Saturday, August 18, 2007

Operation Rehabilitation | Week 2+

Week 2 of Operation Rehabilitation was irritating not because I haven't had my weekly doze of shishas, but because I was sick in bed for three days.

I don't get sick often but when I do I get knocked down for good. I had no sense of time, no sense of place, and no mental stability during the past hectic days of illness. I have watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose which consequently made me see and feel crazy stuff with my weak state of mind during sickness.

I have also watched Lord of War, Collateral, Apocalypto, Lucky Number Sleven, Saw III, Crash, American History X, Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, and went to see Bourne Ultimatum at the cinema yesterday to move my numb body. (Was about to review all three of them but cece beat me to it.) *MCA MCA MCA!!!*

Anyways, back to my shisha addiction and Operation Rehab... 4 shishas in one week. Isn't that something or what? From 15 last week to 4 this week, I think I will manage to keep the counter blank starting this week. One thing's for sure, I will not exceed the amount of last week's shishas.

Yet again, wish me luck.

I'll leave you with Bourne Ultimatum ending song. Cece shared the older version so here's the new one.

Extreme Ways - Moby [download] (6.3MB)

UPDATE: Ok, so maybe I wasn't hallucinating! [link]

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Navy Girl said...

aywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! :P that is really really good !! i mean it wala !! i've been watching you :P ooo i was like staring at those shishas and hoping that there wont be anymore ... ooo you did it!! for the whole week you only had 4 !!! that is really great i'm proud of you !!!!! 3afya 3aleeek :P

oh and about that thingy .. didnt even feel a thing !! i wasnt even sleeping dammit !!

Kinano said...

WOW! Too many movies :S

I've seen the Bourne Ultimatum two nights back, it was absolutely thrilling. Bourne really knows his ways :P

Kinano said...

Oh and congrats at the shisha cut back, any withdrawals so far?! :|

Princess said...

well yay ur feeling better, vegetating in bed and watching a biggilion movies works well, and also umm no comment 3ala the quiting sheesha thing hehehe but u know dam ina u want to quit then i wish u luck :)

il3ameed said...

crash (Y)
oo keep up the non shisha smoking!

mwafag ib ur next operation rehabilation.

Ms Loala said...

Quite a weekend ha :P
Glad you're feeling better now and congratulations!
Now that's a good start, good luck in the upcoming challengs.

Leftie said...

waLa abrakLk... ma mnha fayda athd aL7aiL wotshayb sha3ar araaaas wana a5tk ;p

good Luck

Anonymous said...

matshoof shar inshallah!

5osh week wallah! i love watching movies :D

goodluck oo tethkar 9e7tek dayaman 3ashan la terja3 :D

oo mabrook elbayern ;)

KJ said...

Good job on your shisha bro! Although you're still mental to have shisha while having a flu.

I so hate you for watching Bourne before me! *voodooes Mac for more sickness*

iNoor said...

So happy for you =)

Good luck again.

Hamza said...

salamat man. This flu must have been a hardcore one.
I bet you loved lord of war and lucky number slevin ;).
and good job on the shisha cut. Try to keep it less than 4. I hope it isn't because you were sick.

Good luck bro :)

Anonymous said...

Tawny ashof this post. Hey! It's OK to review the Bourne movies on your blog. We might have different opinions about the movie. ;)

Oh and thanks for the song. Will listen to it after it finishes downloading...

The Criticizer said...

navy g.:
Thanks. I'll do my best.
& don't worry, you didn't miss anything. It was dull anyways.

Yeah, I was desperate to kill time hence watching movies was my best choice.

LOL @ "Bourne really knows his ways"... well at least his cr@p is much acceptable than Bond's. :P

No withdrawals. Moving ahead.

Thanks. If I survive this operation I'll guide you through to cut as well. :P

Thanks bro. :)

ms laola:
Yeah, I have no idea how I got over that week. Thanks.

Thanks. :)

eshar mayeek. Thanks.
o allah ebarik feek. :)

lol! :P
So did you watch it?

Thanks! :D

True & true. :)
Well, maybe, but I'm willing to keep this week beneath four so my sickness was for my best. ;)

lol. Don't worry, I was messing wiv ya that's all. :P

I would have reviewed them but I'm not in the mood and you gave me a reason not to do so. Besides, I watched them while being sick, I cannot remember all the details in all three parts. You did the job for meh. ;P

Hope you like it. ;)

Anonymous said...


O I LOVED the new version of the song. Thanks! =D

The Criticizer said...

Glad you do. :)