Friday, December 28, 2007 | Delay

Q8speed relaunch might get delayed but for all I know it's coming back soon.

Good luck to q8speed webmaster.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


50,000 pageviews and counting...


Q: Do you take your online friendship seriously?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I've been better without Leopard

If you're using OS X 10.5 Leopard without its new benefits such as Time Machine or Spaces you'll soon realize that it's nothing but a refurbished 10.4 Tiger with some minor touch ups.

Ever since I upgraded to OS X 10.5 my PowerBook G4 has been acting up. Some of the things I've noticed...

  • Takes longer time to boot up, applications launch time, Web browsers and Flash animations became slow too.
  • Disk-Utility permission repair function lags taking up to 20 minutes to repair disk permissions where it used to take less than a minute in OS X 10.4 Tiger.
  • PPC-based applications tend to crash more often.
  • Setting up mobile to computer bluetooth connection is harder than it used to be though its nice to use its FTP browser. [link]

And another thing I've noticed, RSS feeds date is fixed to January 1, 2001! [link]

Even with all these problems my Mac still shines and can run for two more years without any trouble, hopefully.


Yet another thing to add to the list above... My RSS feeds screensaver died. Whenever I run it my Mac crashes. WTH is up with Leopard & PPC? :/

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The 3gaidi who got on my F-ing nerves

Being a P.E. teacher in a public school in Kuwait means that I'm responsible of school tidiness and discipline. My P.E. colleagues and I do our best to maintain order within school walls, but when sh!t happens out of school it's up to us whether to take part or not.

Yesterday I went out of work to see a herd of 3agad piling up outside the school. I overlooked the situation, got in my car and as I was driving away I saw them taking action fighting like F-ing hyenas hitting and running so they don't get their @$$ kicked.

I spotted a couple of my 6th grade students so, all in good will, I parked and went to cut the cr@p off so my students won't get hurt. I held one of my students and dragged him back inside the school when out of nowhere a 3gaidi who thinks he's old enough to step up against me started to shout and curse at me to leave his brother alone. I ignored the b@stard and took his brother inside but he insisted and he held my hand telling me to let go of his brother. I refused and dragged his brother to the admins when two of my colleagues also interfered to break up the fight and they recognized the b@stard who turned out to be a student at 9th grade in our school so they dragged him in as well while he kept shouting and cursing. Both of them got suspended temporary and the older one got zero grades in this month's exams for insulting me and my colleagues.

Today I went to work to find him waiting for me outside the school. He came close and asked me to forgive him and try to help him preventing the admins verdict. I told him "If you're sorry about what you did and you really want to apologize you should have apologized yesterday." He tried and tried to convince me that he's sorry about what he said and did to me to no avail but I kept on refusing because he's one of those disrespectful 3agad who doesn't deserve a chance. I turned my back on him with a grin up my face.

Call me mean, call me racist, call me whatever you want, but that kind of people don't deserve respect therefore, even if this will put his future to waste, I'll never accept his apology.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Guessing Game

I know I've been lazy lately.
I promise I'll make it up to my regulars.

Now can you guess what this is?

Hint(s): They come in various colors.
You buy them and throw them.

Yes, you can tell how bored I am.

This is what you're looking at...

I know I know, it was hard to guess. And sure, go ahead and add me to your losers list... :P

My very special collectible... cinema tickets. I have been collecting them since my early days in high school. Somehow I have lost the first set (1997~2001) but that didn't stop me from continuing.

Looking at them makes me realize how life passes by so damn fast; knowing that I've been doing this for the past ten years makes me wonder about a lot of stuff. :/

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Z 1 - Cat 0

I ran over a cat today while driving back home from work. At first I thought I had a flat tire but the car felt normal. I stopped instantly, got out of the car and saw blood stains on the passenger side tire and blood skid marks on the ground. I looked back to see a cat trying to kick life out of itself. Poor b@stard didn't die straightaway.

I didn't see it coming otherwise I would have tried to avoid it. I don't know what's the deal with street cats. They reproduce like rabbits, they dump their little ones, and they wander all day long.

Anyways, to pay my dept to the "kitteh society" I will post three amazing photographs of cats, hopefully they're not dead too.

*Goes to wash his car*

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Al Forno

Few days ago I had dinner at Al Forno restaurant in The Avenues and all I can say is "A DISGUSTING RIP-OFF!"

I'm not a fan of Italian food but my friends insisted on trying something new. We went in to find out that we're the only guests. We sat down and waited for almost 5 minutes to get the menus, note that we were the only ones there.

It was hard reading their main dishes' names so we started off ordering beverages. I got a drink called Venice, it tastes like Clairol Herbal Essence. Not that I've tasted one before but it tastes like the smell of that shampoo. Anyways.. You get the point. It wasn't that good either.

