Friday, April 06, 2007

Urged to do this Tag

Due to nonstop nagging I have decided to do this tag to stop all the hassle.

10 weird things about me:-
  1. I cannot sleep on my back, either my tummy or my right side.
  2. My metabolism is rapid. Gain 10 grams today, loose 1 kilogram tomorrow. (thikro rabkum)
  3. When driving I always look at the otherside of the road spotting cars and even faces on the other lane.
  4. I cannot drive without seatbelt (weird?)
  5. I cannot stand not wearing a hand watch.
  6. My bellybutton looks weird, like really Really weird.
  7. I collect cinema tickets and prepaid cards.
  8. I think roaches have a certain smell, when I smell that in any place I am sure there's a roach lying around somewhere.
  9. I'm far better as a self learner than being taught anything.
  10. I can't write if someone's watching me writing.

There... Hope that makes you guys happy.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

1- Me 2
2- Mashallah
3- I think we all do that ;P
4- Vice- versa
5- I cannot stand wearing one LOL
6- Picture? LOL
7- Why? @@
8- Phsycology teacher has a smell. when i smell it ., I know she's there somewhere or passed through the place.
9- 7athek ;P *Mashallah*
10- What if you were asked to write on a blackboard? lol

Kinan said...

I can't believe you caved!!! -.-


EniGma said...

1. Me 2
2. Me 2! I am trying extra hard to stay at 53 (still 4 kilos less than my ideal weight!)
5. Me 2
6. show us a pic lol
8. Yes! They DO!
9. Me 2

Nonaw said...



Ms Loala said...

You surrendered, huh? xp
LOL @ #8, that's tottaly wiered!

Elijah said...

I caved in too maci

Belly button again?? Live with it! :)

LOL @ roaches' smell, I once said that about a dead roach haha

BLaSha said...

I'm still thinking of what to write :/

KJ said...

I agree with all except the belly thing. As for the roaches, I actually get a dream about them before actually seeing one. LoL.

The Criticizer said...

6. In your dreams. :P
7. No idea. I just do! :/
8. LMAO! xD
10. My writings will be curved to the ground. :P

I was forced to. :(

6. No freakin' way! xD
8. Glad someone agrees.

Have your laugh. You have no idea how it irritates me. :(

ms loala:
Yeah, I was put down to pressure. :P
I know a lot of people who agree!

Heh, glad I'm not the only one who caved in. :P

I'll chop it offff!

They do have a smell!!

Need help? :P

Dream about roaches?! Damn, that would be the scariest nightmare for me!

Anonymous said...

By any chance do you go to TDI? ;p

The Criticizer said...

Yes I do.

Now I think I recognize you. I wasn't sure who you were till now.

How's your course so far?

Anonymous said...

AYYy, BinGoo I have a good memory
Me and chika are taking beginners. It’s great. bes eshway il class Enawim!
Waiting on illustrator though.

What are you taking exactly?

The Criticizer said...

That's nice. Good luck!
& Yes, il class 7adda enawim. :/

I'm taking THIS. o(>_<)o
We've started with Illustrator this week.

Anonymous said...

that wasnt soo hard .. WAS IT?? xP

1) sleep o inta mitrabi3 a7sanlik :P
2) LOOL mashalla :P
3) typical kuwaiti :P
4) yepp :P
5) i just bought a new one xD yaay
7) looser :P
8) what the hell r roaches? r they like.. cockroaches? :S
9) good for yaw :P
10) @@

looking forward for the next tag x$

Anonymous said...

Yalla GOODluck to you too!

The Criticizer said...

Yes it was! :P

1. I would. ;P
5. congrats!
6. No freakin' way! xD
7. :(
8. Yes.

No more tags!!

blue dress:
Thank you! :D

Amola said...

we have no. 2 , 6 ,7 and 9 incommen so your not so wierd to me