Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Vaporized Money

I've been away from Kuwait for the past three months studying in Bahrain. Last week my brother called me telling me the company that I'm storing my furniture at called him telling him they have not received any payments from me and they are going to press charges unless I pay.

The story begins at NBK. Three months ago I made a debt transaction directly to the company's account and for the past three months their money gets deducted on the 24th of each month however it neither goes into their account nor back into my account. Where is it?

I got back to Kuwait last Wednesday hoping to resolve this issue and get back to my study but as we all know no one can finish anything in one day, this is how our system works. When I went to NBK they said as long as the money never got back to your account then the transaction is accurate, and when I went to KFH (company's bank) they told me I cannot do anything, a company representative should come and deal with this issue.

The dilemma started when the company and I wanted to resolve the issue. They asked me to cancel the monthly transaction. I went back to NBK and they said we cannot cancel it unless you bring us a release paper stating that there are no outstanding amounts due to the company! WTH? I made that transaction personally, it is not an installment! I had the option of transferring the money online each month but I didn't want to deal with that hassle. The company accountant said they don't have release forms of any kind and since I made it I can cancel it but NBK refuses to cancel. W T F ?

I couldn't stay for long so I'm back in Bahrain now. I gave the company my account statement which clearly shows every deduction and they can look for their own money, and after talking to some people at NBK I signed some papers to cancel the transaction but it won't happen until transaction department look into it.

UPDATE: Jan, 2012 - Problem resolved

Doodle Devil | All 190 Elements

One of the most addictive games.

Source: [link]

Metal = Fire + Stone
Air = Human + Apple
Steam = Water + Fire/Water + Lava
Ash = Fire + Tree/Fire + House/Light + Vampire/Fire + Book/Fire + Beast
Earth = Human + Apple
Energy = Fire + Air
Stone = Water + Lava
Fire = Human + Apple
Water = Human + Apple
Lava = Fire + Earth

Prayer = Human + Angel
Angel = Life + Light
Religion = Human + Prayer
Friendship = Human + Human
Heavens = Soul + Religion
Life = Human + Human/Man + Woman
Resurrection = Corpse + Soul
Light = Human + Apple
Soul = Human + Demon
Order = Human + Apple

War Machines
Airplane = Air + Car
Napalm = Fire + Oil
Battle Cruiser = Water + Cannon
Radar = Air + Radio-Wave/Air + Surveillance
Bomber = Airplane + Bomb
Cannon = Weapon + Bomb
Helicopter = Air + Mechanism
Submarine = Fish + Battle Cruiser
Land Mine = Earth + Bomb
Tank = Car + Armor

Envy = Sin + Greed
Pride = Sin + Sin
Gluttony = Sin + Food
Sloth = Sin + Work
Greed = Sin + Money
Heresy = Sin + Religion
Lust = Sin + Sex
Theft = Sin + Money
Murder = Sin + Corpse
Wrath = Sin + Weapon

Rat = Beast + Diseases
Bat = Air + Vampire
Snake = Egg + Worm
Beast = Human + Apple
Pigeon = Air + Rat
Egg = Stone + Magic
Wolf = Beast + Wrath
Fish = Beast + Water
Worm = Earth + Life
Piranha = Fish + Weapon

Internet = Computer + Computer
AI = Life + Computer
Radio-Wave = Air + Electricity
Car = Oil + Mechanism
Cell Phone = Radio-Wave + Computer
Computer = Book + TV
Robot = Mechanism + Computer
Cyborg = AI + Robot
TV = Demon + Mechanism
Electricity = Energy + Metal

Cerebrus = Beast + Death
Mutant = Man + Magic/Human + Darkness
Cthulu = Water + Demon
Vampire = Human + Blood
Demon = Beast + Darkness
Frankenstein = Corpse + Electricity
Ghost = Ash + Soul
Werewolf = Man + Beast
Ghoul = Corpse + Zombie
Zombie = Life + Corpse/Death + Corpse/Human + Computer

Atheism = Human + Heresy
Money = Knowledge + Copyright/Demon + Soul/Oil + Politician
Book = Human + Knowledge
Psychology = Human + Heresy
Censored = Sex + Mechanism/Sex + Money
Copyright = Order + Demon
Gambling = Human + Greed
War = Pride + Politician
Knowledge = Human + Apple
Work = Human + Coffee/Human + Money

