Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sebastian Deisler Retires From Football!

One of the world's finest playmakers and side midfield players has ended his career. Sebastian Deisler, German national and Bayern Munich football player, has retired from professional football due to serial injuries. He was injured four years ago and had gone through five surgeries in his right knee but he hasn't recovered.

"Injury-plagued Bayern and Germany midfielder Sebastian Deisler has announced his immediate retirement from professional football. The 27-year-old informed Munich general manager Uli Hoeneß of his decision on Monday evening, before going public with the news the following day." --

That really made me sad. :(

Compilation of the player in action: [link]


Anonymous said...

Khayroo7 il 7aj

EniGma said...

puts hand on Mac's forehead. Baby, u sick?

Elijah said...

Shinu hal-drama hay??? He's not DEAD, and most of them retire from the National teams at that age anyway.

We should be sad about ourselves that we haven't accomplished half of what he had, regarding our dreams.

LOOL! ana illy 3milt el drama haha.

The Criticizer said...

tabeen tin6again? ;P

Yes I am, I cannot believe one of my all time favorite players had to quit football. :(

Drama? LOL! I bet you don't have any interest in football. Players such as Deisler deserve to play longer but he was injured when he was 23 years old! :(

EniGma said...

awwww.. *pats crit's back* there, there

The Criticizer said...

*feels a bit of relief*

Allah kareem. :(