Monday, October 30, 2006

Menufela Part 2 | 3baid

Guess what, it wasn't that hard after all!
To make it permanent just do the old steps then:-
- [ options + i ] @ is.ninjakitten.menufela.plist

- Change "Ownership & Permissions" to "Read Only".

- Tick on the "Locked" box under "General".

There, you're done!

Menufela seems to be updating that .plist file so I thought if it's possible to force the program not to update that file while it still has access then it won't have any problem so I figured out to manipulate with its Permissions and I tell you, after around 2 hours of experimenting, rebooting and reading further info on changing permissions, it worked!

The funny part is that I was trying so hard to update that file's permissions using chmod command in Terminal by following instructions on my O'Reilly book but then I thought to myself "Wait a sec! I can change it easily using File Info!!". lol.

Ok I admit that was stupid but at least I came up with the solution and that what really counts, right? ;P

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Using Oxford Dictionary | Live

If you're using Mac OS X 10.4.* then you can try this with every Cocoa applications such as Safari, Pages, Keynote, OmniGraffle, TextEdit or even iTunes! Mind you, if you right-click (control-click / ctrl-click) over a word, you can check its definition using Oxford Dictionary but this new method will show that word's definition / thesaurus without having to launch Oxford Dictionary application.

Here's how it works:-

  • Go over any word on any Cocoa application, say Safari.

  • Click " command + ctrl + D " while you're over that word.

  • A small pop-up window will show up containing the definition of that word, you can also choose its thesaurus using the small drop-down list under the definition.

  • To keep getting definitions of every word you hover above just keep holding down " command + ctrl " after you release the "D" and move over other words with your mouse/trackpad.

  • Here's a video of that tip in action: [link]

    Pros: Very easy, very helpful and looks unique.

    Cons: Doesn't work on non-Cocoa applications (FireFox, Opera, Terminal..etc.)

    * Officially posted on

    Saturday, October 28, 2006

    Menufela | This one's for 3baid

    This post is dedicated to 3baid

    Not long ago I had posted about "Menufela being shareware" and ever since it stopped working I was looking everywhere for any -illegal- method to make it work again but I couldn't find any. So out of curiosity I started to mess with the program hoping to come out with something. Ironically, don't know whether anyone else knows about this or not, I did find a decent crack to keep the program running although you'd have to do it every time you restart your Mac but it's not a big deal, right?!

    Anyway... Here's how to do it:-

    1. Download Pref Setter.

    2. Using Spotlight, search for "Menufela".

    3. Look for the file:-
      (also can be found under /Users/*ur username*/Library/Preferences)

    4. Open that file using Pref Setter.

    5. Change the "hide menu" option/key by double-clicking on its value "false" to change it to "true".

    6. Click "File > Save" on Pref Setter's menubar.

    7. -- The menubar should be hidden when you reach here --

    Note that if you restart your Mac or open your System Preferences and click on Menufela pane icon everything you did will be lost therefore you'll have to do it again starting from #2.

    Update: To make these changes permanent:-
    - [options + i] @ is.ninjakitten.menufela.plist

    - Change "Ownership & Permissions" to "Read Only".

    - Tick on the "Locked" box under "General".

    So there you go, back to minimalistic desktops.

    I don't think this qualifies me to be a hacker, no? ;P

    Friday, October 27, 2006

    Extinct Dodo

    Where did she go? [link] =/

    TVDuo | TV on your Mac

    Miglia's unique products bring your dreams to reality, their TVDuo is a small TV tuner for your Mac.
    "The integrated Dual TV tuner expands your TV horizon by opening new options. Watch one TV channel while you record another, record two channels simultaneously or enjoy the Picture-in-Picture feature."

    Price: £139.00

    * officially posted on

    Thursday, October 26, 2006

    SNL Classic

    Some of you might have seen it but I can't get enough of it so I'm sharing it with the rest of you right here. Forget about Will Ferrel's "Cow Bell" and check out DeNiro's "Suspected Terrorists". I just love SNL (Saturday Night Live) and this is by far the best clip ever.

    Sony Batteries Went Suicide Bombing

    "Poor Sony, they just can't seem to win lately. At least they have apologized for those batteries that had a tendency to make laptops burst into flames, and that has to count for something right?