Spell book = Book + Magic
Crow = Pigeon + Witch
Torture = Suffering + Suffering
Necro-mancer = Zombie + Wizard
Potion = Water + Magic
Sacrifice = Murder + Religion
Wand = Weapon + Magic
Scroll = Magic + Leather
Witch = Woman + Magic
Skeleton = Human + Acid

Man = Human + Apple
Blood = Human + Weapon/Human + Torture/Man + Weapon
Politician = Human + Copyright/Human + Pride
Corpse = Human + Life/Human + Murder
Food = Beast + Weapon
Sex = Dragon + Hydra/Man + Woman
Lawyer = Human + Copyright
Woman = Human + Apple
Leather = Human + Torture

Seeds = Apple + Earth
Bacteria = Life + Spore
Spore = Seeds + Mushroom
Coffee = Energy + Seeds
Grass = Earth + Seeds
Mushroom = Earth + Seeds
Tobacco = Fire + Grass
Razorvine = Grass + Weapon
Tree = Earth + Seeds

Army = Order + War
Scientist = Knowledge + Knowledge
City = House + House
Soldier = Firearm + Warrior
Corruption = Politician + Money
Cyber-space = Life + Internet
Empire = Politician + Army
Surveillance = Knowledge + War
Hacker = Knowledge + Computer
Terrorism = War + Chaos

Sect = Religion + Heresy
Chaos = War + Nuclear bomb
Sin = Human+ Apple
Darkness = Human + Apple
Death = Human + Life
Diseses = Human + Tobacco
Styx = Water + Death
Inferno = Human + Murder
Suffering = Fire + House/Human + Torture/Human + War/Human + Acid
Magic = Energy + Demon

Earth-quake = Earth + Earth
Armageddon = War + Biological weapon
Epidemic = Diseases + Chaos
Biological weapon = Spore + Bomb
Chemical weapon = Poison Gas + Missile
Communism = Demon + Sect
Nuclear bomb = Mushroom + Bomb
Democracy = Politician + Politician
Tsunami = Water + Earth-quake
Dictatorship = Politician + Army

Science Fiction Weapons
BFG 9000 = Weapon + Inferno
Plasmai-gun = Weapon + Plasma
Death ray gun = Weapon + Alien
Space marine = Soldier + Void
Death star = City + Spaceship
Disintegrator = Weapon + Void
Force field = Energy + Armor
Spaceship = Rocket + Battle Cruiser
Light saber = Laser + Force field
Vacuum bomb = Void + Bomb

Acid = Water + Sulfur
Poison gas = Air + Poison
Bomb = Metal + TNT
Sulfur = Air + Inferno
House = Human + Stone
Mechanism = Metal + Work
Oil = Earth + Knowledge
TNT = Oil + Acid
Poison = Coffee + Tobacco
Weapon = Human + Metal

Spell = Knowledge + Magic
Castle = House + Armor
Tower = House + Wizard
Dragon = Magic + Egg
Elf = Human + Light
Hydra = Beast + Snake
Unicorn = Beast + Magic
Pegasus = Pigeon + Unicorn
Wizard = Human + Energy
Phoenix = Fire + Pigeon

Gun-powder = Cellulose + Acid
AK-47 = Firearm + Magic
Hand grenade = Bomb + Soldier
Armor = Metal + Warrior
Bazooka = Weapon + Missile
Desert eagle = Firearm + Pride
Missile = Bomb + Rocket
Firearm = Weapon + Gun-powder
Warrior = Human + Wrath
Flame-thrower = Fire + Weapon

Alien = Life + Void
Satellite = Void + Rocket
Cellulose = Grass + Work
UFO = Alien + Rocket
Laser = Fire + Radio-Wave
Plasma = Fire + Energy
Radiation = Radio-Wave + Radio-Wave
Virus = Human + Diseases
Rocket = Airplane + Void
Void = Order + Chaos

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Siri will take over the world one day, just like "V.I.K.I in I, Robot" and "Red Queen in Resident Evil"! It will become self aware and as powerful as Skynet one day!

Imagine that this is still in beta. Creepy.

Thanks to Bashar @ G+

UPDATE: Looks like it's happening [link]

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Goal Courts TV Commercial

Goal Courts commercial - Senyar Marketing 2011

This is by far one of the best ads I have ever seen in Kuwait. The main reason I love it is because I've experienced that attitude from older guys. Yes I was one of the poor generation of those unfortunate ones who always get kicked out by mustaches.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Forgetting is part of our human nature. People forget things they've said, heard, or done though some of them have a method of calling back their thoughts. Some scrub or squeeze their head, others look aside and try to recall what's deep inside their mind, but very few of them use rough methods to express their failure to remember... Facepalm, or in other words, forehead slap. This common gesture either refers to annoyance or, in some cultures, forgetting.

