Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Randomness #2


Mercedes-Benz E-55/E-63 AMG Driver for Hit and Run accident. [link]


It's really funny to see Bayern winning while Real Madrid and Manchester United get flushed down on their own ground. Bayern won against Werder Bremen by 4 goals twice in one month. [Goals]

Video clip(s) no longer available.

Quality moment: Frank Ribery gets past Schulz with style.


I lost my wallet for the first time in my life. It took me 10 minutes to realize it's lost, fortunately, few minutes later I get the call to go collect it. It fell from my pocket at the gym.


What the *put proper curse here*? [link]

- iPod

My iPod stopped dead. Waiting on the battery to drain. [pic]


Anonymous said...

Many things goin' on, eh?

Allah yastir bs...

il3ameed said...

the bashar al sayegh thingi..
was it a person that commented on his blog with the words about the shiekh? or was it him?

so why blame bashar and not the commenter?..

allah yastir 3alaik.. many things in your mind..

Anonymous said...

1. I will inshallah if I see it! :D
2. Don't even start with ManUtd's poor start! tra abchy! :P yala mabrook testahloon!
3. 7ag kel shay there's first time :P at least you found it!
4. WTF?!
5. Try this:
a) slide HOLD SWITCH until you see red/orange colour; then slide it back.
b) press and hold MENU + SELECT

Princess said...

my bitch ipod did that too :( oh well, and ashwa u found it imagine the hassle it'll be to replace wats in it ID-wise *shudder*

KJ said...

3 more shishas and you are OUT :P

I am so sorry for your iPod. I gave mine to my sister. She will be held responsible for its mishaps :P

Hamza said...

Bayern Munich is doing so well because they have LUCA TONI. An italian golden boot winner of 2005-2006 campaign with 31 goals. He has been scoring each time he steps on the field. ;)

It has always been a myth for an ipod to crash with a mac user :P.
If iPods crash, people would blame it on Windows. But I guess your incident reveals the truth afterall. :P

Ms Loala said...

Your ipod cannot be fixed?

Good thing you got your wallet back, as they say: "mal el 7alal ma yethe3" ...

Navy Girl said...

hope they get him ..

umm football ha !! :P

leat you got it back !! :D

madness !! if i'll start talking about this nonsense i'll never stop !! this is kuwait for god's sake !!

dont do ipods :D

EniGma said...

that happened to my ipod yesterday. Hold the Menu and middle button together until it restarts. After 10 seconds mine restarted.

Anonymous said...

I think you have to change the battery of your iPod every year. Mine was acting weird. My iPod was the one who had mood disorders. Change the battery!

The Criticizer said...

The battery's ok. It's acting crazy because I haven't updated the software yet. It's working fine now. Thanks for the tip.

Seems that he's punished for someone else's mistake. :/

2. EBCH. xD
3. Afaaaaa! Don't think for a second I don't know that. That was not the problem. Problem solved. I'm Mac, remember. ;P

My iPod didn't die, it just lagged for a whole day. :P
True. I've never lost a wallet before so you can imagine how hectic it was for me. :/

LOL! Don't worry, I have the will for it. ;P

Not because of Toni, he means a lot in the current team, yes, but if it wasn't for Altintop and Ribery, Bayern would be useless. Take it from Bayern supporter. ;)

No, it did not crash using Mac. The whole iPod lagged, there's nothing to do with my Mac. ;P

ms loala:
It's working fine now, I had to drain the battery and plug it in again.

& True. :)

navy g.:
Don't do iPods? Why? :/

I don't want to erase what's in it! It's a 60GB iPod and I use it mostly for its external hard disk. Anyways, it's working now.

EniGma said...

it doesn't erase what's in it, it just restarts. for future reference ya3ny :)

Navy Girl said...

cuz i think its ummm silly :D lol :P

The Criticizer said...

The buttons were not functioning. It's all good now. Thanks.

navy g.
Ok, suit yourself. :P