Saturday, August 25, 2007

Operation Rehabilitation | Week 3

No improvement this week, the exact same amount of shishas as last week (4), but overall it is way better than week one.

Don't consider these as excuses... I had the chance to skip smoking two shishas but I was weak and I gave in.

Situation 1:-
A friend (foreigner) is here on a visit and he wanted to go for shisha. I couldn't say No and I couldn't resist seeing him smoking and I'm not.

Situation 2:-
Stuck at the airport waiting for my brother from 8:30pm till 11:30pm. I had to smoke. Blame it on the delay.

The other two were smoked willingly.

As promised I have not gone over last week's count and hopefully this week I'll narrow it even more.

Wish me luck.

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il3ameed said...

4 is better then week one as u said..

it wouldve been two!

good luck bro..

Fayoora said...

Good Luck >_<

Mishaal said...

hehehe, anytime you wanna go for sheesha let me know, will be in kuwait by the end of sept. o please don't quit, don't wanna be the only one doing it :P bas la good luck. o remember sheesha is good. what i would give for tifa7tain or saloom now.

Very.Q8ya said...

a36eek 7al? shof..
yeeblek bu6ol kbeer Rawdhatain or Abraaj or ay wa7ed minhom bs il 7ajim il 3a'eley lol XXL ok?
yallah yeeebaa =]

now, 7e6 dakhil il XXL il straw.. ha.. 7a6ait?
khosh =p

NOOOOOOOOOW.. infakh feeeeeeh lol

hatha badeeel lil shesha =p

ReKoO said...

mo 3ether hatha!!!! :)

yalla sheed 7ayalk oo mwafag inshallah :)

Princess said...

well four is still good! i hope u enjoyed them and i hope that u get to ur goal!

KJ said...

It is ok, there is no setback. Keep improving. BTW you know you can AVOID the places :P

elijah said...

keep up the good work, don't be weak like me, I'm back to smoking again :(

Ammar456 said...

stop going to gahwas :) try to stay away!

The Criticizer said...

Thank you ALL.

* whispers: 3ala eeedik :P *

Hehe I know it won't work though thanks for the tip. Infakh?? You mean inhale. :P

No I can't. :/

Where have you been? :'(
And when did you get back to smoking? You were one of the reasons I'm trying to quit, I can't let a girl beat me. :P

I wish I could. :/

elijah said...

Was in Italy :)
was having one and two then i blew it on vacation now I'm finishing cartons. But I'm still in denial I keep saying it's just a phase I will quit again.

I can beat you anytime, I'm not just ANY girl you know ;)


Navy Girl said...

okay i knew you will mess around cuz i wasnt there :P J/K ;)

i really wish you ALL the luck in the world .. and i know its hard .. no one said its easy .. but i know you can do it !! thats a bet ! ;)

The Criticizer said...

Ohh 7imdilla 3al salama! :D

Thanks, I'll try my best.

navy g.:
lol .. Thanks.