Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Define "Boredom"

So I'm bored, I cannot sleep and I've seen this on a couple of blogs so I'll give it a shot....

1- My friends (and family) think I'm a perfectionist, which I'm not. Turns out I really am a perfectionist.
2- I've been a member on Blogger since last year 2005 but never really started a blog till this year 2006.
3- My father passed away two months before I started this blog.
4- He was, and will remain, my idol.
5- I get obsessed easily whenever I like something.
6- I'm extremely outgoing.
7- My favorite hangout is was Cafe Digol.
8- I was there a couple of hours ago before writing this.
9- I used to shesha on daily basis but been easing up on it. I quit shisha two months before 2009 until this day. Still trying.
10- I don't smoke cigarettes. I actually despise cigs.
11- I'm mostly in my dungeon (aka my room) whenever I'm home.
12- I can be categorized under "Junior Techie Geek".
13- I'm a self taught so-proclaimed vector-artist and enthusiast photographer.
14- Never been to any private school.
15- I have never been out of Asia continent. Been to Europe summer 2008.
16- I teach physical education for elementary intermediate school.
17- I'm into sports, mostly football.
18- I'm a diehard German National Mannschaft and Bayern Munich fan.
19- A lot of people think I'm tall (183 cm) but I think my height is normal.
20- I'm considered to be skinny yet fit.
21- My bellybutton looks funny.
22- Blue is my favorite color.
23- I listen to all kinds of music (mostly rock and acoustics).
24- Currently playing on my playlist is Empire State of Mind (II) - Alicia Keys.
25- I rarely dream, and even when I do I wake up remembering nothing.
26- I think Porsche and BMW are the best auto makers ever.
27- My car's a Chevy SUV 2007 Nissan 350z.
28- I can't use any other bathroom than mine.
29- I sleep late and wake up early even if I have nothing to do.
30- I cannot sleep on my back.
31- I cannot sleep uncovered even if it's too hot.
32- I have two brothers and two sisters.
33- My elder brother's a successful business man.
34- I'm an uncle of five nephews and three adorable nieces.
35- I'm hyper and hilarious among people I know.
36- I'm extremely shy amongst people I don't know.
37- I'm a "Self-Burner" which means when someone takes my turn in a line I don't say anything but I keep raging inside.
38- I eat too much junk food.
39- McDonald's is the best junk food restaurant for me.
40- I hate tomatoes and mushroom.
41- My mom cooks the best chicken machboos I've ever eaten.
42- I'm addicted to Apple Inc. gadgets.
43- I prefer bottled Coka Cola and canned Pepsi. Yes, there's a BIG difference.
44- I have a Mac PowerBook G4 12". MacBook Pro 15" Unibody.
45- I think Windows is retarded.
46- I can't stand long finger nails.
47- I'm a hard sneezer.
48- I'm righty, both my hand and foot.
49- Roaches are my damn worst fear.
50- I have suffered of deQuervain's Tenosynovitis for almost four months.
51- Had to take several cortisone shots to cure it.
52- Did M.R.I. to check the problem and found another separate issue with my back (wrong F-ing diagnostics).
53- Never had a broken bone (dislocated finger doesn't count, right?)
54- I can write stuff I cannot pronounce right.
55- Six of my most favorite actors are Robert DeNiro, Denzel Washington, Kevin Spacey, Tom Hanks, Edward Norton and Ben Kingsley (Yes!).
56- Six of my most favorite actresses are Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry and Whoopi Goldberg.
57- Six of my all time favorite movies are Gladiator, Signs, The Others, Se7en, Lucky Number Sleven and The Sixth Sense.
58- I love going to Wafra farms.
59- I shoot rats for fun.
60- 212 Splash One Million is my cologne of choice.
61- My foot size is 45.
62- Three of my favorite sport brands are Adidas, Puma and Umbro.
63- My room is considered to be well cleaned and never to be seen messed up.
64- I argue a lot, for fun though.
65- I utterly hate Brazilian national team, Real Madrid and Manchester United.
66- I use Wataniya Express cards. Wataniya Post-paid.
67- I don't like arabian ice cream (bu'6a).
68- I regret doing one thing in my life but it's too late to correct it.
69- I think Kuwait is the best country ever even with all this mess.
70- I totally despise "3agad".
71- I collect cinema tickets, express cards and internet cards since my early days in high school.
72- I love cloudy skies.
73- I love it when it rains.
74- I never went to Scientific Center till this day. Went there July 2007.
75- I think Liberation Tower is the most amazing thing in Kuwait City.
76- My family and I were here back in Gulf War.
77- I miss Air-raid sirens.
78- One of our maids fell of the 2nd floor once, unintentionally. (no, she didn't die)
79- Ihave used to have a mini fridge in my room.
80- I cannot stand not wearing hand watch.
81- I had braces when I was little.
82- I'm single married and liking it.
83- I cannot burp. I don't know how to do it.
84- I'm not in league with todays lame fashion & so called style.
85- I hate fads.
86- I have never failed any subject at school except one at college (arabic - Quira'At wa Asa'leeb) and it was three times in a row.
87- I have 60GB 3rd gen iPod classic.
88- Thinking of starting small business asap.
89- I don't like swimming in the sea but I do like it in pools.
90- I'm addicted to my laptop and the internet.
91- My favorite music bands are Alter Bridge, Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, Evanescence and Staind.
92- I'm addicted to It's dead.
93- I have met great people I knew through the internet.
94- I want to buy PS3 but first I need to get me an LCD (Full HD Bravia). Got the LCD, won't need the PS, but I wan't Sony full frame DSLR.
95- I prefer trackpad over mouse.
96- I need to get my lower teeth fixed.
97- I never go shopping. I see something, buy it at once and leave.
98- I still mourn my father.
99- I can't think of anything else to write about.
100- I am glad I'm done with this.