    Sony says the problems were caused by microscopic pieces of metal that somehow got into the batteries and caused a short circuit. Well, at least the batteries didn't ship with a virus or something.
    " *

    * Officially posted on TUAW

    Mozilla Firefox 2

    The new version of FireFox (v2.0) is out.

    Wednesday, October 25, 2006

    Define "Boredom"

    So I'm bored, I cannot sleep and I've seen this on a couple of blogs so I'll give it a shot....

    1- My friends (and family) think I'm a perfectionist, which I'm not. Turns out I really am a perfectionist.
    2- I've been a member on Blogger since last year 2005 but never really started a blog till this year 2006.
    3- My father passed away two months before I started this blog.
    4- He was, and will remain, my idol.
    5- I get obsessed easily whenever I like something.
    6- I'm extremely outgoing.
    7- My favorite hangout is was Cafe Digol.
    8- I was there a couple of hours ago before writing this.
    9- I used to shesha on daily basis but been easing up on it. I quit shisha two months before 2009 until this day. Still trying.
    10- I don't smoke cigarettes. I actually despise cigs.
    11- I'm mostly in my dungeon (aka my room) whenever I'm home.
    12- I can be categorized under "Junior Techie Geek".
    13- I'm a self taught so-proclaimed vector-artist and enthusiast photographer.
    14- Never been to any private school.
    15- I have never been out of Asia continent. Been to Europe summer 2008.
    16- I teach physical education for elementary intermediate school.
    17- I'm into sports, mostly football.
    18- I'm a diehard German National Mannschaft and Bayern Munich fan.
    19- A lot of people think I'm tall (183 cm) but I think my height is normal.
    20- I'm considered to be skinny yet fit.
    21- My bellybutton looks funny.
    22- Blue is my favorite color.
    23- I listen to all kinds of music (mostly rock and acoustics).
    24- Currently playing on my playlist is Empire State of Mind (II) - Alicia Keys.
    25- I rarely dream, and even when I do I wake up remembering nothing.
    26- I think Porsche and BMW are the best auto makers ever.
    27- My car's a Chevy SUV 2007 Nissan 350z.
    28- I can't use any other bathroom than mine.
    29- I sleep late and wake up early even if I have nothing to do.
    30- I cannot sleep on my back.
    31- I cannot sleep uncovered even if it's too hot.
    32- I have two brothers and two sisters.
    33- My elder brother's a successful business man.
    34- I'm an uncle of five nephews and three adorable nieces.
    35- I'm hyper and hilarious among people I know.
    36- I'm extremely shy amongst people I don't know.
    37- I'm a "Self-Burner" which means when someone takes my turn in a line I don't say anything but I keep raging inside.
    38- I eat too much junk food.
    39- McDonald's is the best junk food restaurant for me.
    40- I hate tomatoes and mushroom.
    41- My mom cooks the best chicken machboos I've ever eaten.
    42- I'm addicted to Apple Inc. gadgets.
    43- I prefer bottled Coka Cola and canned Pepsi. Yes, there's a BIG difference.
    44- I have a Mac PowerBook G4 12". MacBook Pro 15" Unibody.
    45- I think Windows is retarded.
    46- I can't stand long finger nails.
    47- I'm a hard sneezer.
    48- I'm righty, both my hand and foot.
    49- Roaches are my damn worst fear.
    50- I have suffered of deQuervain's Tenosynovitis for almost four months.
    51- Had to take several cortisone shots to cure it.
    52- Did M.R.I. to check the problem and found another separate issue with my back (wrong F-ing diagnostics).
    53- Never had a broken bone (dislocated finger doesn't count, right?)
    54- I can write stuff I cannot pronounce right.
    55- Six of my most favorite actors are Robert DeNiro, Denzel Washington, Kevin Spacey, Tom Hanks, Edward Norton and Ben Kingsley (Yes!).
    56- Six of my most favorite actresses are Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry and Whoopi Goldberg.
    57- Six of my all time favorite movies are Gladiator, Signs, The Others, Se7en, Lucky Number Sleven and The Sixth Sense.
    58- I love going to Wafra farms.
    59- I shoot rats for fun.
    60- 212 Splash One Million is my cologne of choice.
    61- My foot size is 45.
    62- Three of my favorite sport brands are Adidas, Puma and Umbro.
    63- My room is considered to be well cleaned and never to be seen messed up.
    64- I argue a lot, for fun though.
    65- I utterly hate Brazilian national team, Real Madrid and Manchester United.
    66- I use Wataniya Express cards. Wataniya Post-paid.
    67- I don't like arabian ice cream (bu'6a).
    68- I regret doing one thing in my life but it's too late to correct it.
    69- I think Kuwait is the best country ever even with all this mess.
    70- I totally despise "3agad".
    71- I collect cinema tickets, express cards and internet cards since my early days in high school.
    72- I love cloudy skies.
    73- I love it when it rains.
    74- I never went to Scientific Center till this day. Went there July 2007.
    75- I think Liberation Tower is the most amazing thing in Kuwait City.
    76- My family and I were here back in Gulf War.
    77- I miss Air-raid sirens.
    78- One of our maids fell of the 2nd floor once, unintentionally. (no, she didn't die)
    79- Ihave used to have a mini fridge in my room.
    80- I cannot stand not wearing hand watch.
    81- I had braces when I was little.
    82- I'm single married and liking it.
    83- I cannot burp. I don't know how to do it.
    84- I'm not in league with todays lame fashion & so called style.
    85- I hate fads.
    86- I have never failed any subject at school except one at college (arabic - Quira'At wa Asa'leeb) and it was three times in a row.
    87- I have 60GB 3rd gen iPod classic.
    88- Thinking of starting small business asap.
    89- I don't like swimming in the sea but I do like it in pools.
    90- I'm addicted to my laptop and the internet.
    91- My favorite music bands are Alter Bridge, Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, Evanescence and Staind.
    92- I'm addicted to It's dead.
    93- I have met great people I knew through the internet.
    94- I want to buy PS3 but first I need to get me an LCD (Full HD Bravia). Got the LCD, won't need the PS, but I wan't Sony full frame DSLR.
    95- I prefer trackpad over mouse.
    96- I need to get my lower teeth fixed.
    97- I never go shopping. I see something, buy it at once and leave.
    98- I still mourn my father.
    99- I can't think of anything else to write about.
    100- I am glad I'm done with this.

