Monday, August 06, 2007

This is Wrong

This is so Wrong. [link]

Thanks Moocherx


Navy Girl said...

LOOOOOOL :P laaaaa hatha new system :P

BLaSha said...

ya sheen el sirj 3al buggar, or it's the other way around?!

Anonymous said...


that's so embarrassing! :)

freekuwait said...

"Windows runs the world, baby"

KJ said...

Live with it. Mac suxx :P

Zed said...

its not so wrong, i know its a dumb ass mistake by the store handlers, but if this was in the states it would only beshown as a good thing... MAC PC's runs Windowns OS.

Ms Loala said...

Wrak wrak lol :P

TOUCHE' said...


It's really amusing to see how diverse the minds are :)

It's clear to me that everyone were excited by MS favor ability over MAC as Macaholicq8 is a big fan and their knight of the light.

"But somebody had to be fired. We pulled his name from a hat"
that's what I thought "Is Wrong"?

il3ameed said...


7ilwa hathi :P

apple il q8 ma2saat hathi9ayra akthar min mara!

iNoor said...

It looks gay, I mean whole Windows thing is GAY >_<

iNoor said...

*the whole Windows

<< I really lack sleep

The Criticizer said...

navy g.
Rusty system you mean.


7adda :/

Correction: "Windows runs the retarded world."

You wish. :P

You're right but why present an Apple product on a Mac that runs Windows? :/

ms loala:
Have your laugh. Soon you'll wish you're on our side. :P

My point exactly. ;P

That's not in Kuwait, it's in the US, which makes it even worse. :/

Hehe. True. :D

il3ameed said...

o5 qawiya US!!

bas theyre apple stores (Y)

oo il 5idma a7san, tawik dash il ma7al, thalath iyoolik yaboon isa3doonik :P

wa7ed 3alamni 3al macbook chan agoola 3an ma2sat il q8:P
il ghabi ma yadri il q8 shno:/

The Criticizer said...

lol! Most of them don't know where or what Kuwait is and those who do think we're part of Iraq. :/