And that's about all. Sorry for wasting your time.

EDIT #1: Added some links. Which makes me have second thoughts about #1. =/

EDIT #2: Update. August 1, 2007.

EDIT #3: Update. January 1, 2009.

EDIT #4: Update. March 27, 2010.


LaiaLy_q8 said...

i was going to list all the things we had in common bss i don't have time (uff) i got to study for this SQL assignement i got tomorrow bss i could safely say that 40% of your list could go on my list (if i had one)

moocherx said...

wow... that was too close to what I would have written, it's just too freaky. But come one... don't leave us hanging with number 68 ;-)

Miss "Z" said...

sij wow ;p
68? hehe..

The Criticizer said...

Laialy: Yallah get your list up when your bored and let's see. Good luck on your assignement (SQL sounds Schei├če) =/

moocherx & miss "z":
Glad I'm not the only one with that life history.

About #68, let's just say I had to choose between two paths in my life and I missed to choose what is best. All is good though.

FaYoora said...

WOW u made it 100 at once!
*Mashallah* i need to complete my list of 59 LOL!

FaYoora said...

5- Me too!
13-I bet u r ;P
21- LOL!
25-i7mid rabbik ;P, Better than having nightmares all the time.
38- you're not alone =D
61-Im 41 heehee
69-Thankyou , Me too
70- Oh no Why? I love them! HAHAH (well doesnt everyone?)
74-Go, ;P
94-Gazzir ib PSP lol
95-Do you use that for vectoring?

Thank you for waisting my time ;P
i enjoyed reading lol .. Seriously =D

The Criticizer said...

61- DAMN! lol, j/k. although I really think that's a big size for a girl. =/
94- Sounds good but I rather save for PS3. :P
95- Yes. Actually I think it's a lot easier to vector using trackpad

Glad you did enjoy it.

FaYoora said...

61-Lol ee i knw ;P
Y3nee im considerd Tall y3nee ehehe
94-why did i always think that the mouse is easier .. hmmmm :/

And yes i enjoyed it o waiting for the other 100 that will make it 200 Hahaha

The Criticizer said...

LOL! I think 100 in a row is enough but maybe I'll shoot another 100 when I'm bored again. :P

Now get your list UP!

Elijah said...

Congrats!!! I don't think i can make it up to 10! Guess i'll steal some from u :)
3, 98. So Sorry (Allah yir7amoh)
35. so i guess u do laugh after all
56. liked ur list, was happy not finding Angelina Jolie there
59. 7aram 3alaik
63. i'm the complete opposite
68. don't we all
72. 73. the best

The Criticizer said...


Sure you can but only if they do apply on you. :P

3, 98. Thank you, allah yer7am al jamee3.
35. Heh! Laughter is something I cannot get rid of. ;)
56. I don't like her. ;P
59. They ruin everything so killing them is for a good cause, yet with some fun. :P
63. I cannot stand my room when it's messed up.
68. Of course but to each his own.
72. 73. Yepp. ;)

Now start writing down your list!

Elijah said...

7a6ayt'ha fe rasi I will start as soon as I find enough free time to write 100 things!!!

The Criticizer said...

Looking forward to check it. =)

Elijah said...

Hey guess what? I got up to 60 I hope u don't mind though your name 'the crtitcizer' is mentioned in the list :)

The Criticizer said...

Of course I don't mind, in fact I'll be honored to be on your list! :D

Elijah said...

Gracias, it's an honor to have you.

Elijah said...

Hey, I finished my list, Tell me what ya think.

The Criticizer said...

