Saturday, August 11, 2007

Operation Rehabilitation | Week 1

Ok, most of you have noticed my counter during the first week of Operation Rehabilitation and were wondering whether I'm serious about quitting shisha, well don't worry. I am being honest to you and myself and I'll do my best to quit.

Week 1 of rehab was intended to see how many shishas I have in one week. I never forced myself to quit, I lived my normal daily routine to stand on the approximate number of shishas I would have in one week and to be honest I am shocked as much as you are. Yes. I had 15 shishas in 7 days. That's slightly above 2 shishas per day!

I'm not just killing myself with it, I'm ripping my pockets as well. I spent almost +20KD only on shisha. That's almost 100KD a month to kill myself!

After knowing all these quick stats all I can think of is doing anything to quit before it's really too late.

That means this week is the actual start of rehab. Added to the counter you'll see a red line, any icons below the line means I've smoked during rehab. I'll try my best to keep it as clean as it is right now.

Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Good luck =)

il3ameed said...

wayed tara
allah y7afthik bro
der balik

oo good luck

Kinan said...

Good luck Mac.. we all got your back :)

iNoor said...

Well, madry, to me, you don't seem to be serious about quitting :P

Anyway, here are SOME scary facts about smoking:
- Addiction
- Cancer (lung, mouth, throat, kidney…etc)
- Emphysema
- Heart diseases
- Stroke
- Blood vessel disease
- Headache
- Gum disease
- Stained teeth
Still wanna smoke? I'll go on:
- Stress
- Depression
- Mood changes
- Dry/pale skin
- Infertility
- Mental disorder
- Microsoft disease
- Stinky smell (Allah y3een mortek)
- Sudden/early death
- Loss of money
- Harms the environment and the people around
- Made my fingers itch!
Plus, it's 7ARAM cuz it's harmful --> leads to death --> hell (according to Aayatollah Noor)

Bacher akamel el list :P or, you know what? I know you KNOW all these facts so laish a3awr galby if you don't give a $#!t about yourself!! Baroo7 anam it's late.

I really hope you quit this STUPID habit as soon as possible man.

<< bten6ag

KJ said...

You seemed to have pushed it one week further so you can enjoy it one last time :P

Anyway, good luck with it :) Preservere!

EniGma said...

sweety, give me 100KD every month and I'll find a way to kill you.

Ms Loala said...

Omg are you serious? this is completely wrong !!

I know how you feel, my dad smokes 3 heads at night, "eveynight" to the point where he performs his own rituals oh how to make it taste better ..!!!! Nonetheless, he stopped for a while because it affected his red blood cells "which carries oxygen through the body" but i guess that wasn't a reason enough for him to quit and so, he got back worsely to this nasty habit :\

I'll tell you what. What don't you look at it from a financial point of view since you seem to spend 100KD on doing it.

Try to cut a specific amount of your salary and allocate it for the sheesha. Say like 30KD and put it in your car.
Given the fact that you specified an amount specially for this purpose will give you this peace inside that you're still doing it and not preventing yourself from it. It's psychological; kel mamno3 mar'3ob, that's why you started smoking more ever since you wanted to quit in the first place.

This time you'll have to quit whenever the money it entierly spent. Unless you have the intention of adding some later that's up to you and your weak well if i'm allowed to say :P

Give it a shot and i hope you make it.

^ This is all coming from a person who started having respiration problems because of the damned odor :\

Princess said...

good luck :D

Anonymous said...

This is a very good start. I hope I do see any shisha icon. SHOOT 'EM ALL!

Zed said...

good luck and hope you can keep it up.

if you wanna talk about it and let me know we'll go for a shisha sometime lol

Anonymous said...

9ij 9ij ad3eeelik enik titwafag fe hatha el shay
Allah esahil 3laik inshalla

Intlxpatr said...

Good luck, Mac. It's always hard to break a habit, but you have financial incentives even if you don't care about the health benefits!

How about some substitution . . .instead of smoking, grab your camera and take some more photos for us! :-)

Hamza said...

don't listen to ms loala. or you'll end up smoking a sheesha in sena3eya (ghetto area in our terms) and you share it with 4 others whose hygiene are questionable. :P

I say you make it a shisha a day. if you smoke them at different times, one at day and one at night, then you have to sacrifice.

But if you smoke two in one sitting, oh boy, then try to stay in one till you completely burn it and then just leave.

Another thing that might help is to start doing some sports, body building or jogging and you'll lose the apetite for smoking it ;)

Anonymous said...

Hamza is right. I read that jogging helps most smokers to quit.

Anonymous said...

goodluck mate! I am really happy on that for you :)

Navy Girl said...

awwwwwwwww .. my good friend is ready to go !!!

i wish you all the best !!! inshala you will beat this thing up .. i know you can ;)

Anonymous said...

"100KD to kill myself"

That's really sad.

I really wish you good luck
All you need is some willpower

The Criticizer said...

pinkish | il3ameed | kinan | princess | laialy | amu | fayoora:

Thanks guys, I really appreciate your support.

Ok ok I get your point! *giggles*


Hehe, you caught me. lol .. naahhh .. it was intentional, really. ;P



ms loala:
I tried that method before, it didn't work for me. :/
I'll try my best to stay clean for the longest time. That way I'll save money even without knowing it.

Not really a start till the end of this week so, anyways.. thanks. :)

LOL! Sure, name the place and time. :P

Hehe, I do care about my health but I was convincing myslef as long as I excercise and smoke nothing could be bad, well I was wrong.

Sounds like a great idea. I'll do that whenever possible. :)

lol! That's my plan. Keep easing up on it till I quit once and for all.

btw, I workout on daily basis and play football every now and then but that didn't stop me from smoking shisha. In fact we used to celebrate our wins @ the shisha place! :P

Navy G.:
Don't talk to me or I'll pure my rage on you!

lol.. j/k :P

Thanks. if this turns out well you'll have full credit.

Navy Girl said...

hey stop saying that i didnt do anything .. i'm really happy for you though ... ooo 3ady whenever you wana just take it all out on me :P

The Criticizer said...

Oh you know I will. :P

Saz said...

Hope your doing alrite with your rehab... i'm smoking at least 6 shisha's a day :-)
Mite need to consider rehab sometime