Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Define "3agad"

To those who aren't familiar with the term "3agad", here's my own definition:-

3agad(plural) |A(emphasis)-Gad| (singular: 3gaidi); Narrow-minded, uncivilized, intolerant, and arrogant people mostly of bedouin roots. Known for their filthy figure, utter lack of stylish outfits -OR- their trademarked grubby dishdashas and shmaqs.

Synonyms: A bunch of 3AGAD; Bedouins, Bado, Brown-Necks informal: 9alab |Sa-Lab|, Geez, Geezan, Magyaz |Mag-Yaz|, Sha3biyat |Sha-A(emphasis)-Bey-Yat|, Jangal |Jan-Gal| Vernacular: Bidwan, Fox (originally FOLKS), Alman; People of Berlin | German, Germans, Dutchmen, Deutschmen, Danish |

Antonym: 7ATHAR(plural) |Ha(emphasis)-Thar|, (singular: 7athari); Civilized people.

Reference of 3agad looks: [link]


Me7sin said...





ps: alah yil3an il 3agad, but daaaamn i bet that was one hell of a fun night for them

i envy them now :$

Anonymous said...


ahaam shay BrownNecks!!!!!! AHAHAHA

Nice one ..

No! rRreallyy Niiice ;P

Anonymous said...

i can't make out what they did exactly

Intlxpatr said...

It looked like they were trashing the mall? What's up with THAT???

EniGma said...

LOOOOOOOOL! hahahaha! This definitely beat my Word of the Day, I hate you! hehehe.


Anonymous said...

we have exactly like them here in the uk! bs they not badoo they white ppl. cleaner than you as they are white ppl, so can define them please? :)

Mr_CHoCoLaTe said...

لا حول الله

صج عقليه متخلفه

يعني شنو هالغباء اللي فيهم

ما يحسون بنفسهم

خخخخ و خوش تعريف عطيتهم

صح لسانك هي هي

باي باي

Moey said...

wondering when will Kuwait control them..

sweetd said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL hehee i loved that definition!! did u make it up!?!?

Anonymous said...

MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ay shay !

I mean, la7tha,, whats the point of doing all that !!!, kharrabtaw kel shay, then what !

i've been told that they are a bunch of crap, bas mo lee hul daraja !!!!!!

Elijah said...

Why can't I see video's on all blogs. Some I can see and others I can't.
But from what you wrote, I thank God I wasn't there.

Baskin™ said...

hathool 9ij 7adum 3agad !!
fashloona allah ya5eth'hum !!

The Criticizer said...

Envy them for their retardness? :/

Well, aren't they? ;P

They have trashed the mall and almost broke that water clock with starbucks chairs. :/

F-ing retards, that's all I can say.

LOL! Sure but if you notice well, both are in the same league of disgust. :P

Who do you mean? Hooligans??

Mr. Chocolate:
You said it, '3aba2.
And thnx.

Kuwait control them? Heh, those fags ARE the ones controlling Kuwait. There are sh!t loads of them in every sector so no matter what and how you do to get rid of them, they come back and make it even worse on you. :/

Yes. Glad you like it. ;P

plastic sword:
You have seen nothing yet. That's just a fraction of what they do around the country.

The video(s) show the mess they did to Souq Sharq on new years eve. They have broken trash boxes, thrown chairs at the glass clock near starbucks, and started chaos.

Throw your PC from the window and get a Mac! ;P

You know, if there weren't any 3agad around, Kuwait would've been one of the extreme finest countries around the world.

Anonymous said...

HaaaaaHahaha .. funny :P

but seriously what did they do?? shisalfa sh9aar?? laish chithi wayid 3afeesa o kilshay imkassar?? DID THEY RUN ALL OVER SOOG SHARG WITHOUT LOOKING SHINO AKU JIDAMHOM? wela did they throw everything from the first floor? :S weird ..


Anonymous said...

A racist and biased point of view from a kuwaiti blogger . How progressive. Spread the good will .

The Criticizer said...

They have trashed the mall intentionally, for fun! :/

First off, welcome to my blog.

I really don't have to justify my point of view since this is my blog and my thoughts but I'm sure you could use a little bit of clarification.

My "definition" doesn't necessarily comply with all bedouins. I have live my whole life around bedouins. A large number of my very best friends are bedouins yet they agree with my point of view. Does that make them racists? No, of course not. Why? Becuase they know if they happen to disagree on that they'd be biased.

Now does that definition include my friends? I don't think so. Why? Because they are well raised and well educated and I am definite neither they nor the people in their league would do such thing. Hence I mentioned "|mostly| of bedouin roots".

um-miT3ib said...


Elijah said...

NOO not the clock, I love that clock!!

LOL! I passed by a Mac shop in Gallery 2000 ans saw the Mac notebook, I was very tempted to walk in and ask about it :P

Just give me another few months til this laptop really gets on my nerves and I decide to throw it out.

Will said...

I just read the definition & saw one video. My internet network is crap.
What got me cracking is your definition xD

I was actually there at the last day of 2006. I didn't stayed that late though. & Thank god I didn't =\

snookie said...

3agad(plural) |A(emphasis)-Gad|; Narrow-minded, uncivilized, intolerant, and arrogant people mostly of bedouin roots. Known for their filthy figure, utter lack of stylish outfits -OR- their trademarked grubby dishdashas and shmaqs. The newest species entered in the animal kingdom as of 1995.

The Criticizer said...

LOL! Glad you like it. ;P

The clock is intact, don't worry.

Get one before its too late. :P

You're blessed for not being in the middle of the fuss.
Glad it made you laugh. SPREAD THE WORD! :P

It slipped my mind! ;P

Anonymous said...

Thanx for replying and saying you have bedwin friends it reminded me of the guy who says : I have nothing against black people . I have plenty of black fiends .

If you had wanted to be absolutley clear that not all 3aqad are of bedwins roots , you wouldnt have used bedwins as a synonym for 3aqad .

Anyway , its your blog and thanx for your comment , im glad i helped spread your constructive defintion .

Elijah said...

I saw it saw it I saaaaaaaaaw it finally!

I downloaded and installed and updated everything til I finally got it right!

Bas laysh hayk??!!

The Criticizer said...

The term "bedouins" has been scratched, for your pleasure.

YAY! lol ... well don't ask me, ask the ones who did it. :/

Anonymous said...

:s Laish chethy? Wai3a! 9ij el 3agad will remain 3agad! :s

The Criticizer said...

Yep. And there's nothing we can do about it. :/

Very.Q8ya said...

Video #1 .. mo chenna a3maal takhrebeyya malat ilghazow?

shay yaqhir ilsara7a .. inshof hal ashkal til3ab o tkharrrib ib deratna o tshawwwih min som3at il balad o e7na ga3deeen emChatfeen eeidna mo 3arfeen insawwey shay!!! abbaih bs sij sij sij 7aqadt 3alaihom! shino hatha? hathaila mal E3DAAAAAAAAM! tara feehom Jeenaat saddam, mo ma3qola awadem t7eb tkharrib ib hal shakel ya3ni, 7asbey allah 3alaihom!

The Criticizer said...

What can I say?

I hope they burn in life before hell.

Stewie said...


i know its an old post bs o rab elka3ba ba6neee :D

Orangina fadidra said...

it cracked me up ;p

The Criticizer said...

It is true what I said, isn't it? :P

Ahmed© said...

lool, man you should see how me and my cousin -Ve CHARGED talk, we give ENCODED a new meaning :P

The Criticizer said...

Well I guess we could get along just fine! lol :D