Sunday, August 26, 2007

BodyBuilding 101

Today I was working out in the gym minding my own business when a very-well-built guy comes close asking when I'm going to finish from this machine, I told him I have one last round. He said "ok" and took a few steps back. Before I started my last round a skinny guy (A) approaches the first guy (B) and they had this short conversation...

A: Hi *****, how are you?
B: Fine. How are you?
A: Fine. I want to ask you something.
B: Sure.
A: I want you to recommend something for power.
B: All you need is Protein and Amino Acid.
A: Which ones?
B: *Naming brands*
A: Ok, thanks!
B: Sure, no problem.

Ok now that's wrong. Mr. B here is acting smart. He thinks he's right where all he did is give a wrong advice to Mr. Power Desperate. Simply... If you don't know sh!t then don't pretend you know everything.

I'll tell you what's wrong. I have studied this crap for 2 years out of 4 in college, I know I hadn't been a good student at college but I loved this specific subject, and it happens to be my graduation paper. I'll try to explain as simple as possible...

  • Proteins: You need protein to gain muscle. Proteins work on building up muscle tissues and extending current tissues. It gives you a very small portion of power to work out but all the rest of the power is saved to break down the protein into your body. More protein = more muscle = more space for ATP to be stored in the muscle = Power.

    "Proteins = Muscle growth and power on the long run."

  • Amino Acids: The main use of amino acids is to help with protein synthesis and work on distributing proteins in the whole body and saving itself in the liver for later when any muscle needs to absorb more proteins. Amino Acids give you power but it's not the power you can count on for more bursts and exerts, the main use of its power is to break down protein molecules into the muscle.

    "Amino Acids = Shaping up the body and getting all the use out of proteins"

  • Creatine: The easiest source for straight power. Muscles need to break ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) into ADP (Adenosine Di-Phosphate) for power. Creatine works on providing more ATP for the body which means more power.

    "Creatine = More power storage in the muscles."

  • Anabolic Steroids: The most efficient (but less secure) way for gaining power and muscle. Steroids are part of testosterone hormone. It gives the body rapid ability to gain strength and muscle.

    "Anabolic Steroids = Fastest way to build up your body but the consequences are unpredictable, mostly hazardous."

  • Verdict: There's nothing like pure muscle. As long as you eat the right food and exercise on daily basis there's no need to take any of this.

    UPDATE: "Muscles build as they are being repaired. You can have all the protien (etc..) and it won't do any good if you're not actually exerting any force and then taking the time to rest." --3baid

    & To those who talk like they know everything... Don't start blabbering unless you're certain of your info. In other words... "La Tafti".


    il3ameed said...

    really if u look at it closely.. almost every q80 does this..
    *tifilsif zayed* :/
    oo well.. half of ppl that ytfalsifoun say wrong things..

    did u inform the little guy about the worng info the buff guy gave him?

    Anonymous said...

    lol winta laish ma 7achet'hum oo gave Mister B the right advice?

    Very.Q8ya said...

    lol, inzain chan re7t 7ag il poor skinny guy (A) oo explained to him il shisamoona, bdal ma ohwa metwahhig il7een.. chan kisabt feeh ajir =p

    Anonymous said...

    u r absolutely correct!

    do u remember when I published a post about me suffering from something stuck in my throat..

    well, it turned out that it was my thyroid gland because in that day i was taking some pills to build up muscles.. those f!cking pills messed up my gland!

    I've visited to 3 doctors for that... bas al7amdellah it's am totally recovered now

    Anonymous said...

    nice post by the way.. 5osh ma3lomat 9aket 3alayna yoba ;P

    3baid said...

    You forgot to mention one simple point: muscles build as they are being repaired. You can have all the protien (etc..) and it won't do any good if you're not actually exerting any force and then taking the time to rest.

    KJ said...

    Alright then, so I am a skinny guy and wanna gain muscle but I am sooo unmotivated to go... any good advice on how to motivate myself to use the gym that is in the same building as mine?!

    commenter said...

    You can tell who uses nasty stuff to build their bodies, they become like animals unbound, sick

    MrMMM said...

    Excellent informative post, waiting for "bodybuilding 102" :P

    it's alarming how misinformed ppl are when it comes to bodybuilding ..

    They usually take the information from their friends who took the those information from their friends who took it from their friends ..... and they end up with very inaccurate information ..

    Or they resort to the instructors for advice, some of them will be helpful and some will just try to recommend what they sell ..

    Zed said...

    haha seriously i am waiting for bodybuilding 102, i joined the gym recently and i need all the good real advice i can get, without falsafa

    TAT said...

    lol this reminds me of what my friend said "so the in thing right now is to be muscular and shit" well anyways it shows if someone has been taking extra supplements or not.

    As for Mac's advice I agree with that since your body is made in the kicthen :P

    TOUCHE' said...

    So many are deceived by bodybuilding products, they don't get it that those are "supplements" with a sole purpose to replenish the gaps in the diets with respective to the goal.

