Thursday, August 23, 2007

Match Review | Germany 2 - 1 England

It's funny because England played and Germany won. Let's say ball possession was 75% England, 25% Germany.

Lampard translated a fine solo-play by Micah Richards on the right side of the field placing the ball inches between Lehmann and the goal post.

Later on, Kevin Kuranyi was lucky to be in the right place at the right time as Schneider crossed the ball from the right side directly towards the goal when Robinson was a few steps away and couldn't catch the ball, it fell right in front of Kuranyi who had no problem placing it safely in the goal.

Few minutes later, Germany pulled their best team work effort in the game where Hitzlsperger, Lahm, Schneider, and Pander played short passes before the latter literally BLAST* the ball from almost 30 meters into the upper left corner of Robinson's goal, marking one of the finest goals I have ever seen.

Both teams had chances to score some more goals (England for the most part) but neither had a good finish.

PS for Mooch: I know you're British but I don't know whether you're English or not. If you are then sorry mate. So much for the new Wembley, eh? :P

* [1] [2] [3] [4]

UPDATE: Pander's hammer goal...

Match highlights --> [link]


Hasan.B said...

Its england 1 - 2 germany. Cuz they were playing in wembly. But it is just because England have a below average goal keeper germany won! I know I am making excuses!! But I have to do so! I love England and HATE bloddy germany!!

il3ameed said...

i cheer for england really.. but i like germany's players.. so in this match im actually glad germany won!

ma atabi3 mobarayat wayed, so hathi freindly match? wela shino?

3ash lehmaaaaaaaann!! :D:D

Anonymous said...

ma7'9o'9eeeeeeeeeeeeeen! :P

ana ma ashaje3 England (rather Portugal) bas ham testahloon :)

The Criticizer said...

Winners come first. Besides, Ich bin glücklich, daß sie verloren. Ich hasse das englische nationale Team.

Friendly, yes, but it is known that any match between Germany and England is NEVER a friendly match. ;)

You're right but they won and that what really counts. ;P
Testahal el 6eeb.

Hasan.B said...

You speak german? K thats cool..bes law etarjem ma 3laik amer:P

Anonymous said...

yaaaa 7beeeby hatha fareeq germany

estreeeee7 :PP

ana agool 5alk 3la mal3ab bian ely jbal nady elyarmoook a7sn mnhoom



Drama Div@ said...

england not playing well against a top team? it was not surprising at all.. BTW, it was a friendly match, no big deal... so guys just focus on qualifying for the euro08 ok..

Cheers to all German fans!!

The Criticizer said...

Translation: "I'm happy they lost, I hate England national team." ;P

Ya hala ya hala,

taw ma nawwar el blog ya shaikh! :D

LOL! Agool ent elly estree7, fareeq ma feh a7ad o ham ma7a6 england, shtgool law kamleen? :P

drama div@:
Not surprising at all, but they were supposed to win since Germany beat them in the last match in old Wembley. And yes, it is a friendly match but it wasn't much of a friendly because both teams hate to win not to mention to against each other.

Euro 08 is German, no doubt. :P

il3ameed said...

bah.. its Swedish..


The Criticizer said...


5alli9aw lafriqa? :/

il3ameed said...

im a sweden fan, i know its waay too stupid, but well.. they have some good players!
*freddie ljungberg* :D

but dont worry, germany is third on my list, after France..

i cheer for the weirdest teams ever (including AS Roma) but seems theyre all winning :p

The Criticizer said...

lol! Well then good luck! ;P