    And that's about all. Sorry for wasting your time.

    EDIT #1: Added some links. Which makes me have second thoughts about #1. =/

    EDIT #2: Update. August 1, 2007.

    EDIT #3: Update. January 1, 2009.

    EDIT #4: Update. March 27, 2010.

    Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    New MacBook Pro | Intel Core 2 Duo

    Yep, it's officially out; the new MacBook Pro with Intel Core 2 Duo processor is out. Now with better features, both MacBook Pro (15"/17") models have better processors, support FireWire 800, more RAM space up to 3GB, more drive space and double-layer SuperDrive.

    The new MacBook Pro @ Apple Store [link]

    I should be considering one instead of my 12" PB G4. =/

    Sunday, October 22, 2006

    Going for Graphics & Web Design diploma

    Yesterday I have signed up for graphics and web design diploma course at T.D.I. (Technology Domain Institute). Their graphics & web design course includes:-

  • Language course:-
    - Introductory English for I.T. | 40 hours

  • ICDL course:-
    - Introduction to Information Technology (89%)
    - MS Windows XP | 10 hours (89%)
    - MS Word 2003 | 10 hours (89%)
    - MS Excel 2003 | 10 hours (90%)
    - MS Access 2003 | 10 hours (89%)
    - MS PowerPoint 2003 | 10 hours (94%)
    - MS Outlook 2003 & Internet | 10 hours (94%)

  • Courses in Graphics:-
    - Adobe Photoshop CS2 - Beginning level | 30 hours
    - Adobe Photoshop CS2 - Advanced level | 30 hours
    - Adobe Illustrator CS2 - Beginning level | 20 hours
    - Adobe Illustrator CS2 - Advanced level | 20 hours
    - MS Publisher 2003 | 10 hours
    - Adobe InDesign CS2 | 30 hours
    - Macromedia FreeHand MX 2004 | 20 hours
    - 3D Studio Max 7.0/8.0 (3D design) | 40 hours

