Saturday, April 28, 2007

Urgent Message | Hussain

"Hussain said...

allah y3enk!

hey dude, laish my blog ma yba6el! service down?!!

I got this email earlier today,
seems like your email & blog have been hacked!

Sorry. :/


This is what happens when you forget to renew your maid's residency for 8 months...

My plans have been F-ed up! :(

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Enemies of Success

Here's a glitch of what has been happening to me at work...

A few days ago I found out that I've been tricked by my school administration to prevent me from filing a transfer. Since I'm new in the job I didn't know that transfer requests cannot be filed after March; they close the system and no further transfer requests can be submitted after March 31.

Why did they do that? Because they already don't have enough PE teachers and if I leave I'll make it even worse on them to find a replacement. They don't want to go through all the hassle of filing applications to find and bring other teachers to take my place because simply no one would accept working in that sh!t hole (aka Jeleeb Alsheyokh) thus blocking my transfer was their best shot.

The excuse they gave me is that I'm a good teacher they cannot afford to miss and as long as I'm working in their school my annual assessment will always be "Excellent" and if I chose to leave I might not find a good administration that would give me high evaluation as they do. I told them if I'm a good teacher it won't be hard for me to enforce myself on the new admin therefore they will be obligated to give me high evaluation. Yet they kept on deceiving to convince me.

I made a few calls and reached out to someone who helped me in filing my transfer through paper work, not computer system, and I handed it myself today. I know I'm still eligible of being transfered out of this grave yard but this method, the "manual" way, is less effective and consequently having less chances of getting transfered though it sure won't stop here if I don't.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Pretty amusing, yet very true...

I got this through email earlier today...

قصيدة قديمة ورائعــه للشاعرة "رياح الوفا"
لم يسبق نشرها تلمس قضية "الستر" لأختي المسلمة


يابنت بعد الستر صْرتي تعــّرين
لاهوب ذا فرض ولا هوب سنـّـه

لاتلــبسين الثوب العلاّق تكفين
أمـــي وأمــــك قبـــلنا مالبسنـّه

كانــك بتقليد الخواجه تبــاهين
وراك يـوم الحشر نـــــــارٍ وجنــّـه

وان كان ذي موضـه ! تراكن مساكين
الكــافرات لباسهن تلبسنـّـه

لبــسٍ عليكــن مثـل لبس المجانين
متقطّـع حتى الظــهر بان منـّه

الكاســـيات العــاريات (......)
ياويــــلهن مــــن شــي يواجـــهنـّـه

جداتـــنا باقــي صداهـن لهالحين
الكــــم لا منه قصـــر طـــولــنـّـه

لا ما لبسن لبــسة "ديانا ونادين"
والســاق مثل "كلوديا" ماكشفنـّـه

ترى الحـلا ماهو بكشف الكراعين
ولا هو بكشف الصـدر ياللي تبنـّـه

ترى الحــلا بالستر بس الستر ويـن
دام اللبــاس الفــــاضح تؤيـدنـّـه

لاشفتهــن بالعرس مثل الشياطين
حتى الشعــر فـوق الاذان جْـبَعَنـّه

ماالــوم انا من عندها نقص بالدين
ألـــــوم زوج خـــيـّب الله ظــــنـّـه

يمشي وراهــا مثل مشي البعارين
لمطـــارد الموضــه معاها تقنـّــه

وليــا نصحها قالت: اسكت وبعدين
وإن ما سكت في كف يدها تصنـّه

غصـــبٍ عليه .. الحُبّ فوق القوانين
لاتحــــترم رايه ولاَتخـــاف مــنـّه

الجَيب فـــــاضي بعْد جمْع الملايين
بنــــات حَــــوّا ضاعــــن وضيّعَنّه

اللهم استـــر بنـــات المسـلميــن

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Street Encounters

Random stuff I encountered today:-

Yet another 3gaydi (def.) cruising around. Toyota Camry with xenon flashing lights, neon lights all over the interior, crazy horn sound, "Dagny o Dagny" set to max volume, and a fart can. Overworked, bugger.

The amazing wheelie(r). This guy pulled an amazing stunt by doing a wheelie from Hardee's Rumaithiya all the way to Messelah bridge. That road has four junctions but that didn't stop him. I have another video I got a while back, I think it's the same guy. [link]

Small picture, I know, but you get the point.
Someone once said...
"How easy it would be if things were just red and green!"
Well I hope this picture leads to the answer.
This reminds me of another picture I took a few months ago. [link]

Thursday, April 19, 2007

TubeSock 2.0

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Back in Business

First of all I want to thank all those who were concerned about me. I got over the disease a few days ago but I wasn't in the mood for blogging anything till now and that's why I've been away for a while.

