Saturday, November 24, 2007

Al Forno

Few days ago I had dinner at Al Forno restaurant in The Avenues and all I can say is "A DISGUSTING RIP-OFF!"

I'm not a fan of Italian food but my friends insisted on trying something new. We went in to find out that we're the only guests. We sat down and waited for almost 5 minutes to get the menus, note that we were the only ones there.

It was hard reading their main dishes' names so we started off ordering beverages. I got a drink called Venice, it tastes like Clairol Herbal Essence. Not that I've tasted one before but it tastes like the smell of that shampoo. Anyways.. You get the point. It wasn't that good either.

I don't take chances when it comes to food not to mention when I'm really hungry so I had to settle with something I'm familiar with hence I ordered normal spaghetti and both my friends ordered two types of pizzas. The food was cold, the spaghetti was tasteless and not cooked well, and pizzas taste like home-made pizza with their ultra-thin crust and rock-solid layer of cheese on top. Even their forks are hard to handle with their stupid twisted design (lefties would find it much easier to handle).

We didn't eat everything, we left the plates almost untouched and we ordered the check. The waiter comes with three Tequila shots cups full of lemon juice and the check on the side. I took a look to see "29.***KD"! WTH? Dinner for three, no one ate anything and we pay that? We started to complain about the food and service but no one gave a damn, in the end we had to pay. The waiter was embarrassed so he took off and never came back until we left.

"Allah edeem el ni3ma"
Goes to badr el-bdoor.


Anonymous said...

Loll, your plates look touched; p-
If that picture was taken there that is.

I actually tried that restaurant. If its the same ili 3ind il Courtyard hotel... its not bad actually but you have to know what to eat... I tired steak and it was really good ;)

Its all about the timing; p

Bil3afya i guess ...

zia said...

LOOOOOOOL herbal essence drink? yummy :P.... it's so weird when i went to avenues for lunch a few weeks ago, it was like an hr wait! i thought that it must be good or something.. guess not :P

chikapappi said...

ya3ny thanks for that so we don't go! man! I hate places like that! that's why I stick to what I know..

Linus said...

XD lemon shots!!!!! Man I feel sorry for you! Just go to Johnny Corinos! There food is great!

ge0 said...

badr el-bdoor and Burgan rock!

Princess said...

hehehe i was thinking and how the hell do u know how the shampoo tastes like hehehe ashwa u cleared that out :p

and 3adi, its an experience and now u know not to go there, and now i know too hehe

moocherx said...

But is your hair silky smooth this morning? :P

elijah said...

Is this the one in the middle near columbus?

Zed said...

LOL @ moocherx's comment


i think its an AL SHAYA new concept, and it's going to flop. i hate AL SHAYA restaurants

very.q8ya said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, never EVER go to a new resturant when youre hungry tekfa ya3ni =F

LOOOOL e3jebatni 'tastes like Clairol Herbal Essence' bil 3afya, menha shower o menha drink =F

Allah ydeem il-ni3ma Allah ydeem JR =~~~]

Kinano said...

I am a Head & Shoulders person!

Purgatory said...

Why do you always have bad experiences in restaurants?

il3ameed said...

thanks for partially reviewing this :)

allah ydeem il ni3ma inshallah..
oo allah y5alee ma7mood oo badr il bedoor < 500x less expensive and tastes waaay better, no?

Ms Loala said...

You and badr al bodoor :P

I noticed you're not that lucky when it comes restaurants!

Anonymous said...


ofeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh 5al bad elbedor roo7 tabbab :P

manutdfanatic said...

Yikes. That sounds awfully awful. :|

iNoor said...

Awww poor you haha

Next time ask the maid to prepare spaghetti for you. Or better yet, prepare it yourself :P wallah it's easy

intlxpatr said...

Thanks for the warning! Herbal Essence smells so GOOD, but I can't imagine drinking it!

Anonymous said...

I guess you should read some reviews before you go to a restaurant next time:)

Navy Girl said...

bel3afya though i know you didnt eat much or at all lol ! :D

i was there with my friends last week .. we wanted to go in but then we decided to go to nino .. THANK GOD we did .. i mean ever since then i started to hear all those bad things about that place .. lol :D could it be really that bad ???

Seth said...

Italian Restaurants are great. BLue Dress is RIGHT..."Its all about the timing"

KJ said...

Stick to Johnny Rockets and you'd be fine from now on

The Criticizer said...

blue dress:
Touched but we didn't eat anything. :P

Courtyard? I think you're talking about another restaurant. :/


We were there @ 7pm. Maybe that's why nobody was there.

Yep. Go to badr el bdoor. :P

Never tried it. I will but if turns out to be bad there's only you to blame. :P

3ala rasi Ge0! :D

heh, glad I explained. :P

lmao, no!! haha.. Man you always bust in with hilarious comments! xD

I don't know but it's in there somewhere. :/

Yeah, looks like it's becoming one of AL SHAYA mores.

hehe.. yalla kil 6agga eb ta3loma. :P

Then Applebee's is your choice. :P

It's not that I always have bad experiences, it's just that I never review what's good. I like to burn down what's not.

Yep. U/W :D

ms loala:
hehe .. well not really. Same thing said to Purg. ^

Tabbab is good too. ;P

Yep. :/

I don't eat home-made maid's cooking and I don't know how to do it myself. Care to share a recipe? :P

Exactly! You're welcome. :D

Thanks for the tip. Anyone reviewed it before?

navy g:
It is bas el nas athwaq, you might like it I don't know.
allah e3afeech.

Timing? We were there in a perfect time, it wasn't crowded, in fact no one was there at 7pm. The workers should have pured all their hard work on us. :/

I'll do that.

Anonymous said...

Its the same resturant. inside.
Il forno. ask around.

Marriot hotel

iNoor said...

I don't either, bas madry shloon aakel mal ma6a3em X(

Sure, here you go [link]
Noor doesn't share her own "secret recipes" :P

The Criticizer said...

Didn't know that, thanks for the info.

That's mean. :(

Maradona said...

هذي نهاية المجاملة .. والمشكلة مو أول مرة تصير فيك ..!

عاد ما لقيت إلا مطعم إل فورنو الفاشل..!

لا أبتايزر سنع ولا وجبات سنعة ولا مشروبات عدلة .. وحتى الدزرت مالهم يلوع الجبد.

بس زين يصير فيك -(;

The Criticizer said...

Kella min elly yashwi eb anjafa! LOL! xD

Anonymous said...

Al Forno is really one of the best restaurants I've ever tried. I've been to it about 5 times and tried 5 dishes and all were perfect.

matteo said...

al forno is a great restaurant , for me the best in Kuwait.
I do not know where this bad comment coming from....

Anonymous said...

Al Forno is a great restaurant. Original italian pizza is supposed to be thin crust... i went there last night... and it was simply amazing!

MacaholiQ8 said...

Good for you all. I know original pizza should be thin but the one we got was like "5ubz rqaq" if you know what that is.

I know I'm not going near that restaurant again and that's for me.

Insurance Quotes said...

Didn't know that, thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

i'm really sorry about that but please if u wanna come again just ask about me(Mahmoud)and i'll suggesta nice plate and i'm sure u will like it....

Hashim Al-Musawi said...


Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this post. That experience was a long time ago so I guess I do have to give it another try. I'm currently out of Kuwait so I'll drop by whenever I'm back.