Saturday, August 11, 2007

Google Earth Abuse

Really, wtf? :/


KJ said...

Sigh... what people do when given options

il3ameed said...

x2 kj

outlaw said...

LOL i know the guy who posted the first picture lol people are crazy

Bojacob said...

Whoa, lol! That guy with the cup is priceless!

Bashar said...

Yeah... really hate it. What does it mean when you browse Google earth and one guy names the place "بيتنا" Who the hell cares about it, and who are you anyways?

Zed said...

you can only take birds-eye view pictures from a satillite.

The Criticizer said...

Beat him up for me.


Probably some jerk who lost his house and wanted to put some reference so he doesn't get lost. :P

hmmm... I don't think I understand what this has to do with what I wanted to point out. :/