    It's a long road to take with real commitment.

    Get the diet fixed, develop an appropriate working routine with plenty of rest and avoid overloading workouts with no space for recovery, then and only then add some goodies to the regime.

    You wanna take the highway, then juicing is the key provided that a well planned post cycle therapy is constructed and should be done only after reaching the platue.

    My 2 ¢:
    size != knowledge
    size != Strength
    strength != size

    jaz said...

    Why were u listening into thier conversation? :?

    Missy said...

    LOL kel el nas yafton, it became so normal lol :p

    Hamza said...

    Well if I were you, I would've interfered and guided the power desperate guy.

    So for me, I need protein and creatine. I also need the spirit and the motivation to go. I always end up working 2 weeks then I stop.

    and the fact that ramadan is coming up is not helping at all. :(

    The Criticizer said...

    True. & no I didn't. I hate to interfere because you never know what he might think.

    I hate to barge my nose in something that doesn't concern me, in this case their conversation. Besides, they seem to know each other so why make a fool out of myself?

    ^ Same thing said to fayoora.

    Ohh la 7imdilla 3al salama. No need to take that cr@p at all. :/
    & lol .. nah, it's the only good thing I can remember out of college. :P

    I was referring to those who take and exercise but since you mentioned it the post is now updated.

    hmm.. I can't think of any motivation. All I know is once you get used to that routine you'll feel good about yourself after you finish working out.


    Exactly. They need to be more sophisticated about these stuff, and most of all more cautious.

    Hehe, well then don't look at me cuz I can't help you. You can start [here]. ;)

    lol! Your friend is somewhat wise. :P

    Wise words, though I don't get your formula. I guess you meant "strength != knowledge" in the last part.

    DUDE! Of all the things in this post you focus on this? Well only if it makes you happy, as I mentioned in the post, they were few steps away. What do you want me to do? Close my ears and hum while they speak? :P

    We should officially start P.A.C.U.F.! (The Public Authority for Common & Uncommon Fatawi) :P

    I hate to interfere.

    If you're having Protein then you need Amino Acids as well. You don't want that protine to pile up in your body and get wasted without being used now would you?

    But to be honest with you, you don't need any of this cr@p. There's nothing like a pure body so workout without taking any of those.

    Ramadan is a killer for body builders. Time to grow back that bear belly eh? :P

    Anonymous said...

    DUDE! Of all the things in this post you focus on this? Well only if it makes you happy, as I mentioned in the post, they were few steps away. What do you want me to do? Close my ears and hum while they speak? :P "


    Dynamic Deeds said...

    I guess lack of education would be the reason for Mr. I know it all's answer.

    Navy Girl said...

    ee wala DD is right ... bs most men now eat those proteins that comes in those huge cans .. to make them stronger or whatever ! they are everywhere !

    TOUCHE' said...

    "strength != knowledge"

    The Criticizer said...

    You're crazy. =P

    dynamic deeds:

    navy g.:
    Let's see how they turn out when they reach 40.

    That makes sense.

    ankur said...

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    Maradona said...

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    The Criticizer said...


    9a7 elsanik!

    Anonymous said...

    السلام عليكم....... مشاءالله مبين انك فاهم والله خوش موضوع.........بس اطلع شويه من موضوع البيور مصل على قولتك........لانه راح يبقى شكلك عادي مهما ظبطت اكلك الا عاد اذا انت ميزومورفي وجيناتك حديد الله يبارك لك يامعود انما اذا انت اكتومورفي وجيناتك حال اغلب الكويتيين.....اطلع منها لا وشوف تاكل وتقز وسبلمنتز....لا وانتظام ويا الله يبين معاك انك والله تلعب حديد........طبعا انا اتكلم عن الهارد كور ونهائيا ما اتكلم عن واحد يبي بس يسنع جسمه......ومشكور وتسلم وانا اسف واعتذر اذا ضايقت احد وبالمناسبه انا صارلي 12 سنه اتمرن هارد كور....واذا تبي نصايح حاضرين انت صج دارس بس انا مجرب :) حياك اوكسجين العديليه

    The Criticizer said...

    Thank you so much for the comment.

    I'm not a "hardcore" bodybuilder though I truly take your words for granted; "hardcore" players need those supplements but unfortunately nowadays everyone's using them regardless of their side effects and un-necessity!

    For a typical Kuwaiti built I consider myself mesomorphic but when classified right I am Ectomorphic.

    Anyways, once again, thank you so much and I appreciate the invitation. Hopefully one day I'll join Oxygen. :)

    Anonymous said...

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    Spharion said...

    I don't get how you differentiate between proteins and aminoacids. Proteins are simply aminoacid chains. In order to incorporate proteins in your muscules, you must first break them down into, yes, you guessed right, aminoacids.

    So I'd guess when a suplement is talking about aminoacids, it is advertising some specific aminoacid, while protein suplements just try to give you a general assortment of them.

    But I don't know, I just remember this stuff from high school.

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