  • Graphics project through everything learned | 20 hours

  • Web Design courses (Pro. CIW Designer):-
    - CIW Foundations | 30 hours
    --+ Internet Business Foundations
    --+ Site Development Foundations
    --+ Network Technology Foundations

    - CIW Site Designer | 30 hours
    --+ Design Methodology & Technology

    - CIW E-Commerce Designer | 30 hours
    --+ E-Commerce Strategies & Practices

  • Advanced WebDesign courses (Master CIW Designer)
    - Adobe Macromedia Flash 8 Advanced level | 20 hours
    - Adobe Macromedia Flash 8 ActionScript | 20 hours
    - Adobe Macromedia DreamWeaver 8 | 20 hours

  • Web Design project through everything learned | 20 hours

    Total Hours:-
    Two hours a day, five days a week.
    500 through one year.

    - English for I.T., introductory level certificate.
    - ICDL pass certicate from UNESCO.
    - Certificate for each course/program passed.
    - ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) certificate from Adobe, USA.
    - International "Master CIW Designer" certificate from CIW, USA.
    - Diploma certificate in Graphics & Design from AUC (American University of Cairo, Egypt)
    --+ Diploma approved by PAAET (The Public Authority for Applied Education & Training, Kuwait)

    Course in Figuer$: 1,850 KD (Books + Free Laptop included)
    * Can be paid in installments: 350KD down payment + 150KD per month.

    Starting: Oct. 28, 2006.

    Why I signed up? Taking my internet knowledge to the next level and consuming my spare time in something good. Hopefully to start a small business afterwards.

    Wish me LUCK!

    PS: Does this ring any bells, snookie? ;P

    3eedkum Mubarak

    TaQabal Allah 6a3atkum

    Review | Maxtor OneTouch III

    Today I went out to buy an external hard drive to backup my Mac, remove all the load on my small hard drive and set everything ready for the arrival of Time Machine once it comes out on OS X 10.5 Leopard. I have checked almost every store at Bin-Khaldon street looking for something above 250GB+ and the more I looked the more my options were narrowed. Finally I have limited my search between:-

  • Western Digital My Book Essential (320GB) = 60KD
  • Maxtor OneTouch III (300GB) = 62KD
  • Seagate Pushbutton Backup (300GB) = 58KD
  • Customized with Toshiba hard drive (300GB) = 54KD

  • All of them work on power supply and all are @7200RPM. All other 320GB+ are overpriced and exceed my need of empty space since I have just a couple of Top Gear episodes, torrent movies and a fine collection of Mac Applications.

    I was going for Western Digital My Book but the fact that it only runs on USB made me think twice, so is the Seagate and the customized one. Therefore I went for Maxtor OneTouch since it's the only one that runs on USB + FireWire 400.

    Now that I have it running on my Mac, I have never been more relieved. My internal hard disk has more than 30GB of free space and everything is working great but there's one downside, it only works with power supply (problem for all those big external hard drives). It's not a big problem but it is kind of annoying.

    A small problem I had is that the drive was originally formatted to NTFS and couldn't be recognized by my Mac so I had to reformat it to FAT32. If only WineDoze can handle the Mac Journaled format that would've been even better.

    Pros: USB 2.0 and FireWire 400 ports, Easy Backup in a touch of a button (software for both Mac and Win), extremely quiet.

    Cons: Bulky design, Huge size, Needs power supply.

    Overall rating

    Saturday, October 21, 2006

    Line Rider on TIME

    Line Rider is known to be one of the most outstanding flash games on the net. It is very famous, very simple and extremely hilarious. You simply draw lines and curves from left to right using a pencil tool then, after adding some ramps and hills, just click play and watch your agile ice skater make it through your drawing.

    Created by *fsk; a solvenian graphic designer and a member on who had the honor to feature the game on TIME's article "The Newest Time Waster: Line Rider".

    "Line Rider is becoming one of the most popular flash games on the web. Part Jackass stunt, part physics lesson, Line Rider encourages users to "draw" their own ramps, hills, and slopes with a pencil tool, then sends a virtual sledder (wearing a red scarf) along the route until he swoops, swerves and crashes. Build an elaborate enough course and you'll feel like a little kid playing in the snow again, zooming downhill, popping up in the air, wiping out on a ramp jump a la Evel Knievel."