Now I don't really know how to catch up with things in here so I figured out I post everything in separate entries when I sort my mind.

For a start I would like to note out my new page element "Switchers Count" located right below my Blog Archive. Apple logos stand for switchers; those whom I have convinced to convert from Windows to Mac. So far I have convinced 13 and my goal is to break the 100 mark.

Yet again, thank you all and I will try to be on here more often.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Yes, "Weak"end. Not a typo.

I've been sick in bed the whole weekend. Sick to the extent of having thoughts that I had Birds Flu. Couldn't move, couldn't sleep well, and worst of all I couldn't enjoy the weekend. Thank god it's minor viral infection and I'm finally getting over it (hence I'm posting right now) though I need a couple of more days to fully recover.

Monday, April 09, 2007

MOE employees, please check in

Teachers to be exact...

What's with the 100KD ? Raise?? Bonus?!

Few got it,
some got less (50~80KD),
while others didn't get anything at all.

Our minister~ess said something about it a few days ago but I missed to catch that.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Urged to do this Tag

Due to nonstop nagging I have decided to do this tag to stop all the hassle.

10 weird things about me:-
  1. I cannot sleep on my back, either my tummy or my right side.
  2. My metabolism is rapid. Gain 10 grams today, loose 1 kilogram tomorrow. (thikro rabkum)
  3. When driving I always look at the otherside of the road spotting cars and even faces on the other lane.
  4. I cannot drive without seatbelt (weird?)
  5. I cannot stand not wearing a hand watch.
  6. My bellybutton looks weird, like really Really weird.
  7. I collect cinema tickets and prepaid cards.
  8. I think roaches have a certain smell, when I smell that in any place I am sure there's a roach lying around somewhere.
  9. I'm far better as a self learner than being taught anything.
  10. I can't write if someone's watching me writing.

There... Hope that makes you guys happy.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Taper SP | AT LAST!

I came back home to see this on my desk:-

A lot of my regulars know how I was dying to have this shoe but neither have I found my size nor found the color I wanted. Out of desperation, I have asked a couple of people abroad to help me out and my prayers have finally been answered!

My brother found the shoe in Egypt, he bought it for me without saying a word, came back home just a few hours ago and placed it in my room without even telling me anything about it so imagine how happy I was when I saw it.

Flashy, eh? :D

Fits perfectly

None of you shorties ever dream of this size! LOL xD

It is very comfortable, ultra light, and it wears my foot perfectly.

So there it is, my dream shoes has come to reality although not the exact color I wanted but it is all good.

Thanks bro, I owe you one. ;)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

UEFA Champions | Bayern 2 vs 2 Milan

Today's event was the best so far. Bayern Munich managed to draw with AC Milan in Milan thanks to one man, Daniel Van Buyten. The solid defender who scored both goals for Bayern with his weaker foot (left foot) gave Bayern a draw that is more like a win.

To all Milan fans...
If you call that a penalty then I suggest you go play winning eleven and quit watching football.

UPDATE: Bayern Goals [1-1] [2-2]
Check how Dida hugged the bar on the second goal. Poor guy. *giggles* xD

WAY TO GO BAYERN! w00t!!!11111one....

Monday, April 02, 2007


-- Tagged --

As I said, I won't be doing any tags anymore so I'm posting this as appreciation to my friend(s) hussain, SamBooSa* & NonaWz*.

* update

Suicidal Expats

Driving in Kuwait might get you killed. Crossing the highway on feet while rolling tractor tire will definitely send your soul, your tire, and even your rotten guts to hell.

Today I encountered the weirdest, most stupid pedestrian there ever is in the whole world. If you drive through 6th ring road past Kheitan on rush hours you'll instantly know what kind of people I'm talking about.

Imagine driving at 100km/h trying to get out of road rage, yawning and thinking how a long day this will be and how many hours you'll have to spend at work before you're able to get back to sleep when the last thing you notice is a guy (pakistani?) passing in front of you rolling his 50+kg tractor tire to reach the other side of the road! You slam on the brakes with eyes crossed, one on the rear mirror to see the car behind you if it's going to kiss your car's @$$ and the other on that halfwitted @-hole in front of you. Struggling to control the car you hardly keep it balanced and manage to stop just in time before you run over the b@stard, amazingly avoiding a whole road rampage. People start horning so you get yourself together and drive away cursing the sh!t out of him.

What the hell were you thinking?! Are you invincible?! There's a F-ing bridge right next to you, you b@stard! Oh no, I forgot, the tire is too heavy to be taken up the bridge. @#$% you! Next time I'll make sure I run over you.

I'm quite definite if that ignorant mofo encountered a female driver he would have become a nice road rug.