Sunday, October 21, 2012

3rd RedBull Flugtag Kuwait 2012 | Dragonfly Team | 1st place, 2nd time!

Dragonfly Team

We succeeded in defending our 2010 title by winning this event with record breaking performance! Although we had so many difficulties including hot + windy weather, broken wing (then fixed by using rope/cable-ties), and also been delayed for take off from 8th to 29th (last team to fly) due to the fact that our plane cart weighs 100KG+, 3 by 3 meters wide x 4 meters high, and is made of non-floating material (aluminium), yet we still outperformed the other teams and snatched a total of 176 points, 16 meters (new Kuwait event record) and creativity award for best design.

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Dragonfly History:
- 2010 Event (1st Place) [link]
- 2007 Event (6th place) [link]

Thanks to all people who have covered this topic online.
And a special thanks to Dawey7D (Instagram/YouTube) for his beautiful coverage,
generosity and great spirit.