Saturday, August 04, 2007

Operation Rehabilitation

Objective: Quit shisha.

Duration: Tne <-- (typo)| Two months.

Last shisha I had:-
Friday. August 3, 2007 @ 5PM.

Reason: [link]

First I'll try to ease up on it, like once a week instead of once/twice a day, then hopefully quit for good. If it works, all credit goes to Navy Girl. If it doesn't, well, nothing changes. My life goes back as it was.

UPDATE: "sheno yathbet lena enek ma tshayesh men wrana!
get a camera with you everytime you go to "gahwa" and capture some pics with time and date on it! :P
" --rekoo

I have added a new counter below the Mac switchers count. That'll keep you up-to-date with how many shishas I have smoken during rehabilitation.


Princess said...

good luck :D *strangles Navy Girl*

Anonymous said...

bitofeeeg buddy

eshda3wa said...

inshallah u can do it!

N. said...

Best of luck, Allah ewafjek :)

Zed said...

twice a day!!!!
pretty ironic for a PE teacher

Anonymous said...

sheno yathbet lena enek ma tshayesh men wrana!

get a camera with you everytime you go to "gahwa" and capture some pics with time and date on it! :P

*oo chan etwahag alba6al*

iNoor said...

Our beloved Prophet said: "لجسدك عليك حق"

So why hurting your body since you know Shisha's waaaay worse than Cigarettes! o elly ba6 chabdy you're a PE teacher weya rasek ;p lol

Believe me man it's not hard to quit something if you have the desire to do so :)

o I'll give you a cookie if you quit, deal? :P

ge0 said...

worth a try. good luck man

KJ said...

Good boy :D

But you're also doing it in an extreme manner, from 2 per day to once per week. Space it out more. From 2 per day to 3 or 4 per week for one week or two weeks, then cut one out, etc etc

The Criticizer said...

Thanks. *cheering for you* :P


inshallah, thnx

Ajma3een inshallah. thnx

Haha.. Then I guess I shouldn't tell you about the 4 to 5 heads a day period. Oh wait, I just did. lol. And come on, half the doctors smoke, why does it make any difference when I'm a PE teacher? :P

See the update on the post.

Deal. I'll try my best but I won't promise anything. :/


Thanks for the tip. ;)

snookie said...

you should have little grey sheeshas instead of stars :)

good luck buddy!

Princess said...

hehehe cheering for me in strangling navy girl?? yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay la bass 9ij 9ij good luck and yay u if u do it and yay u if u dnt :p

iNoor said...

zain enek geltly cuz I don't promise when it comes to food :P

Navy Girl said...

princessoooooooooo afaaa anaaa :P oo hey you wana cheer up ha for strangling me up :D

bs honestly i'm so proud .. wala .. i feel so happy for you .. inshala you can make it with time .. i wish you all the best ooo if you needed anything just lemme know :P



Kinan said...

Good luck bro :)

When you do manage to quit I shall hire you as my rehab-coach for quitting smoking myself ;)

Keep us updated!

Zed said...

it doesn't make a difference, doctors shouldn't smoke either, only cab drivers and government employees should lol and maybe lawyers

lol i just named the professions that i don;t like

Anonymous said...

LOL! haaaaaaa :P shloon 9aber?

ana bas shayef najma wa7da :P

Anonymous said...

AMBAIH! This is a good step for you. Thanks for N.G. Be strong! No shisha is HOT! ;P~

Ms Loala said...

3 days max and you're back.
Who wants to bet? :P

Naah, good luck bro.
It's a tough call but your health deserve it.

snookie said...

love the little sheeshas :D

Navy Girl said...

heeey no one bets on him !!!!!!!!! don’t talk to him :D leave him alone :P

you decided to quit on the 4th of August and I can see 3 shishas !!! lesh !!! why don’t you try to smoke mara bel 2 days ???? yalla try I know you can do it !! GO GO GO C ;)

oh and hey your doing really good .. so keep it up :P

Hamza said...

I am willing to help by any means possible to support that cause.

If you want, come to Riyadh for one month vacation. They don't have shishas there :P

Financy said...

dude .. once or twice a day .. WAAAAYED !!!

ana maybe twice a year bs

o sometimes tloo3 chabdy

good luck though

Zed said...

lets start a bidding pool. i say one month max. he wont last longer before have a shisha.

has anyone seen 40 days 40 nights hehe.

i saw (sept 2nd)

moocherx said...

this made me laugh... the iPhone display in AT&T stores running on Windows XP...

Kinan said...


Yes yes! loooool - great movie. This is Maci's version of it

hehehe :D

The Criticizer said...

Done, but not grey and I'm too lazy to edit them. ;)

LOL, yep. ;)

And I didn't promise to quit. I said I'll try. :P

navy G.
I'm not doing good, in fact I'm overdozing before I do quit so it's still early to judge.

I'm glad you're glad for me.

Yallah start betting. :P
You smoke too? :/

As I said to Navy G.; I'm overdosing. I'll start my 5 week plan next week so be careful in what you're betting on. ;P

Check again. :/

Thanks. ;P

ms loala:
Thanks. Now start betting. :P

wth? Not even for personal use? :/

I know wayed, but I can't help it. I have so much free time and all I do is waste it @ gahwa. :/

LOL! Interesting blog material. Thanks! ;)

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOOL dude, what the hell is that?!

7 shishas in two days :D

Kinan said...


Yup - I smoke sheesha and cigarettes ;)

I am very conscious about my personal health :P

The Criticizer said...

Wait for the update.

I can see that. :P