Saturday, April 21, 2007

Street Encounters

Random stuff I encountered today:-

Yet another 3gaydi (def.) cruising around. Toyota Camry with xenon flashing lights, neon lights all over the interior, crazy horn sound, "Dagny o Dagny" set to max volume, and a fart can. Overworked, bugger.

The amazing wheelie(r). This guy pulled an amazing stunt by doing a wheelie from Hardee's Rumaithiya all the way to Messelah bridge. That road has four junctions but that didn't stop him. I have another video I got a while back, I think it's the same guy. [link]

Small picture, I know, but you get the point.
Someone once said...
"How easy it would be if things were just red and green!"
Well I hope this picture leads to the answer.
This reminds me of another picture I took a few months ago. [link]


eshda3wa said...

aaah our 3gaidies!
the camry thing amuses me

but the bike!!
i hate these stupid careless bikers that think their immortal and put other ppl in danger
stupid idiot!

EniGma said...

I freak out whenever I see guys doing wheelies, especially when they're in front of me!!
Bs seriously, mashallah 3alaih!

moocherx said...

don't pay attention to those guys doing wheelies when you're driving... treat them like any other motorcyclist, and if somehow they fall off and end up under your car, make sure to post the pics!

Elijah said...


and that last pic is not EASY at all, haha it's worse than the orange!!

The Criticizer said...

3agad never amuse me.
Can't tolerate them.
& you're right about them bikers.

Mashallah won't help him when he falls off and flatten his buttocks with the ground. He's insane.

I will, thanks for the tip. ;P

Exactly! :P

No3iK said...

thats funny coz same thing happened in hawali the other day

green and red at the same time and i even took a pic ;p

really makes u wonder .. and is very symbolic in such situations what are u supposed to do.

Hamza said...

oh damn. where is the fun part? the part where the biker falls and he is over-ran by cars. :(

EniGma said...

off-topic, how are the birdies?

The Criticizer said...

In my case I drove off and ignored the light. ;)

That would be great action now wouldn't it? :P

Haven't seen them around lately, thank god.
Looks like they caught birds flu and died. ;P

KJ said...

WoW. I hope I don't bump into them!

Kinan said...

I hate camrys!

The Criticizer said...

3agad or bikers?

Who doesn't?