Wednesday, April 04, 2007

UEFA Champions | Bayern 2 vs 2 Milan

Today's event was the best so far. Bayern Munich managed to draw with AC Milan in Milan thanks to one man, Daniel Van Buyten. The solid defender who scored both goals for Bayern with his weaker foot (left foot) gave Bayern a draw that is more like a win.

To all Milan fans...
If you call that a penalty then I suggest you go play winning eleven and quit watching football.

UPDATE: Bayern Goals [1-1] [2-2]
Check how Dida hugged the bar on the second goal. Poor guy. *giggles* xD

WAY TO GO BAYERN! w00t!!!11111one....


eshda3wa said...

mabrook :)

Anonymous said...

lucky bastards!!!!!!!!!! :P

kel el le3b 7ag milan. bas yarab etfozon oo e7na nfoz oo nwarekom el le3b ;P

KJ said...

Soccer is the most ridiculous sport on the planet. Who would run like an idiot following a ball only to shoot it away again?

Hamza said...

DON'T...just DON'T get me started. You drew coz bayern munich was playing with 2 players yesterday (van Buyten who should be man of match and ur lucky reserve goal keeper)...but there was an earlier penalty that the referee didn't see..and what about Gilardino's goal? offside 2al.. its not like bayern munich were playing. I haven't seen podolski, or makaay or even schizenteiger do anything. Milan dominated the match. You gotta give them that.

Let's hope we'll grab a positive result at ur turf

EniGma said...

whatever u didn't win

Yazeed said...

good result, really good
munich is a tough team to beat
bes they have been letting in a lot of goals which is a concern


The Criticizer said...

Allah ebarik feech. :D

Lucky? Agoooooooolll 5alna 7bayeb. :P

You would never understand. :P

Milaniiii?!!!! BWahhahahhaa!!! xD

Ok let me break it down short, there are two types of fans and they would never get along, ever.

a) Those who care for the beauty of the play.
b) Those who care for the final score.

I'm B and you're A.

Besides, don't dare call Bayern lucky. German teams are known as the most competitive teams in Europe. They would never give up.

And they weren't playing on their ground so definitely they won't be able to take over the game, but what they did is taking advantage of every chance they had and that succeeded.

I respect Kaka but do lie to yourself cuz both tackles weren't penalties. He's a great actor. He knows all he has to do is to never lift his feet off the ground when getting tackled.

Discussing this won't change any facts. We still have one match left and I'll leave the rest of the "writing" till then. ;P

Yet we didn't loose. Plus we have two goals away. ;P

Yep, thanks. Hopefully they'll manage to end that concern, soon.

EniGma said...



The Criticizer said...

I hate you. :'(