    Congrats to *fsk on this achievement.

    Here's an amazing video of some crazy stuff you can do with your rider [link]

    Pandora Widget

    My very first post on this blog was about Pandora and ever since I found out about it I haven't skipped a day without listening to my radio stations on You simply add a song you like and it will randomly play songs close to your taste in music.

    Now it's even more simple, no need for browsers nor iTunes, you can download Pandora Widget and run your Pandora stations instantly from your Dashboard.

    * Found on

    Tangerine (beta)

    Potion Factory, the house of the cool Voice Candy, are working on a new application called Tangerine . It can manage iTunes playlists based on analyzing BPM and beats intensity. This will come in handy in various occasions whether for working out or just relaxing.

    And it is said on TUAW that blogging this app will give you a free license when the final version comes out so why not spread the word? :P

    Thursday, October 19, 2006

    DeLorean Mac Mini

    This guy has started his own project of fitting Mac Mini into his DeLorean. The idea may not be well executed like the iMac G5 on Mercedes-Benz CLS [link] though fitting a computer into your car can be categorized under "cool stuff to do with your car", not to mention if that computer is a Mac.

    Oddly enough, modifying a car like a DeLorean won't let you go Back to the Future but it sure does satisfy alot of needs when you know what to do with it and how to do it. :P

    Menufela 1.0 is now shareware?

    This application was running just fine the past few weeks but now it won't work and it's asking for license. This sucks!

    For those who don't know Menufela, it's a program that hides your Mac OS X menu bar which saves some more space/pixels to work on whether for Photoshop or just a pure minimalistic look.

    Wednesday, October 18, 2006

    Perian 0.5

    Perian is a free plugin for QuickTime that enables it to play almost any type of video format.
    "With Perian installed, any OS X application that uses QuickTime can now use these additional media types:

  • Divx, XviD, FLV, AVI

  • MS-MPEG4 v1, MS-MPEG4 v2, MS-MPEG4 v3, DivX 3.11 alpha, 3ivX, Sorenson H.263, Flash Screen Video, Truemotion VP6

  • These formats when they are inside an AVI:
    h.264, mpeg4, AAC, AC3 Audio, and VBR MP3.

  • Perian v0.5 [download] (948 KB)

    PS: If it doesn't work, unzip the file and copy it to "~/Library/QuickTime". (You may have to create that folder)

    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    +965 *b!tch from hell*

    If SHE really enjoys bothering people by randomly calling them and sending messages, show HER how it feels when you get bothered by anonymous numbers.

    The owner of that number thinks she can get away with her "not registered" number by calling random people and hunting down some guys. I have a friend working for MTC who told me that number is not registered and was activated three days ago since its first call had been sent out.

    Call me mean for blogging and spreading it world wide but I've had it with her calling me and sending messages. Besides, I'm experimenting the power of blogging with this precise post.

    PS: I regret doing this but she left me no options.

    EDIT: Looks like what I wanted took action in a matter of minutes (like half of the UNIVERSE were calling her!) and she already have suffered because she has cantacted me begging to keep them away. Although she deserves it, I felt guilty for what I've done to her because after long thinking I know how bad this will affect on her.

    If you still have the number please DELETE/FORGET about it and refrain from calling her anymore.

    Thanks to whoever took action in this operation.

    PS#2: It's amazing how the internet works!

    Monday, October 16, 2006

    Low Beds Part II | Still Looking

    So I took Jacqui's advice and went to check Midas at al-thajeej and honestly I was very impressed of what they have. There's a large collection of good quality modern beds in stock and most of them are low beds with a nice variety of colors but there's a downside, although their prices are very reasonable for a whole bedroom, they do not sell beds separately. I don't want to be confined with something I didn't have full conviction of. Also I couldn't find the color I have in mind which is black so I'll be satisfied with wengé as an alternate color, that's if I had to buy from them as a last resort.

    Looking for low beds | Any recommendations?

