Sunday, August 12, 2007

Q8speed is officially dead

One of the finest Kuwaiti online communities has been removed. Bummer.

UPDATE: The site reopened for a day then it closed back again with an edited message. [link]


il3ameed said...

ur serious?!?

how?! is mano0f doing something about it?!
i cant believe it!!!!!

this is just bad :/

and since i cant write this on the: q8speed members encounters.. i tink i saw u today ib platinum..

Me7sin said...

it died long ago when the old boys left and the place just became bland with all the $%*&@!....(u know who ;P )

still, something not right about seeing it go for good though...we had a hell of a lot of good times from those boards and met plenty of gr8 ppl....shame

3baid said...

Any reason?

The Criticizer said...

I have no idea what happened and I don't have any hopes, I think it's gone for good.

No need to think, you're right. Next time step close and say hi. I'd be pleased to meet you. :)

Word hommie. At least we still get to communicate. ;P

I have no idea. Probably because the owner of the site neglected it for long.

Ms Loala said...

Oh no .... why ? :'(
Lo0phead is officially looped !! :\

Now where do i get to hear the latest rock songs!!!! this suxs.

Navy Girl said...

ooof really ??? it was good i've been there few times !!

Me7sin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Me7sin said...

platinum kaifan P?

Fezi. ! said...

bas khalas min zmaan el site mayet ..

The Criticizer said...

Nope, Salmiya.

True. And now it's official.

il3ameed said...

hehe.. maybeit wasnt u. i was in kaifan.. ;)

inshallah next time..

Fayoora said...

Maybe That's Good

il3ameed said...

this is strange and coming from no where really.. but if it gone for good.. im gonna miss Live_Life :D


Kinano said...

Are they being questioned by the Parliament?!


Fezi. ! said...

hey ppl .. i think they've open it again

il3ameed said...

nope fezi.!.. or maybe...
its still closed on my LT..

open on the same adress? or on another website adress?

il3ameed said...

is working!!! thanks fezi.!

ReKoO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ReKoO said...


ana agool laish its server was down for a long time :\

The Criticizer said...

It closed back again. :sadtear: LOL!

Please explicate.

Maybe. :p

Close back again.

The site was deserted for quite a while now it's gone for good. Pity.

il3ameed said...

:mrgreen: gonna miss it.. though it does feel good to be away from some members

Anonymous said...

some foreign clown managed to claim the domain illegally locking all admins/webmasters out. its undergoing legal revision atm

complicated task, hopefully all offenders will be prosecuted