Friday, January 05, 2007

Shifting on Blank

My car's third gear is broken. It doesn't shift over second and it keeps shaking when I try to accelerate over 60kph. I know this will cost me KD150+ so F-it, operation LCD is on hold for the moment.


Me7sin said...

q8speed ur prob first and notify trailblazin'

guy can hook a brotha' up ;P

Elijah said...

Wallah I swear ma 7asadtak 3ala el TV :P

It's ok hun, bel7adeed wala feek.

Plastic Sword said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Plastic Sword said...

isnt it under warranty or something ??

EniGma said...

wehh that sux

The Criticizer said...

Done. *fingers crossed*

*sly* Envious.
I guess I'm the one who should've sacrificed a deer.

j/k. thanks. :P

plastic sword:
Nope, it's expired since I passed 60,000KM. :/

Indeeeeeeeeeeed. Care to lend me your car?

EniGma said...

I would ;p but I believe its mentioned in your profile that you hate my carmaker.

EniGma said...

Just checked... you don't hate my carmaker, it was another blog ;p

BLaSha said...

weeh, poor u

The Criticizer said...

LOL! Now is that a Yes? ;P

I know. I need to get a new car. :(

EniGma said...

Yeah I'll share. Just drop me off to college and then back home, then its all yours :)

The Criticizer said...

Heh, and call me Raju. :P