Saturday, January 27, 2007

Maxtor | 7 to Zero Out Data Format

Regarding my Maxtor OneTouch external hard disk issue, turned out that the fan is making noises. The retailer couldn't fix it because it's complicated and for that reason he has to send it to the dealer who's located in UAE! Therefore it will be replaced with a new one because it's still under warranty and this one will get shipped. I have done a full zero out security format before handing it within the next few weeks when the new one is available.

Due to lack of blog material, I have archived the formatting process and I'm going to share it on here.

January 21, 2007:-

  • Backing up all data to my friend's My Book external hard drive. 170GB took 4 hours using FireWire 400 & USB 2.0. [link]

January 22, 2007:-

January 23, 2007:-

Format process duration: 12 Hours.
Packed and waiting to be exchanged.


Elijah said...

LOL looks like someone's bored haha xD

You better get back to work or you'll be posting every step you take. ;P

Nonaw said...

i still love mac.

BLaSha said...

12 hrs?
do u still want my pro?

The Criticizer said...

Bored to death. Still there's two weeks off work so yeah, prepare for some foot prints and yawning posts. :P

Bless you. :D

Yep, 12 hours format.
YEESSS Please!!!! If it's for free of course. :P

KJ said...

Maxtor is a very sucky external HDD and not one of my friends who have bought it had it running smoothly for more than a couple of months. Most of them had the HDD just self-format itself within a few months.

You're better off buying a regular desktop Western Digital HDD and then get a case with an IDE to USB connector. It's gonna cost you 1/4 the amount and you would know that what you have actually works.

The Criticizer said...

One of my friends has the 500GB Maxtor and it's been running fine with him, I don't know why this one screwed up.

I was about to get one of those WD but I was looking for FireWire connectivity and all the cases I found don't support FireWire, the only one that supports FireWire does not support OS X. :/

BLaSha said...

For free? hmmmmm
how about that offer u made the other day? plus 300 KD :P

The Criticizer said...

Testahlain afa 3laich. ;P

Anonymous said...

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