Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Leopard ate my Mac!

I placed OS X 10.5 installation DVD and followed the instructions like anyone else. Everything went fine and it started installing the operating system. After it finished my mac restarted by itself, started booting back up again then it stopped with nothing but a blue screen and a cursor. I left it like that for a whole hour but nothing happened. I tried restarting it still nothing comes up except that blue screen and cursor. (Mac's "blue screen of death?")

For almost seven hours straight I've been installing/reinstalling, mounting/unmounting, and restarting my Mac thousands and thousands of times that I actually thought it will never work. I even formatted the old disk and installed Leopard from scratch yet it won't get past that phase!

Then, out of desperation, I reinstalled OS X 10.4(.2) Tiger back again and overwrote it with Leopard. The result is a fully functional OS X 10.5 but without my old files. Thank god I backed up all my files before starting this whole process. *siiggghhhh*

Quick notes:
  • Takes slightly longer time to boot.
    Still way faster than Windows Shista.
  • New Finder is outstanding.
  • Dock looks odd. Not used to it maybe?
  • Spaces sucks. Expose still does a great job to me.
  • Verify/repair disk permissions doesn't work?!
  • Everything's almost the same but works in a different way. Still as simple as possible.

I'm gonna miss Menufela. ;P


iNoor said...

Hot hot hot! 3alaik bel 3afya man ;)

Whew! glad you backed them up cuz I know there's nothing worse than losing your own data T_T

P.S BLOGGER SUCKS! switch to WP :P

3baid said...

Do you have Application Enhancer installed?

Read this.

Anonymous said...

I installed it 2 days ago yeah it took quite a long time to work.. but it went just fine..

You know? I never have a backup, maybee I should do it!

I didnt feel a BIG difference really, just the dock thing, and the apps and files besides the trash is good. I didn,t try spaces yet..

Ms Loala said...


3laik bel 3afya :D

Anonymous said...

Goolina after a week shlouna :p

Frankom said...

:: Mabrook :P o 3laik eb alf 3afya .. lo makhethlek new macbook mo a7san :P

Intlxpatr said...

Very scary! Isn't it amazing how much time it takes to install something which will save you time? And oh, the emotional anxiety when things don't load smoothly. Aaaaarrrgh!

Kinano said...

glad it worked out fine :D


Anonymous said...

LOL @ "Windows Shista"

shsalfat el blue screen! wayed nas 7ashhoom!?

7aram 3alaykom ya joma3a the new dock 7ada cool

about the menufela, 9adegni they will make a version that will be compatible with leopard

il3ameed said...

i thought you liked shisa :P

3alaik bil 3afya ;)

PS: tryed to send photos i had yesterday, gmail didnt work :/
ill try now :D

Navy Girl said...

good for you :) have fun playing around ;p

The Criticizer said...

Yeah, it would've been a disaster losing all files. :/

Thanks & 3oQbalich. :P

WP is a bit confusing. I like blogger better.

No, I don't it installed. Probably something else caused it. Thanks for the link.

Make sure you do backups more often, you never know what might happen. Enjoy it.

ms loala:

Will do

Got C@$H? :P

Yeah, I was so depressed when it didn't work. Thank god it did otherwise I would have switched back to Windows!

Last part is a joke. :P


Haven't tried it yet though I think the old Menufela still works.

Thanks. Keep trying. :D

navy g:
Thanks! :P

Moey said...

sexy! my order was cancelled, I'll have to wait until they get it here in Amman, then backup my mac and try.

Anonymous said...

how did u back things up? using what?

The Criticizer said...

Yep, don't do anything before you backup! Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

I have MAXTOR OneTouch external hard drive (320GB). It comes with one-touch software backup and works on both Windows and Macintosh.

Eddy said...

do u think leopard will work if i just download it as a torrent?

The Criticizer said...

Probably yes but I don't think you'll be able to have the updates.

Anonymous said...

where can i buy MAXTOR OneTouch from? o eb chum??? plz don't tell me min bara el q8

The Criticizer said...

It is available here on Kuwait.
From 250GB to 2TB
You can find it in Hawally
Bin Khaldon street
Wala'a complex

Anonymous said...

thank u... how do u format a mac?

The Criticizer said...

Just insert the installation DVD and follow the instructions, it will ask you whether to keep the current content or remove it. Choose remove and you're done.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...


i have been telling people that disk utility in leopard messed up and something wrong with it!!

and one more thing they removed Sherlock ;(

The Criticizer said...

I didn't use Sherlok though repairing disk permissions is essential, we need it to be fixed. :/