Will do. *goes to check*

jonnyspace said...

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Maze said...

Very interesting....i'm sorry for your father's death...may his soul rest in peace...Allah yer7amo...

The Criticizer said...

Will do, thanks.

Thank you.

sweetd said...

Awwwwww thats the nicest list ive seen:P i enjoyed reading that alot!... i wanna do one but who wud be interested!

The Criticizer said...

Thank you, I'm glad you did enjoy it.

C'mon now, start your own list, I know I'm interested. ;P

Leftie... said...

mashaLLaaaaaaaaa 45 !!! kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak. 9j waLLaaaaaaaaaaaa ambai 45 waLLaaa mn9jk... ana 37 ;p mashaLLaaaa 3aini 3aLaik barda

The Criticizer said...

Hehe, nothing abnormal about it. You wear 37? I can wear that with my hands. LOL! xD

manutdfanatic said...

65- BOO you!


The Criticizer said...

Live with it. :P

manutdfanatic said...

Nah. I have a plan up my sleeve. *grins mysteriously*

What plan, you ask? Well, let's just say in a couple of months' time you'll be updating number 65 up there :P.

The Criticizer said...

You wish. :P

I'll never change my view on neither of those teams, ever. Why, you ask? Well, because in three champion league seasons, Bayern Munich, my team of choice, has lost against Man utd. in the famous night(mare) 2-1 in lost time, and lost 1 match out of 4 (bayern won 3) the next season against Real Madrid yet they were kicked out on aggregate, then they came back and to beat both teams with the same scores home and away (2-1 & 1-0); that season Bayern held the champions league against Valencia.

No matter what happens I'll never change my view on those teams because they are my enemies. :P

manutdfanatic said...

Never say never.


chikapappi said...

LOL! When did you write this! I am too old to keep up with you people :$

I know you are.. that's what I said :P - bas it's ok that's called being decent :)

The Criticizer said...

Well in that case, thank you. :)

Very.Q8ya said...

#3 ra7mat allah 3aleh
#5 me too =|
#14 7ata ana :P
#15 HAM 7ata ana lol
#16 istath istath istath istath =P
#18 my brother's fav team
#19 average for a man
#22 blue and black =~~~]
#23 HAM HAM 7ata ana :P
#30 LOOOL ham ana :P
#35 me too lol
#36 me too :P
#49 brai3siyya for life lol
#59 yal mujrim =F
#67 try Nada Al-shaam
#70 i think they hate us more =/
#79 I dont =\
#80 I sleep with it
#82 hair till shoulders is considered short? =/
#88 resturant?:P
#100 lol Babrook =]]]

TooTa said...

i should make one ... i bet i can find 50% of ur list on my list ..bss yabeelii wakt .. bss 3inday ill do one ;Pp

loved what yU wrote .. keep up the good job ;P

Zino Davidoff said...

I just reset my preference file for the Systran widget following your instructions... works GREAT again.

thanks so much, amigo... interesting blog. Couldn't find any other 'leave a comment' pages so here I am.

have a good new year!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Freidrich said...

abolesanzalef said...
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The Criticizer said...

Countup counter

Anonymous said...

Zara said...

I can't believe that i finished reading all the 100.

The Criticizer said...

I cannot believe you did either. :P

Mathai said...

Ah! finished reading all 100 !

Jonyboy said...

Hey dude. Great blog you hav here. Read all your 100 'likes n dont-likes'...but first of deepest condolences on the demise of ur dad. Like you, even my idol to this day, (was and) is my dad, who no more.

Wishing you a great day....and greater life ahead, dude.

Keep it going.

MacaholiQ8 said...

Hope you enjoyed reading my life blurb. :P

Thank you do much, I appreciate your comment and the time you have taken to read my long post.

My deepest condolences to you. Hopefully one day we will have our own children and leave that impression on them too.

elieruby said...

3 + 98- Allah yer7ama. You must be very brave and strong now.
9- Good on you. I always feel happy when someone quits smoking.
11- dungeon, lol.
13- I'm a self taught so-proclaimed vector-artist too and love it
30- ditto
31- same here! Chena il kambal makes you colder somehow
35 + 36 - ditto.
37- bas 3ad, kel shay 9ar ditto :p
46 - ekh, tell me about it
55- Oo Al pacino? come on!
68 - we all have those.
71 - I've been collecting all my cinema tickets since 2004 :D

100- I wanted to comment on all of them but didn't want to bore you. But it was very informative and interesting to read. :>

MacaholiQ8 said...

Thanks for the comments. You won't bore me, it's pleasure/interesting reading what people think of me/my blog. :)

DreamerGirl said...


Great news abut the shisha thing yay! I'm glad you quit....

Same goes for smoking..