    I'll be redecorating my room soon and currently looking for a low bed instead of my @#$%-ing high bed. I'm talking something like THIS which means it should be exteremly "slammed" to the ground and not less than 200x180cm. I have checked BoConcept, the ONE, IDdesign, IKEA, Safat Al-Ghanim and some other stores at Sun City. I have found a couple of good beds although some are pretty expensive while others lack to quality; I am willing to go up to 500KD if it's really worth it. I was about to get one from the ONE but unfortunately it was out of stock and there won't be any other shipments.

    So, if you have any recommendations whether on the net or out there somewhere, please let me know.

    Saturday, October 14, 2006

    Define "Crazy"

    This is the pure definition of Crazy. [link]

    Why can I extend my desktop but not my menu bar?

    "Strictly coincidence, but TUAW reader MacaholiQ8 wrote in yesterday asking if we knew of any application that would enable him to expand/extend his menubar. Seems his 12" Powerbook just doesn't offer enough screen real estate to accommodate all his precious menulings (or menu extras, if you're a stickler).

    Well I know how you feel, MacaholiQ8, because I have been asking this same question of pretty much anyone who'd listen for a while now. In fact, it was my very own entry into the My Dream App contest - which obviously didn't make the cut. I'm baffled as to why. I think my dream app is more practical and worthy than that virtual plant (no offense, Dan - good luck! seriously!).

    It just doesn't make sense to me. We can add things to the menu bar, remove things from the menu bar, rearrange things in the menu bar, even hide the menu bar altogether. But no one has figured out how to extend the menu bar - or if they have they are keeping the secret close to their vest.

    I have 48-inches (24x2) of glorious screen real estate to fill on my desk and I can't find a way to get my menu bar to span across both displays. Similarly, when I'm on my 12" Powerbook I end up not being able to use half my menu bar items since they get hidden or pushed away off the right side by Application-specific menus encroaching from the left. That's just plain wrong.

    Is it just me? Does no one else (aside from MacaholiQ8) have any desire to extend or expand their menu bar by way of multi-monitor spanning or drop-down menu access for spillover, ala Safari's Bookmarks Bar? Is there already a way to do this that I have just been too blind to see or will I have to offer a hefty bounty to some hotshot developer to hook me up?
    " [link]

    This article was written yesterday by Laurie A. Duncan in refer to my question about expanding the menu bar on OS X. So far it's unfortunate to know that no one commented on that article has any references or any idea on how to do that.

    - Thanks to Laurie for discussing this subject on TUAW.

    Friday, October 13, 2006

    Gone Illegal | CHAPARRAL

    Thanks to a friend of mine, I got a anonymous cellphone number for some satellite technician who hooked me up with a fake Chaparral Communication (VN-8000FS) receiver. I knew about this before but I wanted the prices to drop since everybody went crazy buying these receivers for World Cup 2006, now I got this one for KD80 + KD30 for new LNBs, wiring and installing.

    Now it's running with 1500+ channels including Jazeera +1 & +2, all ART sport package, The Movie Channel 1, 2 & MovieTime and more than I could ask for but there's a down side... since it's a fake receiver made in Korea, it lags a lot and sometimes freezes and needs to reboot. It also has to be connected to the internet through LAN cable therefore if you don't have a DSL account then you should consider one before buying this receiver.

    The only thing I need now is to know from where and how to keep updating the system file and keys so that all channels remain open at all times.

    Satisfied? Yes.
    Feeling guilty? No. :P



    Icon Town

    I was surfing around and I ended up in Icon Town. It's a whole pixelated virtual city and have been building up for years now. I remember when I first got to use the internet I ended up there as well but it was almost empty while now I look at it and I know it's been freakin' long since my last visit.

    The man behind the project is a German designer/illustrator called Bernd "Be" Holzhausen, he executed the project back in 1996. [link]

    Wednesday, October 11, 2006

    Initiate Bluetooth File Exchange with a keyboard shortcut

    "TUAW-lover Andrew accidentally discovered that if you select a file in the Finder and press Apple + Shift + B (aka Command+Shift+B), it brings up the Bluetooth File Exchange application and prompts you for which device you want to send the selected file(s) to." *

    This tip is a life saver! I use bluetooth connection on daily basis and I cannot afford having to turn the bluetooth ON, selecting what files to send, searching for devices and send them over each and everytime.

