Saturday, November 03, 2007

1st Redbull Flugtag - Kuwait | Overview

UPDATE: October 2012
Won 1st place in the 3rd event

UPDATE: November 2010
Won 1st place in the 2nd event

The event was absolutely mind-blowing. We knew thousands of people will come but we never even imagined it would be that crowded, the beach was literally filled up!

Thanks to Me7sin & fayoora

The weather was very windy out there but that didn't stop the event. Our team did well, the plane was heavy though it helped to cut through the wind and reach a decent distance. Our show went well although we got screwed when they played another team's song (we paused the whole event for a few minutes). Can't loose with Grendizer, eh? :P

The only bad side in the event was the judging. I have no idea how a team like The Phoenix did not win. With their outstanding performance and amazing flying distance I was certain they were gonna snap 1st place, how in hell did they end up not winning anything, not even 2nd or 3rd?! And Black Bird Pearl team winning two awards? Hmmm.... There's something about that, definitely.

All in all, we covered 10 meters and got 9,8,8,8,8 6 score for the show so it's good, very good actually. We did not expect it.

So here comes the time where I expose everything about our team...

The day we got accepted

1st & 2nd draft sketches

70/1 scale design (it flew)

Workshop | Tools section

Chassis & chassis mounting

Wing bars & wing holders

Wings and body surface installation

1st coat painting

2nd coat painting

Transporting & setting up the plane at Marina

Campaign site

The "safety issues" we had to deal with

1st place winners.

Practicing the "slow motion" kick

THE bad@$$ PHOENIX team
They should have won 1st place

Imperial72 taking a dip.

The funniest show in the event

Blackbird Pearl taking a dip.

diet center taking a dip.

Us waiting for our song to come up
They played the wrong song *a-holes*

Some action then a nasty crash! xD


Team logo | my design

I would like to thank all those who have supported my team... family, friends, others and especially the bloggers; those I met before the event, during the event, and the ones I met after the event... It was a pleasure meeting you all.

ps #1: If you have any pictures/videos of my team please send them over to my email.
----> email:
ps #2: More pictures of other teams to come soon. I'm just bored to write/encode more.



Bojacob said...

Hah, good job guys :) I really wish to know how you all had time for this. Seems like work is sucking out every drop of effort from me.

You were instant favorites with that Grendizer song! You guys flew pretty well too!

il3ameed said...

have many pics and a video. ill try to send them.. ur e mail?.... please ;)

great designs, great performance, great ga3da great eveything bro!
enjoyed every bit. ya36eekom il 3afya

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed it and loved your design :)

Ms Loala said...

Woa, i didn't imagine it'll consume this much of work and energy. Thankfully the result is astonishing.

Gotta love that costume with the Grendizer song hehe :D

Here's a close up image:

Anonymous said...


chikapappi said...

You did well :)

Pinky said...

Well done you guys! It was a fab day and the effort put in by the teams made it well cool! Better luck next year hey!

Navy Girl said...

good good now your done playing ha ;P good work bro !

Outkasty said...

mashallah great job! i enjoyed looking at each picture, ya3e6eek alfff 3afya :)

Jacqui said...

Your team was great! :) I'm glad you guys flew!

Anonymous said...


I hated how be3eeda i was!!

I couldnt see the shows :(
abee ashoofa On TV!!!!! :'(

ge0 said...

it seems you guys had great time:)

Anonymous said...

the event was fun every dip was
Crazy fun , I’m not sure why ;p

Great pictures...
you actually did it from scratch i think thats the whole deal of the contest.

Patrick E. Semaan said...

Hey its okey to post our faces! hehe. I loved your costumes and your show was awesome (the part where the guy in red breaks the stick was cool!), I do have lots of videos and images that I am gonna soon publish, I will definitely share them with you. My regards to all of your team, cheers!

Nicole said...

If you gimme you email, I send you some pictures :)

Nice stunt the Pilot (you?) pulled :)
I got him in flight :)

Nicole said...

Oh, you already got the link, hehe :)
Just send me an email :)

Kthekuwaiti said...

