Tuesday, January 30, 2007

One of the Odds

Earlier today my mom called telling me she had a flat tire. I went there, told her to take my car and leave me dealing with her car. I was struggling with the tire when a police patrol parked in front of me then backed up to cover the near lane because the tire was facing the highway lane. He got out of the car, asked if I needed any help, I said yes (of course I need help, the lug nuts were jammed). He goes back to his car, takes a tool kit, comes back, opens the tire, takes out the spare tire, puts the flat tire in the trunk, mounts the spare tire, lowers the car, and politely says "Do you need anything else?", "No, thank you!" I replied with stupefied tone. "Have a great day." he replied, and off he went on his way.

Now I know for a fact this could happen to girls/women maybe but to a guy? I think it's quite odd. Don't you agree?

I guess he did all that in good will cuz I hate to think otherwise.


Purgatory said...

Maybe he was in a good mood.

Kinan said...

maybe he's gay! :P

Will said...

Probably he's just being nice & in a good mood.

Mitsuki said...

whats odd about that???
whats odd about a guy helping another guy in need .. whats so gay about it?

Yazeed said...

wow :O

or he's gay

cajie said...

I have said this over and over again.....(from personal experience).
THERE are good cops in Kuwait.
For those who are saying he is gay... get over it.

BLaSha said...

Lazim ykoon gay ya3ni? maybe he's jus sweet and kind and love to help ppl

Intlxpatr said...

I saw the same thing today on the Fehaheel Expressway. It was so unusual as to catch my attention. The policeman wasn't helping - maybe the guy changing the tire didn't need help - but he was providing protection for the guy while he changed the tire. Wow. Totally cool service. God willing, it's a trend.

Elijah said...

I don't know why u guys are shocked. I've always been helped by policemen on the streets. They are very nice not just because I'm a woman because I don't get the same help from the ones in offices.

Nonaw said...

Nice dude<3.
Nothing Gay about it ...

unless he winked .. now thats a different story ...

The Criticizer said...

WTH? Who popped that gay idea? :/

Makes sense.

Look at the mess you've done! lol!
I would've thought so if I were good looking but no sir, looks like he did it with good will.

That's what I think.

There's nothing gay about it, it's just kinan being random.
The odd thing is that Kuwait police are never there when you need them, not to mention if you're a guy. A police man helping a regular middle-aged guy is not a common scene out here.
*Kinan! :/*

He's not, keep it that way.
*Kinan is soo gonna get beaten up*

I'm starting to believe there are. Good thing that is.

Not gay, the guy offered help and that's it.
*Kinan, you better not hide!*

Well I guess they're improving after all. :D

No, because you're a woman. Don't deny that. :P

Gahh!! Definitely nothing gay!

sweetd said...

:) what a nice person! ur just lucky!:P its nothing dont worry

Q80Batman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Q80Batman said...

لو خوليت خوربت

Anonymous said...

I Love Kuwait

moocherx said...

If he'd said "if you change the tyre, I'll hold your nuts" then maybe it would've been gay... but to be honest, that's what you seemed to be suggesting when you used "I guess he did all that in good will cuz I hate to think otherwise." It seems YOU were insinuating some homo overtones to the Policeman's actions.

Nonaw said...



c'mon Mac-dude! i mean even if kinan didnt say it!! .. the post leads to "is he gay?" =P


dude!! this is funny!!!!

i wonder if a cop read this would he ever help a dude anymore!! =P!! Rofl!!

Joud said...

i think most people are good people; the bad ones just stand out more

what's a lug nut :->

Kinan said...

nonaw & Moocherx:


You had it comin. And no I am not hiding/running or dying my hair and fleeing the country :p

You gotta admit it's funny :D


The Criticizer said...


I do I do.

mooch, nonaw & kinan:
I meant I hate to think he was forced to help me, or he had to stop and help because he thought there's a woman on board. I know a lot of police men would help if there's a girl involved. Didn't mean he had a thing for me. :/

See now that shows how everybody thinks. Dirty minds come up with dirty conclusions! Thanks for the giggle anyways. ;P

You're right.
These are lug nuts.

Kinan said...

Are you calling my mind "dirty"?!


snookie said...

la 3adi.. dont think he had other intentions or was feeling other things.. a7m..

allah ya36ee il 3afya o inshalla all our cops are like him :)

The Criticizer said...

I think I did, yes. All people have dirty thoughts, some quite often and some not so often. Bear with it. :P

I swear that's not what I was pointing at! :/
ya36eeh el 3afya o bas.

Ms Loala said...

Wow, now that's unusuall! but hey, i guess you're lucky after all because i've never witnessed a cop helping a guy .. ya36eh el 3afya ;p

The Criticizer said...

Yep, that's why I thought it's kinda odd. Good will or not? Still can't assume. Either ways, Allah ya36eh el 3afya.

snookie said...

LOL adri bs i guess i got influenced by the first couple of comments ;P

KJ said...

Of course it is goodwill. *hands over some Vaseline*

The Criticizer said...

That's ok. ;P

LMAO! Car lube is better for that situation. xD