Wednesday, August 01, 2007


" iNoor said...
No, thanks. Waiting for Apple's iCar :)

Here you go...

More info: [link]


iNoor said...

OMG!!! Perfect, just PERFECT! aham shay it's a TOY, LOL XD wallah ennik 3arefly ;p

Man I loved it! thankew ;)

snookie said...

chalum galbaaaa!! haha so cute :D

moocherx said...

Perfect for Kuwait - no windows. Now people would have a real excuse to ignore other cars on the road.

KJ said...

I iwll wait for the 4x4 version ;) mihmihmih

Kinan said...

iLikes! :D

3baid said...

Where can I buy one? ;P

Anonymous said...

well, it's doesn't come with a navigation system, so I'll pass this deal too :P

<== maleeeeeeeeeeg

elijah said...

I want one

Anonymous said...

cu6e ^_^

il3ameed said...

apple people rock :P

The Criticizer said...

No prob. ;)

See, the pic is taken near an iBook, that means the design is a bit old. Get one for your iBook. :P

Even with this car no Kuwaiti can drive like sane people. :/

That's an exclusive order, might cost you a lot more. :P

iGlad! xD

Follow the link, and get one for me too. :P

You keep on passing good deals man, sooner or later you'd regret it! :P

I'll buy you one.

V34y! :D

Ditto. :P

Intlxpatr said...

It's adorable, and I think it's been done - you could call it the iBeetle!

Intlxpatr said...

Holy Smokes! Is that the real Moocherx? How's he doing?

Navy Girl said...

aby :D ee thats a good car moo that greenish one :P

The Criticizer said...

iBeetle is cool!

Moocherx, you better get back to blogging. See how many people miss your rants?

navy g:
The "greenish one" is considered one of the most successful and reliable cars in the world. :P

Navy Girl said...

laaaaa walaaaaaaa a7lf :P okay okay i wana like this one bs green :P happy now :P

The Criticizer said...

No. :P

Navy Girl said...

ohhh 3ad now you wont be happy kela cranky :P