Sunday, October 14, 2007

Operation Rehabilitation | Overview

Number of shishas smoked: 47 in two months.

Money spent: Approx. 70~100 KD.

Current status: Still smoking.

Operation Rehab is a failure.

I'm disappointed. I had a good start in the first month but then Ramadan came and it ruined everything because I had too much free time.

However, it won't stop right here; when the time is right and when I feel I'm ready to end this I will try one last time. All I need is to stuff my routine so I don't end up in a shisha cafe.

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Note to self:-
Whenever you get the chance to race a MurciƩlago again, DON'T!

+ = 23


Arabian lady said...

Salam Alaikum , u can ;) ! .
do you know why ?
because i know a story of a guy he was alcoholic and he stopped it he did aids test ! and he used to go to disco's he even stopped it ! music he stopped it !!
some are simple things and some are wow things ! ..

so you cant stop shesha ? .. you can change your way easily ex :
1.instead of sheshaying go to the gym :)
2. try to write a book :) ! ill be the first one to buy it ;p..
3. try to read quran
4. whenever you think of going to the sheesha cafe replace that idea with something better . shesha doesn't help help but in other way if you go to ur grandmothers house then sit with your parents you will earn some ( ajer ) or not to be religious you can do anything that pops into ur mind exept Shesha :p

Sorry for such a blabbermouth ;p

wish you the best brother =)

jaz said...

Reasons to smoke Cigarettes instead of sheesha:

1. Cheaper... at roughly 500 fils a pack, it will cost u roughly 15KD a month,
2. Can smoke it whenever u want,
3. Healthier... believe it or not... lol,
4. Smaller risk of chest/lung infection,
5. Nicotene reduces stress... medically proven :P

Reasons against cigarettes are infinite...

Great motivation 9a7? :D

chikapappi said...

You reminded me of Amy's song: "tryina make me go to rehab I say nooo noo no!"

Don't at your own pace - you can do it :)

Anonymous said...

maybe you should consider something like that gum that helps smokers

snookie said...

you converted 23 people?!?!?!?!?!

you're practically a mac bishop..

i just have 2 :/

Very.Q8ya said...

ana amaly feek kbeeer, o ra7 etbayyeth wayhee, fa iksirha lol =p


il3ameed said...

ma yeswa!
you can do it.. best of luck bro..

and about the murci.. f*ck it.. lambos suck.. z350's rule!

Anonymous said...

Dont say you can't do it! cuz I feel you can do it...

Anonymous said...

Jaz Ghal6aan LOL!!

ana 3indi fikra 7agik .. mo sa7 you want to gain weight?
So in ur free time .. 7eta lo u ended up in a sheesha cafe. Lata6lib sheesha ..
e6lib AKIL! and just Stuff yourself :P

Ms Loala said...

You raced what ....??? xD

Ok you know what? the hell with smoking sheesha! Our grandfathers and mothers used to smoke gido and how did they die? by aging! so drop the whole idea and stop whining since all our efforts to help you went to scrach :P

Besides, you're still single so i say make the best out of it since wives nag on their husbands because of it, see? i make a good point, now go ahead and smoke :P

iNoor said...

Hey you, look, I just did a diabetes test; my fingers hurt right now BAS WEDDY AZEF A77AD ELYOOM (even if they're older than me)!!

Remember once I posted about the scary facts about smoking in hopes that you'll quit? MAAAAAAAN that really wasted my time o glt ymken you panic shway bas 6al! :P NO, ok I'm serious now..
b3eed esh'shar 3annek bas I'm completely sure enna you heard of/know someone who suffered/is suffering from CANCER because of smoking, 9a7?? Ever imagined yourself in the same situation? No 6ab3an.
umm, o once you said that baba told you to take care of your mom and sister; suppose you have Cancer now (I said b3eed esh'shar), ya3ny wallah shloon ra7 ykoon el wa'93 this way? bedal ma enta tjabelhom o tkoon the one responsible for everything and everyone (i.e rayyal el bayt), ra7 t9eer 3illa 3alaihom (sorry to say so!) bas in this case ohma elly ra7 yet2athoon o y3abloon feek o ywaddoonek men mostashfa to another o clinic to another o country to another o they'll have to pay loooooots of $$ << IMAGINE!! And why is ALL that? well, you say shishing has become a habit and is something that you can not resist! DUDDEE!!
And o FYI, 1 Shisha equals smoking more than a pack of Cigarettes << according to a WHO report. Hashim think of your FUTURE, I know you have plans for it but don't let this cr@ppy habit destroy everything and stop you from achieving your goals, cuz you're a well-educated guy o tfham bas madry laish you're doing this thing which I find too boyish/teenish. Allaaaaaaah yahdeeek bas ya wlaidy :P

iNoor said...

Maskeena your future wife wallah.. I will start praying for her from now!

... o your kids ba3ad!

Navy Girl said...

i said it once ooo i'm saying it again I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT .. for one simple reason .. your no different than those who did really quit !!

oh and i know that you love bets :P its a bet dude .. you need to win it over !!!

whenever your back at your feet .. we are all with you wishing you well ..

Anonymous said...

i Noor 3ala rasee :P

Isma3 il 7achyy heheh

Princess said...

ok ana mani gayla shay :D

The Criticizer said...

arabian lady:
- I go to the gym on daily basis, but I stopped for ramadan.
- Thanks though I'm sure you'll never like what I would write about. :P
- Enshallah.
- I'll work something out.
Thank you for your concern. Truly appreciated.

lmao! 7adda. bas I hate cigs smell. :p

Still working on it. :/

It doesn't work with shisha because shisha doesn't contain nicotine.

LMAO! You're not working hard. Therefore you'l be fined $1000 and your iBook shall be taken away from you for two weeks. xD

5ala9 yuba ra7 aksirha.

Thanks, 3ala rasi bro.
El Murcie 6afni wagif. :P

I will keep on trying, thanks.

If only you know/see how much I eat; I have one freakin' rapid metabolism, I eat so much yet I don't get any extra weight. :/

ms loala:
Murcielago, and I wish I never did. :P
Reverse psycholoy I see eh? Ok ok .. I hope it works.

Damn. Even my mom didn't say all that to me. Enshallah 3amity. o mako la future wife wala kids, bas enzaffayna o ba66alna. :/

navy g:
Bet? Do I hear Bet? *starts glowing* I will show you! :P
Thanks. I really appreciate your support.

Where's the best place for shisha? :P

KJ said...

I've done my Dr Phil part with you on this matter :P so I have nothing to say lol.

Yalla bro good luck next time

iNoor said...

yaaaaaaay since I'm your 3ammitek then *SLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAPS*


<< stanesat 3al maw'9oo3

la 9ej wallah Mac try your best to quit ;)

jaz said...

Nisait agool Race whatever u want to race :P
When i had my Seat, i raced a Gallardo once... with horns msayar 40... il7aywan bag 3alay 3alhirin il thany :P

The Criticizer said...

Thanks. I'll keep trying.


lmao! 3ad bil Seat marra wa7da?! xD