I don't take chances when it comes to food not to mention when I'm really hungry so I had to settle with something I'm familiar with hence I ordered normal spaghetti and both my friends ordered two types of pizzas. The food was cold, the spaghetti was tasteless and not cooked well, and pizzas taste like home-made pizza with their ultra-thin crust and rock-solid layer of cheese on top. Even their forks are hard to handle with their stupid twisted design (lefties would find it much easier to handle).

We didn't eat everything, we left the plates almost untouched and we ordered the check. The waiter comes with three Tequila shots cups full of lemon juice and the check on the side. I took a look to see "29.***KD"! WTH? Dinner for three, no one ate anything and we pay that? We started to complain about the food and service but no one gave a damn, in the end we had to pay. The waiter was embarrassed so he took off and never came back until we left.

"Allah edeem el ni3ma"
Goes to badr el-bdoor.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New police patrols?

I was driving back home when two Dodge Chargers police patrols drove past me. I think they're R/T's too!

Goodbye BMW?

UPDATE: Yep, looks like it's for real. [link@W e ® 3 Y]

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Life Insurance

Sometimes you're on your own.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

One of the funniest internet-jokes


Sorry for being the nerd I am but this one made me burst out laughing... Only "techies" and those who are familiar with common web-coding will understand. If you don't get it don't bother asking because I won't explain since you probably won't get it even if I did.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Leopard ate my Mac!

I placed OS X 10.5 installation DVD and followed the instructions like anyone else. Everything went fine and it started installing the operating system. After it finished my mac restarted by itself, started booting back up again then it stopped with nothing but a blue screen and a cursor. I left it like that for a whole hour but nothing happened. I tried restarting it still nothing comes up except that blue screen and cursor. (Mac's "blue screen of death?")

For almost seven hours straight I've been installing/reinstalling, mounting/unmounting, and restarting my Mac thousands and thousands of times that I actually thought it will never work. I even formatted the old disk and installed Leopard from scratch yet it won't get past that phase!

Then, out of desperation, I reinstalled OS X 10.4(.2) Tiger back again and overwrote it with Leopard. The result is a fully functional OS X 10.5 but without my old files. Thank god I backed up all my files before starting this whole process. *siiggghhhh*

Quick notes:
  • Takes slightly longer time to boot.
    Still way faster than Windows Shista.
  • New Finder is outstanding.
  • Dock looks odd. Not used to it maybe?
  • Spaces sucks. Expose still does a great job to me.
  • Verify/repair disk permissions doesn't work?!
  • Everything's almost the same but works in a different way. Still as simple as possible.

I'm gonna miss Menufela. ;P

Monday, November 05, 2007

Saturday, November 03, 2007

1st Redbull Flugtag - Kuwait | Overview

UPDATE: October 2012
Won 1st place in the 3rd event

UPDATE: November 2010
Won 1st place in the 2nd event

The event was absolutely mind-blowing. We knew thousands of people will come but we never even imagined it would be that crowded, the beach was literally filled up!

Thanks to Me7sin & fayoora

The weather was very windy out there but that didn't stop the event. Our team did well, the plane was heavy though it helped to cut through the wind and reach a decent distance. Our show went well although we got screwed when they played another team's song (we paused the whole event for a few minutes). Can't loose with Grendizer, eh? :P

The only bad side in the event was the judging. I have no idea how a team like The Phoenix did not win. With their outstanding performance and amazing flying distance I was certain they were gonna snap 1st place, how in hell did they end up not winning anything, not even 2nd or 3rd?! And Black Bird Pearl team winning two awards? Hmmm.... There's something about that, definitely.

All in all, we covered 10 meters and got 9,8,8,8,8 6 score for the show so it's good, very good actually. We did not expect it.

So here comes the time where I expose everything about our team...

The day we got accepted

1st & 2nd draft sketches

70/1 scale design (it flew)

Workshop | Tools section

Chassis & chassis mounting

Wing bars & wing holders

Wings and body surface installation

1st coat painting

2nd coat painting

Transporting & setting up the plane at Marina

Campaign site

The "safety issues" we had to deal with

1st place winners.

Practicing the "slow motion" kick

THE bad@$$ PHOENIX team
They should have won 1st place

Imperial72 taking a dip.

The funniest show in the event

Blackbird Pearl taking a dip.

diet center taking a dip.

Us waiting for our song to come up
They played the wrong song *a-holes*

Some action then a nasty crash! xD


Team logo | my design

I would like to thank all those who have supported my team... family, friends, others and especially the bloggers; those I met before the event, during the event, and the ones I met after the event... It was a pleasure meeting you all.

ps #1: If you have any pictures/videos of my team please send them over to my email.
----> email:
ps #2: More pictures of other teams to come soon. I'm just bored to write/encode more.