Friday, January 12, 2007

ModBook | Mac Tablet

Being a Mac user is just unique, but how to be even more unique?

OWC offers the best solution for core mobile users, the ModBook.

Based on the MacBook, this tablet has it all with more add-ons such as WACOM Penabled, integrated camera, and built-in GPS system.

- More pictures: [link]
- Source: [link]


Elijah said...



*rolling eyes*

*thinking of officially boycotting u*

3 Apple/Mac posts in a row, have mercy on your sane readers ;P

moocherx said...

wow... just 3+ years after the windows tablet pc huh? :P

p.s. well said elijah ;-)

Elijah said...

hehe mooch thanx :)

Actually I just noticed there are fouuuuuuur not three aaaaargh!

The Criticizer said...


At least this one runs OS X. ;P