Monday, August 27, 2007

Windows Live blocking Apple eNews


Anonymous said...


yalla ma3alaih... mark the e-mail address as safe e-mail :)

Anonymous said...

Hotmail il yedeed maleeq Big time

Anonymous said...

it's like yaboon iwakboon il 7athara bas mo 3arfeen shloun lol

iNoor said...

weeh, suckers!
I never thought of getting myself a Hotmail account cuz I know it sucks! Long live Yahoo mail :P

iNoor said...

ba3dain why are you using Microsoft's Hotmail you Mac freak?

3baid said...

Hotmail sucks.

KJ said...

You still use that retarded thing? Switch to Gmail

Anonymous said...

just mark it as safe e-mail :) said...

I'm not very fond of the new hotmail live; they're trying to take some ideas from Gmail, which is excellent, but it doesn't fit together too well. Hope they fix out the bugs soon

Me7sin said...

i thought u used firefox?

good to see im not the only one on safari ;P

back to subject:

i remember trying to view the "im a mac" ads on a PC a year or so ago, and i remember how they ALWAYS would crash when viewed using IE, i guess this is micro's way of getting back LOL ;P

Dynamic Deeds said...

'3areeba!! I wonder why =S

Ms Loala said...

Windows live sucks!
I switched it back to MSN hotmail.
I can't see why you can't view it, click on Show content.

I guess hotmail doesn't allow rivalries on it's ground after all :P

Navy Girl said...

shako ?? :D ee wala elnew hotmail sucks !!

elijah said...


The Criticizer said...

MSN = stupidity.

Exactly. lol

This is my very first email. I cannot dump it. Though I have gmail. ;)

Big time.

I have one already.

It used to work fine with the older version of MSN but the new Windows Live started to block apple emails.

Microsoft seems to copy-cat everything nowadays.

Safari's a lot faster than FireFox, to me at least.

lol! What a lame way to get back at them! :P

dynamic deeds:
Call it Revenge.

ms loala:
They're having an overhaul... Soon you'll have to switch back to Windows Live once again, which sucks.

navy g.:
My point exactly.

You're dead. :P