Thursday, August 30, 2007

License to Kill

Free Image Hosting at

Officially open for business.

You name...

I kill.

I have two clients so far.

In case you're wondering...
9mm beretta | 15 meters target.


Anonymous said...

Are you seriouse?!

Where did you di that?

chikapappi said...

WOHO! I have a LONG list! Ready!!

Anonymous said...

Kill me! oo 5alni aftak men hal dinya elwa95a :)

if it's real... nice hobby then :D goodluck with it!

Anonymous said...

i might need your services but i'll have to get back to u on that *this message will self destruct when you see it*

il3ameed said...

LOL Laialy :P

yeah.. i have a list too :D

iNoor said...

wddy agoolek kill my 9-year old bro bas 7aram tdesh jahannam bsebetah :P

Kinano said...

berettas are for kids :P

Try the glock and the magnums

oh oh and the AK-47

KJ said...

Don't listen to Kinan. Berretas are awesome and you need to be skilled and conservative on ammo to wipe out the zombie population. said...

how much do you charge per target? I have a few people I need to get rid of.

Ms Loala said...

I see that weired habbit of shooting rats has finally paid off :D

I have a landlord who happenes to be a lousy neighbour, just name your price!

eshda3wa said...

zain i want to privatly enclose the names 3ashan they wont be used as evidence against me!

Me7sin said...

haba hal ayam 3ala the shooting range, just yesterday my brother came home with those target sheets

i think he said u rent a gun and buy the bullets? china paintballs ;P

btw P, did u download the bourne supremacy? and was it clear?

The Criticizer said...

blue dress:
lol. Of course not. Bs I would kill for a high offer. :P

Shooting Range Complex @ Hunting and Equestrian Club.

It's fun, you should try it.

I need names, ages & and foot sizes. :P

eshda3wa. I never knew you're suicidal. :/

There's a leak, someone read your message now I cannot read it. :P

Same thing said to chikapappi. :P

*with attitude*
I don't kill kids.
*lights a cigarette*

AK47 You INFIDEL! lol!

I asked for nukes but they didn't have any. :P

You need to ease up on them video games. :P

Men = 100 KD
Women = 10,000 KD

ms loala:
lol yeah. :P

I hate landlords. 5 KD.

Send it to
28°42'33.94 N
47°56'12.89 E
in an unmarked envelope. :P

lol yeah. It's fun and you get to shoot with live ammo. Thrilling. :P

Yes I did. I have downloaded a set (Identity & Supremacy) both in one package encoded with H.264 MPEG 4. (means DVD quality with low file space) ;)

Navy Girl said...

YAY ! mashala !! can i try ??? i sooo much love guns !! i wish i can have one ooo play with it :D

Anonymous said...

Kill Zahraa!!

Anonymous said...

not the blogger though

Princess said...

umm 3indi wayid people on my list, but i guess grandma is at the top of the list for now , shes a i think 78 and her shoe size is 37 hehehe

The Criticizer said...

navy g.:
Sure you can. Head to shooting range complex @ hunting and equestrian club. 10KD = 40 9mm shots

Consider it done but first I need her age, foot size and perfume of choice.

Consider it done. lol!
I wonder what makes you want her dead. :P

Princess said...

awwwwwww thank u *waits impatiently*

The Criticizer said...