Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Almost done


Me7sin said...

all the ads are going up, come oooon november *gets goosebumps*

can't wait to see what u guys have made =D

good luck P ;P

snookie said...

yay! good luck bro.. i'll be cheering for you guys :)

is there gonna be any video coverage or something? gonna see it on youtube later that day?? ;P

chikapappi said...

HEY! WOHOO!! Who do we cheer to- for?! :)


Blue Dress said...

Wowi how did you do that?!
that is nice!!

I hope you guys win...Woohoo

Zed said...

where and when is the actual event? i would like to go see it live

Kinano said...

are you as excited as i am about this ?! :D

Good goin guys - best of luck. We're still on for sheesha, right?

iNoor said...

Mwafegeen ya rab ;)

Very.Q8ya said...

aywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =p 3ashat 6ayyarat Mac, tasQo6 il6eyayeer il thanya lol =p

wish all the best of luck

3baid said...

Nice logo. Good luck with contest :)

The Criticizer said...

Thanks. Allah yastir min el shimata. ;P

I don't know if there will be live coverage but I doubt that though I'm sure there will be lots and lots of vids on youtube. ;)

DRAGONFLY!! Free T's (and maybe hats) before the day of the event. ;P

blue dress:
Flash. :D
& thanks.

Marina Waves - Marina hotel beach side.
Friday, November 2 - from 1:30pm to 5pm.

Definitely! Thanks. Whether we win or loose I'm gonna have a shisha celebration. ;D

Danke! :D

heh, thanks! :D

Thanks! :)

iNoor said...


Ich bin froh, dass du meinen Namen diesmal richtig ausgesprochen hast. ;)

Sarah 7 said...

I don't know what that is for haha but I really like the logo :D

elijah said...

I can't wait!! like we agreed either way we're sheeshaing :D

Gooood luck!

Blueberri said...

it's next week!!! HEYAAA !!! i'm DEFINITELY gonna be there!

Ms Loala said...
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Ms Loala said...


There isn't much time left huh!
I'll make sure to stand in the front row!

"has this tickish urged feeling of curiosity" is there by any chance that we might see it beforehand? :P

il3ameed said...

yalla hope your hard work pays off..
inzain 7abeeb.. il event btkoon ib marina hotel bas il sa3a cham? lena int ga3ed itgool at 12:00, oo bil site 1:00-5:30..
yalla good luck, ill be there to cheer u on inshallah

chikapappi said...

Ok... I need one :D - how will you know your fans :p !?!? yalla, fee a big group of girls behind you man! who else wants a shirt!?

enigma said...

heeeeeeeey yalla sij make the t-shirts AND hars! we're all gonna be cheering ur team :D

enigma said...

hars? mean hats hehe

Fayoora said...

Good luck =)

Me7sin said...

yuba saw post more often (@@)

min il malal im starting again, and it aint a good thing Yo @@

Ms Loala said...

By the way, are there tickets\invitaions or we just show up?

The Criticizer said...

Warum? Stört er Sie? :P

Glad you like it. It's our team's logo for Redbull Flugtag event next friday. ;)

Yeah, and if my team wins it'll be on my treat too. :P

You know who to cheer for. haha! :D

ms loala:
Glad you like it. ;)
It's free (no tickets). And yes you can see it before the event; All planes will be parked at Maki's parking/Marina Waves on October 31 until the day of the event.

Well the main event will start at 1:30 but we'll be there from 9am. Also keep in mind that the earlier you be there the more chances of getting a nice spot/view because it's gonna be crowded. Talking 30/40 thousands attendance.

lol! Come visit our location the night before the event and you'll get a bunch of free T's. Thanks for the great support in advance. :D

Thanks! Same thing said to Chika ^.

Thanks. :D

LOL! enshallah bas wallah too busy to think of/look for any blogging materials.
Yallah you keep it up! :D

iNoor said...

ja ja es stört mich sehr! Next time type iNoor instead of inooo5, bitte!

Navy Girl said...


il3ameed said...

Ach mein godness Mac!
Ich werde sicherlich dort vor 1:30 sein!
Vielen Dank für die Informationen.
Was ist mit den freien Hemden?

shrayek feeni :P

Amu said...

I love the logo and hope you guys win..I will be there to cheer up the teams :)

NoNoWa said...

Kella Met2a5er and i will be there cheering u on!!!! Wish ya all the best of luck! :)

Oooohhh I want shisha!! YUMS!

Fayoora said...

I need to do something like this in Flash!

Meneen ageeb il prog. HeWP!

enigma said...

Hey are our t-shirts ready! XD

chikapappi said...

Ok I think we have to do that then! OKKKKKK!

Ra7aLaH said...

Good luck!!

ReKoO said...

goodluck! :)

Moey said...

Good luck bro :)

Intlxpatr said...

Good luck, Mac! Love the logo!

Fayoora said...

Wohoooww .. Cham wesaltaw? niseiit :P

Me7sin said...


best of the day by FAR ;P

aham shay grandizer LOL

oh and the 10 min delay on those moron playing the wrong song at first XD hell of a day walah, ya36eekum il 3afya for the effort ;P

Me7sin said...

and the plane and costumes Yo ;P loved the designs

enigma said...

pics pics video! loved it tho we were far xD

Ms Loala said...

Did someone steal your theme? i saw a green dragonfly (or a butterfly i don't know) ..
But it was great, your plane was the neatest of all desgins ;)

Now share your experience :P

il3ameed said...

loved the grendizer music and the plane. how many points did u earn again? i forgot.. but anyways.. u were one of the best teams out there, if not the best...
(i asked one of your team mates: who is porscher, mnu feekom 3inda blog, macaholiq. he didnt understand.. oh well.. next time inshallah)

The Criticizer said...

Ok. :)

navy g:

lol!! Was that you? Both guys are computer-illiterate, they don't know my internet ID. They told me someone came over asking about this and that... I laughed my @$$ off. Sorry for that and thanks for being there. Glad you enjoyed our performance. :D

thnx! :D

thnx! *craves shisha*

@ FLASH = *email*
@ our score = new post.

yalla ma3leh, hope you enjoyed it & thanks for the support! :D

Done. :P

thnx!! :D

thnx man!

thnx! :)

thnx!! xD

lol! Thank you so much for being there & glad you enjoyed it! :D

ms loala:
Thanks! Nope, no one stole our theme.
Will do in soon. ;)