Tuesday, January 09, 2007

PB & MBP | Laser Carving

There's nothing cooler than giving your MacBook Pro or PowerBook a unique and artistic touch, and in this case engraving its stainless steel cover would be just perfect.

Now I've been seeing these engraved MBPs and PBs all over the net and I think it would look nice to get a tattoo for my PB but the question is where? And for how much? I guess jewelery shops would do it so I'll check there. If you have any idea of where to do it please let me know.


Missy said...

these are like stickers ,, and they're around $20 i guess. :D

Extinct Dodo said...

i would never ever defile my mbp like that, it totally defies what macs stand for ie the beauty of simplicity and minimalization shame on you :/

EniGma said...

like u said i think they do that at jewelery stores. My friend had her baby's name engraved on some stuff but I don't know which store she did it at. Just go to soug el thahab and ask any store. And if you find out, tell us :)

Baskin™ said...

b9ra7a ana a7b ykoon shy m.thl ma ashtree bdoon t*3yeeraat :P

Elijah77 said...
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Elijah said...

You know what would be even soooooo cooler??

Engraving MY name on your Mac xD

Please, please, please...

Thouq said...

there is a shop that does it in hawalli they but i cant remember its name... ill post when i do...

The Criticizer said...

No no, I know I know about the stickers but what I'm talking about is real laser engraving. There has to be a place where they do it.

C'mon now, you know you wanna but you just can't admit it. :P
Imagine "Stevie" with a smooch on it. ;)

Will do, thanks for the tip. ;)

I do agree with you, but a small tat wouldn't hurt now would it?

Haha, sure why not? In arabic or english? :P

Ok thanks!

Hussain said...

ana ma3a Baskin!

i don't like customizing(personalizing) my mobile, laptop ..etc.

i like things to be standard

Anyway, that's very cool :)

The Criticizer said...

Dude, where did your blog go? :/

Let's see how cool it looks on my Mac when I get it done. :P

Elijah said...

English por favor!

hussain yeah where did yor blog go?

The Criticizer said...

Sure thing, I will engrave it underneath Bayern Munich logo. That'll give them a push of "Success". :P

*knows he'll be beaten up*

j/k wallah j/k!!! xD

Hussain said...

well, i deleted my blog! for three reasons:

1. i promised to do a project for one year to post a pic everyday about my life in college. I was busy with my exams, so i couldn't keep my promise!

2. Some of my friends "a smoker one" in college saw my blog and za3al cuz i posted an article dissing smokers in the college!

3.another friend told my "that is so futile. Blogging everyday and wasting your time!". All of these things 7ab6tny :)

Anyway, i decided to delete it!

HOWEVER, the good thing. I passed my exams. and am proud to say now am pre-clinical student now (i was in pre-professional phase). Ya3ny you will see me working at mubarak hospital next month :D ENSHA' ALLAH

Elijah said...

LOOOOL one one 111111111.. xD

Oh you are so buuuuusted!

hussain mabrouk. Do whatever is good for you and whatever you feel is right. Good Luck.

The Criticizer said...

That shouldn't let you down. Blogging is not about what people think, it's about YOUR thoughts.

3al 3umom Allah ewafgik enshalla o0 hope to see you around more often.

I'm just messin' wiv ya, ya know that! Hehe! xD

aff said...

i engraved my MBP the other weekend, got pics up on me blog and where i got it done =)

to the people that think it defies the mbp.. hey every man too his own but its always good to have a bit of variety and gives it a personal touch!