I've been looking all over the internet for an explanation to this indication as a sign of disremember but I couldn't find anything. I'm looking it up because I'm afraid one of my friends is starting to develop some form of agnosia and with that he started to facepalm himself quite often or literally slapping his forehead to remember. His action started to look weird, unexplainable, and sometimes embarrassing to himself and those around him.

I know I won't be able to resolve his issue but at least I can read further more about it to convince him to see a doctor so if anybody has a point or a place to refer to please tell in the comments.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Butterfly Effect

If you are familiar with the term butterfly effect you'll understand the situation.

Five months ago I had to move out from my place. That lead to canceling my plans for this summer vacation since moving out cost me around KD1200. With my plans shattered I had no other plan but to start a family. Few days after knowing that my wife is pregnant I got an anonymous call telling me I got accepted on a scholarship! I went to review my application and turns out I did apply for masters degree a year ago. That means I have to leave the country for three years for this masters program. I can't take my wife with me for her safety and baby's. Now I have to move my furniture to self storage, pay another rent abroad, send money back home for the wife and future kid, and probably have to sell the car and get a new one to take it there with me.

This is a hard situation. My child will be born and probably grow up a few years without me around him/her and even harder for my wife. Hopefully it won't be as bad as I think. Time flies by and I'm doing this for the best.

Wish me luck because I really need it.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cellular Data Network | Fix

If you recently updated your iPhone version and lost "Cellular Data Network" tab on your settings then here's how to fix it.

You either need to FTP to your iPhone or use iFile (jailbroken iPhones) from Cydia. Browse to

/var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone/(YOUR Carrier).bundle

and edit "carrier.plist" by adding the following code after
< plist version="1.0">
< dict>...

< key>APNEEditabilityTypemask< /key>
< integer>5< /integer>
< key>AllowEDGEEditing< /key>
< true/>

All without spaces. It should appear once again on your Network tab.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

White iPhone 4

Available tomorrow (April 28) in the US.

UPDATE: And it's slightly thicker than the black one. [link]

Monday, March 28, 2011

Japanese invention | Switl

Someone please explain how is this possible?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday March 25, 2011

Within 10 minutes everything went from clear to dust.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

iPhone Photo Library & Camera Not Working? | Fix

Your iPhone or iPod photo library and camera not working? Crashes? Stuck on Updating / Rebuilding Library? Even a restore or update can't fix this issue? Here's the solution. Unfortunately it involves deleting ALL your saved pictures/videos on your iPhone/iPod library.

Mac users: Connect iPhone to iTunes. Cancel sync. Go to mac application and open Preview. Click File > Import from (your iDevice name) > Select All Images and Delete.

Jailbroken iPhone/iPod users: Download iFile from Cydia. Browse Files > User > Library> Media > DCIM > Delete ALL Images.

Tested and proven to work %100 on SoCoMoCo's iPhone 3GS.

Aramex New Rates

Aramex have raised their rates again. This seems to be never ending. They know there's no alternative to some orders.

FAIL! | Wataniya Give Kuwait Campaign

Most of you are familiar with Wataniya Telecom."GiveKuwait" campaign and some of you, including myself, are participants. It saddens me to see this campaign failing because of unorganized planning.

It all started with the voting system. Most participants are well aware that the voting system in the website is a joke where anybody can cheat by giving thousands of fake votes to himself/herself by using proxies/VPNs. Lots of people complained to Wataniya asking them to find a solution. Wataniya came up with one solution... Reset ALL votes. How smart? What about the other people who earned their votes?

The second reason for this fail is their weekly winners announcements. It took them two weeks to announce first week winners which is probably caused by the flaw in the voting system yet there's no excuse for not announcing the other winners.

The third and final reason for this epic fail is the judges. I don't know about the other two but I know one thing, Mr. BahaAlden Al-Qazweni is very biased. I've seen him in so many events and know people who have close contact with him and they all agree. This is by no means pointed towards his personality rather than his actions. Let's just say if you have anything to do with Bayt Lothan then you get his vote blindfolded.

Submitting your files to that campaign means Wataniya has exclusive rights to use it whenever they want. It should be called "Give Wataniya". I'm not willing to share my photography knowing it's only a giveaway to Wataniya, no chance of winning. Now I know better not to contribute in a public event without knowing the consequences.