Team Dragonfly .. the only skit with a song better than Saboo7a. :)

Kinano said...

It was an awesome day bro - a job well done indeed :D

The turn-out was really mind blowing, hopefully next year you'll win.. said...


that looks like fun! glad to know u had a good day out. weather was nice too :)

iNoor said...

Am I the only person who didn't attend? well I refused to go actually, lol
Glad you guys had fun anyways ;)

Any videos?

elijah said...

Wooohoo, it was a great day.

Videos will be coming soon :D

Anonymous said...

hey dude, ya36ekom el3afiya amazing job wallah!

Cajie said...

High-resolution image of your jump.

I have sent 3 high-quality images to your gmail account.

KJ said...

Man this is so awesome wallah. But in the end it isn't about winning - you guys put your heart and soul into it and you had a totally great time I am sure.

This experience would be with you forever! Good job mayte.

The Criticizer said...

Thanks man! We barely had the time to work on it but we made it and that's what really counts.

Glad you liked our theme song, we thought it would be "catchy". ;)

Thanks man. Glad you enjoyed our performance. Sorry about the misunderstanding when you came and asked my friends about me, they don't know anything about internet. :P

Could you please send them to...

Thanks again.

Thank you. Unfortunately, our design didn't get much recognition. They have failed to count the effort we put into it and they went for what looks good rather than what amount of work we did.

ms loala:
lol! Glad you like it. Thanks! :D

Live coverage to our mates abroad! Glad you did. :P

Thanks for the support! :D

Thanks! Hope we can make it in the next event too. :D

navy g:
Thanks. :P

Allah e3afeech, thanks! :D

Thanks! :D

*bows* :P
We're working on getting the shows.
Thanks for the support! :D

Yes we did. You should have been there! :D

blue dress:
Yeah, we never imagined we could do it from scratch but we did and that what really makes us happy. Glad you enjoyed it & thanks for the support! :D

lol, ok ok... :P
*goes to edit the pic*
Thanks man... You guys were literally awesome! Shame those b@sterds knocked you off all places. :/

Thanks for the pics! My friend was the pilot, not me. ;)

Man, the moment you guys pulled 9aboo7a the whole crowd cracked up! Great job. It's a pleasure meeting you guys. :)

Thanks Kin! Glad you enjoyed it. :D

Weather was nice but windy, all planes crashed meters away from the ramp! :P

Why do you refuse, 7aram ba3ad? ;P
Thanks. I'll update with some vids soon.

Thanks! Glad you had fun & thanks for being there! :D

Thanks man! You should have been there! xD

Thank you so much! :D

Exactly! We're so happy it turned out that well. Thanks! :D

iNoor said...

la mo 3an 7aram, bas u know.. madry, lol :P

ambaih seriously, do I sound like an extremist to you? cuz wallah I felt so after reading your comment!

EXzombie said...

glad you had fun, which come to think of it, why the hell every time a good thing or an important thing happens in Kuwait, I would be in another place......?!?!

and the plane is not aerodynamic......!!!

good luck dude...

NoNoWa said...

You guys did great- we cheered u guys all the way! My hubby, Kella Met2a5er loved the song!!!

It was a blast and hope u guys had an awesome time doing it :)

The Criticizer said...

lol, no you don't sound like and extremist. Sorry if I sounded mean or made you feel bad. :P

Thanks mate. It's so not aerodynamic but it was so fun coming up with it from scratch. ;)

Thanks! Glad you two had fun! :D

Intlxpatr said...

WooooooHoooooooooo, MAC! I just saw the update! It FLEW! It was beautiful! Did the Dragonfly survive? Where is it now? What will you do differently next year?

The Criticizer said...

lol! I'm glad you thinks it flew cuz all who have seen it say it didn't. :P

It didn't survive. We left it at the event location and Redbull took care of it.

I sure hope we get accepted again next year, we have plenty of plans and of course the right experience to win. ;)

Nicole said...

Digging out this post,...
Are you guys in this year???