Sunday, January 28, 2007


There's no way my luck is this bad. I've been itching to order Puma Taper SP but I had to postpone because I had some issues regarding my visa and had to deal with it today, and now that the problem is solved, the shoe is out of stock! I even checked the other colors I had in mind (black -or- yellow) but they were either out of stock or not my size! It's frustrating! :(

UPDATE #1: FINALLY! After two hours of web browsing I have found my size and guess what? *siiggghhhhhh* !!!1one..
Although it's not the color I really wanted but WTH, this color (black) is even better, it won't catch dirt as easy as the white and it goes with every color of clothing just fine.

I guess I'm not so unlucky after all. xD


Why?!!! :'(


BLaSha said...

LOL, it happened with my once, i wanted a cool lookin pink ecco and they were out of ma size, so i got a smaller size :P it hurts ma feet, but i love it so much i dun even care about the pain its causing me :P

KJ said...

So what if they're a different size? It's Puma! Buy it for the sake of having it!

BLaSha said...


Ms Loala said...

Try the above websites; or even amazon, i'm sure they've got the shoe you want.

sweetd said...

awwww im sorry to hear that

Will said...

I hate it when that happens =[
I think about it for days :\
get one a size bigger? it won't hurt but you'll feel funny lol

The Criticizer said...

If your size is not available always go one size above, never below. :P

Word! But no sir *now that I made sure they're gonna be worn* These boots are made for walkin'. :P

ms loala:
None of those sites has it. I've found it somewhere else. I had the one I wanted on zappos' basket for four days and when I solved my visa issue and went to order it, it was out of stock!

Thanks anyways. :)

Don't be, I found it!!! :D

See now, the problem "was", the only big size was my exact size, larger sizes weren't available. There was only one in stock of the color I wanted whereas for the other colors there were 3 in stock each. I have no idea how ALL OF THEM vanished in a matter of few days! :/

Anyways.. I'm just glad I can have a peaceful sleep after I placed the order. *high hopes*

Elijah said...

I think the black ones are the coolest, good choice ;)

Nonaw said...


Elijah said...

and who's that email in your inbox from hehe xD

The Criticizer said...

Thank you, let's just hope I don't get e-robbed. :P
That email was the invoice, the site forwarded a copy of the invoice to my email.

Thank you. :)

sweetd said...


Will said...


BLaSha said...
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BLaSha said...


Adorra said...

tell me what shoe you want and I'll see if I can find it here. I don't feel like clicking on the links on your post :-p

Just give me the name and color and stuff or was it included in the post? I'm too tired to read it again.

The Criticizer said...

Too late :(

will & blasha:


Zed said...

they look like the H STREET's get hem online.. there's more than one place that sells pumas online

The Criticizer said...

I already have a Puma H Street (black with golden stripes) and it is good but doesn't work for everyday use.

This one is more comfortable I think and is better looking.

Nonaw said...


WHYYYYYY??!?!?!?!??!?!?!!!11one.. >=(

The Criticizer said...


Ms Loala said...

What happened ? =\

The Criticizer said...

Ms loala maybe you can help me out with this... I have ordered something but the order was declined and now my visa does not accept any amounts of money. I have called NBKs call center and the guy told me there's an invoice of 29KD due to be cut from my visa therefore I cannot add to it nor withdraw (buy) anything until this invoice is looked into. He told me to wait till next Sunday and till then I cannot place any order. :(

Ms Loala said...

Probably the money is not enough (currency differance) or the name you provided in the name field doesn't match the one on your visa .. and why did he tell you to wait until sunday? =\ so that the bank would look into the invoice or the website?

The Criticizer said...

The money is enough, the limit is 50KD and I have added 20KD over the limit, that makes my balance 70KD. The thing is, as you can see in this topic, I have ordered the shoe from that Sportie LA online store and they have processed the order and I have received the invoice via email, but for some reason the order was declined (note that I have 70KD in balance and the shoe costs 29KD).

Now the guy over the call center told me that there's an invoice of 29KD being processed and I shall not alter my visa until this issue's been looked into. That's why he told me to wait till Sunday. I cannot afford to wait till Sunday cuz I know my bad luck and the thing I want will be out of stock by then.

If Sunday passed and I still can't use my visa I will go and make some fuss about it.

Ms Loala said...

umm then i guess your visa is fine. One of the workers there told me (regarding your magazines before) that you should call them by phone and see what's wrong. And you say that the 29KD is due to be cut from your account then the problem is with the distributer. He's right, don't alter your visa just for precautions so that you don't get possibly robbed. My advice for you is to call them to see why you're order has been declined, keep the order number, and keep a bill of the withdrawal if they cut the 29KD and if you still haven't received your shoes then contact the NBK so that they take a legal action against them.

Elijah said...

So what now? Did u get them?

Brandon said...

These shoes are amazing. I've had a pair for a good 8 months, and they are perfect. They're very light, but the padding wears away after heavy use and it may hurt your heel after a while.