    Just note that, depending on your applications and their shortcuts, this tip might not work with you or might give you other actions.

    "Click on Finder > Services and you should be able to see all the shortcuts" - Thanks to 3baid

    * Originally posted on

    Pe-Eye-Em-Pe(s) @ Marina Mall!

    Take a look at THIS video. *

    I've seen the guy in purple before sitting at ?Second Cup? café next to Marina bridge escalator. He also offered me and my "dark skinned" friend to join him at the table saying to my friend "Hey bro, come join me at the table. Peace to the world and power to black people!". wth?!

    Now it seems that we have a couple of p!mps gizzing @ Marina Mall.

    Hmmmmm .... *moment of silence*

    Ok, LOL!

    * Courtesy of frawla @

    Tuesday, October 10, 2006

    STM Glove

    Just a semi-precaution to avoid another damage to my Mac.
    STM Glove for P.B. 12" from Mac&More @ Galleria 2000 | KD 15

    Monday, October 09, 2006

    The Open Door

    Alternative/Gothic rock band Evanescence have released their new album "The Open Door" last week. At first I though it will definitely be better than their late album "Fallen" but after I downloaded it I got very disappointed although it has some good songs but it's in no league with Fallen. Amy Lee's vocals were less toned and their guitars are not as good, not to mention Amy Lee's un-categorized lyrics.

    I will rate each song in a scale of 10 according to my taste:-

    1. Sweet Sacrifice (8/10)
    2. Call Me When You're Sober (8.5/10)
    3. Weight Of The World (7/10)
    4. Lithium (9/10)
    5. Cloud Nine (7/10) (8.5/10)
    6. Snow White Queen (6.5/10)
    7. Lacrymosa (6/10) (7/10)
    8. Like You (5/10)
    9. Lose Control (4.5/10)
    10. The Only One (7.5/10) (8.5/10)
    11. Your Star (7/10)
    12. All That I'm Living For (8/10)
    13. Good Enough (6.5/10)

    Friday, October 06, 2006

    A bunch of Mafias

    I should've had blogged this long ago. All Mac dealers/resellers in Kuwait, except zMacShop, are just another bunch of Mafias. Now I'm not promoting zMacShop nor saying it is the best but it's definitely not the worst. Last month I dropped my PowerBook and dented the aluminum cover on the lower left corner near the hard disk. Thank god nothing got damaged inside but on the out side the dent looked really awful. I took it to zMacShop but unfortunately they didn't accept to fix it, Mac&More offered KD 40 to change the whole cover (damn expensive!) so all out of hope I had to take it to the so-called best dealer in Kuwait, Mac City, and the guy at their workshop said it will cost me KD 20 to fix, not to replace, the cover. I had no choice but to accept thinking it will get fixed properly but when I went to take it I was stunned to know that they have even made it worse and now it looks like THIS!! They have scratched it with a sharp tool yet they did not repair the dent and it's still open.

    If only I had the proper tools I would've fixed it myself. Also the cover is out of stock on iFixit so I can't even order one for myself.

    High quality image of the dent after repair:-
    * [link] [ 2304 x 1728 @ 1.4MB ]

    Thursday, October 05, 2006

    MSN Messenger:Mac 6

    MSN Messenger:Mac 6 has been out for a while now so make sure you update your old version. Unless you prefer Adium X of course.

    - Instant download: [link] (8.6MB)

    * Thanks to snookie

    EDIT: Now, with a small touch of redecoration, you can change this to this. Not a big deal but it sure looks better! =P

    - How to do it [link]
    - Originally posted on [link]

    Monday, October 02, 2006

    Apple OS X GUI on Lunix's XGL +more?

    Yet another reason to get rid of Windows OS is what you can see on this video. This cool GUI (Graphical User Interface) is called XGL and it's said to be next generation Linux so I guess it's gonna be totally free!

    With all these cool effects it sure looks even greater than Mac OS X (although less smoother) but you never know what might come with the new OS X 10.5 Leopard since Steve Jobs promised alot more than what he had shown us on WWDC 2006.

    Anyhow, I know I will be using it whenever possible.

    Eat your heart out Vista!

    - XGL snapshots [link]