Monday, January 08, 2007

Review | SPENCO Gel Insoles

Today I passed by a couple of sport shops to get insoles for one of my shoes and I had a stop at Foot Locker at Marina Mall. The guy working there (he was wearing like a construction worker, btw) gave me a simple alternative to normal insoles, he pointed out SPENCO Performance Gel Insoles.

When I tried them I felt like sleeping with my shoes on! Simply, they feel so comfortable. I got a pair of size 3 (fits 42/44 shoe size) so I can make sure they pad in my 45 shoes without any troubles.

The nicest part is that they don't catch smell and they can be washed whenever necessary without any trouble.

Price: 6KD
Place: Foot Locker


LaiaLy_q8 said...


i have been watching all the advertisements for the Dr. Scholl ones

Elijah said...

Cute :P

The Criticizer said...

*googles Dr. Scholl*

Not really, but very Very comfy. :P

Missy said...

ooh wallah zain.. bs lel2sf i dont wear trainers anymore! :p

The Criticizer said...

Well now you know where to find'm, just in case. :P

Jonson said...

I love my new insoles which got from They are more comfortable and nice!!

Joe Root said...

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Claire Yan said...

I'm in need of custom insoles in Singapore. Any recommendation would be a great help. thanks!