on, I will be saying nothing bad about Apple :X

ولد الديرة said...

يا ويلك من هذول

Anonymous said...

I used to be a sharpshooter.

Don't shoot any cats, please!

How are things going at your school, Mac?

The Criticizer said...

Yes, beware. :P

weld aldera:
The perfect place to practice my hobby. Take me there NOW! :D

Sharpshooter? Really? That's cool! :D

Don't worry, as I mentioned in the post, I will be using this gun for pest control, getting rid of rats at the farm. ;)

It's good, better than the old school but still not what I can call a perfect place. :/

elijah said...

thank god im far away :P

The Criticizer said...

Don't worry, I bought it to save the nation from Ratophobia. :P

Anonymous said...

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Isla said...

I have seen those, normally they don't comes with scope mounted over it, but when you attached it, becomes more accurate.

Sandy said...

It would be more feasible if add a spotting scope for the accurate target, it's a good gun for self-defense and hunting.